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lauderdale by the seashell

when you find a sea shell on the beach, it’s yours.
a sea shell shaped concrete shell to tie the
City of Lauderdale by The Sea to the beach with an identifying landmark.

the surface on the sidewalk flows into the building welcoming you inside suddenly.
the plaza brings you to the beach through
water fountains and surface paths.

remove the structures currently braking the beach in two at the pier for beach continuity.

the wood deck on the pier goes all the way to the street just slightly dipping itself on the sand.

the building the sidewalk and the plaza share surface materials.

existing site

find a landmark at the end of Commercial Boulevard to go to.

while inside the building you will be in direct contact with the beach environment and the plaza.

the sea shell shape has a natural hierarchy of spaces in plan and in section for different kind of activities.

the pier overhangs a new lower corridor on each side to provide a continuous sitting plane along the length of the pier.

the water fountains plaza and the building welcomes pedestrians at the street, letting space and people flow towards the landmark pier.

both the building and the street let space and surface texture flow into the plaza.

the shell has natural fish gills to let it breath to the beach and the water fountains plaza.

the building looks smaller than its neighbors at the street, but bigger as landmark at the beach.


At the meeting after they went around the first time…the Vice Mayor spoke about “gotchas” and Commissioner Clottey said we “messed up” speaking about the Commission …(will post later in detail)…in regards to the Pavilion…Comm. Dodd responded…

Comm. Dodd- “No we didn’t mess up and I’ve been the one that’s been behind this.  I know you have the right to speak next Mayor . I’ve prepared something here and I’ve done a little bit of research behind the scenes because things weren’t adding up and to me it was a very, very simple question who and when? Now if there was any info whatsoever on the videos as to a full Commission sitting down and pondering over a specific set of plans in order to show the pavilion with no walls and no bathrooms then that would have been put before you already. Now it’s not the point to say the pavilion has been built, we’re not going to change it, move on. That is not the point that I am trying for. I want a very high level of professionalism and maybe my expectations are a bit high. A full year before I was elected I attended just about every Commission meeting to get an idea how it operated and I remember the design contest and originally one Commissioner saying I like design number 3 and we should vote for that. That was the Brenner design.”

The Vice Mayor was highly disturbed…and leaned in to accuse Comm. Dodd of filibustering…trying to prevail upon the Mayor to stop him, she declined spoke of respect…and asked Comm. Dodd to continue…

BC- the “game watchers at home…those previously posted who try and predict the McIntee antics…must have been having a “field day” with this meeting…with all of the back and forth chair moving…head rubbing…and water fountain trips….

Comm. Dodd- ” I am going to present the facts Jerry, because I am the one who’s being slated here. I remember one Commissioner wanting open plans but I don’t t remember there was any occasion where the previous or present Commission were given a full set of plans, a set of bids and asked to approve the project from a drawing. I factually found out from Ocampo today that they had signed off their construction drawings on April 28th. Those plans were for no walls, no bathrooms and forwarded to the FDEP on April 30th.”

BC- The Manager was asked about the pavilion in May by Comm. Clottey…no rendering or plans were shown…( one month after the plans were sent in)…

5/27/08- Town Managers Report…page 5…

(from the minutes)….

‘6 b.- Capital Balances….Commissioner Clottey asked the Town Manager for an update on the pavilion…the Manager responded it was out for bids and those bids should be completed in a month…

Answering Commissioner Silverstone’s question on $2.3 million represented the amount budgeted for projects, Colon confirmed $50 thousand in reserves did not include the pavilion. Pavilion would be paid for from the General Fund.’

BC- In the 2008-2009 Budget ….Manager Colon lists as a “Major Accomplishments”…page IV “Successfully negotiated an agreement with O’Campo for architect and engineering services to improve our ability to speed up construction of the Towns beach pavilion”….HMMM….

Comm. Dodd- ” So somebody had made the decision before April the 28th that the pavilion would go ahead without wall and without bathrooms and what  I’m trying to find out is who. Now bear in mind I have no proof but I personally believe that the Town staff and there’s nobody here to defend it, probably believe they were up against a deadline to secure the grant and complete this construction before a certain date otherwise we would lose it and the decision was made to go ahead without wall and bathrooms and that the staff interpreted the previous Commission decision and tacit approval of the drawings as their authority to go ahead  and Ocampo drew up the plans on that basis.”

BC- At the Sept. 2007 meeting there were no final plans shown….just what each Commissioner still wanted and a final vote for Forbes…In June the Town staff knew they had no time or money constraints…after the Broward County Commission chose to extend the grant until Oct. 2009…that information was never given to the Commission or the residents….at the July 8, 2008 meeting where it was announced before the vote on Coastal Constructions bid and the permit fees for FDEP…which were also approved on July 8,2009…with the open air pavilion. Thus the Commission voted without full disclosure from the Town staff, which should have been supplied without any Commissioner needing to ask for it…in this writer’s opinion. A recent chat with former Mayor Pro Tem Clark, revealed he thought the prior Commission had asked for bathrooms….

Comm. Dodd- ” It still comes back to the fact that no Commission approved a formal set of drawings for the structure for the Town and it’s a pretty important development and I believe the Commission should have been given at least a set of drawings that said this is what we’re going to build, these are the bids, this is what you’re actually approving. Now that didn’t happen The approval on July the 8th  when Mayor Minnet stated there would be no bathrooms, she didn’t say no walls at that stage and the contract was awarded to Coastal Construction and there were no accompanied plans in the backup material. Now I believe that this style of management for the Town is not conducive to serving the community’s best interest.” He went on to talk about the town video signs and the flagpole bases with the logos going forth without final approval from the Commission …

Comm. Dodd-” We never got a chance to see this is what’s going in, this is what we’re putting up. Now I believe the Town staff position should be to take the Commission recommendation, to bring it back for approval  and that’s why we have the consent agenda and we’re not using the consent agenda properly.”

BC- There is no reason, no excuse to explain why in all the months from the conceptual drawings done by Ocampo, and presented to the previous Commission… the Manager did not make use of her twice monthly Manager Report time to periodically update the progress  of the project and verify with the Commission each step, supplying  full disclosure for the Commissioners who according to the Town Charter are above her in Town hierarchy to make any additions, deletions or alterations along the way….

Comm. Dodd- ” We should be doing exactly as Birute said on any of the decisions that are major in this Town. We should have the Town staff taking our direction going and doing the work and bringing it back to us to say, is this what you wanted? And then we approve it and it goes ahead and it gets done. And that didn’t happen with the pavilion and that’s why I am continuing to hound it. Because there is nowhere that a Commission of five Commissioners sat down , pondered a set of plans, a final set of drawings for a pavilion with no walls , no bathrooms. I have discovered, which I haven’t been able to get from the Town that the plumbing was actually put in and it’s been also one of my questions. The ducting for the sewers, if we ever wanted to do bathrooms ahead and I don’t personally want it. I like the design, I think it’s a good design, but that’s not the point at issue. The Town staff should have brought a project of this magnitude back for final approval for the Commission to say this is what we’re approving, this is what you’re signing your name to, this is what’s gonna get built. And that didn’t happen. And all Iw ant to do and I’m not trying to go at anybody, I’m trying to do my job. This is what I believe we should be doing. If this had happened under Baldwin’s day, I think there would have been descent and disapproval of it.”

Comm. Clottey- ” We don’t disagree with you.”…

Vice Mayor-“Speak for yourself!”

Comm. Clottey- ” I don’t disagree with you, but I think we’re beating a dead horse to death right here and that is a problem. Let’s go forward and let’s say okay a mistake was made, partly Town fault, partly our fault because we didn’t give direction, proper direction and let’s move on, let’s be specific as to what we want from them to do because we all know something went wrong, but I don’t think it’s doing the Town any good to dwell on it and to dwell on it. I think, I’m sorry I don’t, that’s my opinion.”

Comm. Silverstone- ” This is not an issue. We gave direction, I specifically remember giving direction to the Town staff that supposed to combine and it’s in the minutes both things and move forward with it. And we pondered it had to be over 20 different varieties and different drawings of what it was going to be like so we had a pretty good idea what the final outcome would be.”

BC- Get real, Comm.Silverstone…you as a Commissioner were presented with the top 5 finalists from the MPSC to choose from, then on July 10,2007  and September 11, 2007 you were presented with  Ocampo discussion and then conceptual drawings and you all asked for certain items, but no final decision was made. The only final drawing shown, was the Forbes version with walls shown in the Town Hall lobby, the Aug./Sept. 2008 Town Topics,  placed on the construction fence of the project at the outset, and brought to the Town by Coastal Construction on Dec. 12th, 2008. The only time you might have seen a different drawing other than the “plans”  (3  on a page/ black & white) drawings  shown without comment on the power point  by the Manager on March 25,2008…would be if your fiancee’ shared what she received as a business close to the project in the fall, when given 10 days to respond with any objections…but in an e-mail  at that time…she said she did not believe any Commissioners had seen the plans….. meeting minutes and videos online...

Comm. Silverstone- ” But the real issue here Stuart, if , if  the meeting we took the vote, if you weren’t happy at at time or any other Commissioner here was unhappy and wanted to see the drawings all he had to say was I table this until I see the drawings and that would’ve been done okay? We have a certain responsibility and accountability if you’re a commissioner, it’s really our call. And if in the future you want to do that, I’m for it that makes perfect sense to me. But I’m not gonna look backwards and say it was somebody else’s fault when I should have been the one to speak up and say I want to see the drawings and it would have been done. Easy, end of story and in the future I have no problem with that. I think it’s a good idea.”

BC- YIKES!…Comm. Dodd asked for the information repeatedly after it was done and could not get it, still does not have it, had to call and get the answers himself, which he did in a single phone call to Broward County and the Architect. So for Comm. Silverstone to be so darn sure Comm. Dodd would have received it in July…as the VM often says…”That just doesn’t fly!”…and  again, the Commissioner should not have had to ask for anything…. it should have been supplied because the staff was doing their job….properly…

Vice Mayor-” I disagree with Stuart completely , on July 8th the Mayor gave a heads up. What’s more important that week before July 8th we all knew it was on the agenda. We all knew it was there, we all have the same opportunity to research any item on the agenda. If there’s something we want, pick up the phone and say Town Manager I want the backup on this, where is it? You had every option to do that. You could have done it, it didn’t happen.He didn’t do it, Birute didn’t do it, I didn’t do it. I don’t know if the Mayor did it. Whether we did it or not I don’t know, I shouldn’t say Birute didn’t know, I don’t know who did it, but I know that if you wanted to see the plans before you voted on it that was your call. And because you didn’t say I want to see the plans the don’t cry about the vote being taken in the past.”

BC- WOW!…VM…remember July…the week before this vote…which was NOT on the plans…it was on the contract for Coastal construction and the FDEP permits…It was July 4th…and Comms. Dodd and Clottey were fully immersed in the July 4th event…so if they did not take the time to dig further…it would be no surprise….But then again, why would they…since again, the vote was for a construction company and a County permit…on what the Commissioners along with you and your BFF thought was the other rendering…we all expected…Let me take a wild guess…no proof…no accusations….just a guess……THIS was THE topic…on the ride home from your early departure from the FLOCities program…curious…how “stereo” the assertions on this lame pre- July 8th meeting proffer was……

Comm. Clottey- ” Can I respond?. Commissioner McIntee you have no idea what I did and what conversations I had with the Town Manager. Now I will tell you what the Town Manager told me verbatim, almost.”


Comm. Clottey-  (The Town Manager said…) ” The pavilion will have the plumbing done for the bathrooms and the fixtures will not go in and there will be two storage rooms that will be empty and I asked what was gonna what were we going to do with those rooms and I was told it would be storage. I went to see the Town Manager after the agenda was put out, so please don’t tell me, and I can imagine  the same thing applies  to Commissioner Dodd. I went, I asked, I was satisfied with the answer and then when complaints started coming in about the pavilion I went to Town Hall twice  because I went in and looked at the pictures then I kept telling people there were no walls because it was the first time I remember seeing something without walls, maybe there was something in the packet but i hadn’t noticed it. And then everybody kept saying there were wall and I thought there was something wrong with my eyesight so I went back and got a copy of the picture and there were no walls. So be careful Commissioner McIntee before you start accusing anybody else because I don’t like that.”

VM- I apologize, I did say after that I shouldn’t be saying what you did, but then you knew there were no walls then on the pavilion?”

BC- Poor VM…he was looking for an “AH HA” moment…but it was not to be…OOPS!…

Comm. Clottey- ” I knew when I saw the pictures which were probably sometime last fall”

BC- Commissioner Clottey went in after there was an onslaught of complaints that no rendering was on the construction site…and the confusion ensued when she was the ONLY one who saw the wall-less pavilion, for everyone was referring to the wall version shown online  at the Town website…Topics Aug/Sept…and in the 3 local papers…causing her to question her eyesight…

VM- not listening…( but hoping)…”Before July 8th?”

Commissioner Clottey-” No I did not!” ” Don’t open up Pandoras Box!”….(looking at the Vice Mayor)

BC- In conclusion…

Comm. Dodd and this writer were correct, the Town staff made this major decision  on their own for the Town’s focal point…this “Crown Jewel” as some refer to the beach pavilion, our major 2009  Capital Improvement project due to its prominent site …the entry point to our beachfront….

If you read between the “rhetoric”…the McIntee ‘Cop”style- “loyalty”….you will find that all agree with this conclusion…

The result….

At least three members of this Commission …The Mayor, Commissioner Dodd and Commissioner Clottey will make sure that direction is given on all items, to the Town Manager and staff to require them to return to the Commission for a final signed off approval before any project is implemented…going forth…


more to come….

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