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Here’s The Scoop…3/24-25/09 LBTS Commission Meeting #5….$13 Million*-The Sky Is Falling….$8.5 Million*…”We’re In The Black,WOW!”…


Here’s the “story” kiddies….Now sit down in a circle to listen to this “Tall Tale”…A tale of campaigning against the “Evil” Old Guard in 2007 and early campaigning for 2010…..

It’s the difference of $6,240,067  in long-term debt……and who is running against whom…that determines whether the “Sky Is Falling” …and we in LBTS are “bogged” down in “evil”debt…or we can all hold our heads up high because we are “Now in the black, WOW!”….

BC- The recent $31,000 2009 LBTS audit report done by our long-term no-bid auditing firm…says ….’The Town of Lauderdale-By-The -Sea has outstanding debt of approximately $8,500,00′ while the ‘Town of LBTS Changes in Net Assets-Comparative’…lists the long-term debt at $8,674,307…in 2007 it was $13,914,917

Now we know how too many numbers makes it easy for young minds to become confused….but as Commissioner Clottey and Vice Mayor McIntee have said…it’s “Government accounting”…HMMM…We’ve seen a lot of that lately in the news…..

BC- a footnote dear readers of all ages……it was “Government accounting” in 2007 as well…same “2-Hat” wearin’ Financial Director -Town Manager Colon that sits up there on the dais today…

But alas…as a Candidate…Commissioner Clottey went along with the CIC party line…”We are $13 million in debt”…The CIC standard political line on the campaign trail…in the condos…at the meet and greets and the well planned “drive this point home” at the debates…

Now with her seat firmly held for a year…and a  nameplate that says Commissioner……$8,675,908 equals “being in the black”….HUH?

Nap time now dear youngins’ as the grown-ups take a “gander” at the exchange on being “in the black” at the 3/24-25/09 Commission meeting right after Commissioner Comments…

Com. Dodd- “Point of information here, two Commissioners have said and I’m not trying to get at you Jerry.” (The VM made the “in the black” declaration in his comments…Comm. Clottey had done so previously from the dais) “I just want to clarify this once and for all. Two Commissioners (VM/Clottey) have said from this dais we’re in the black. I don’t actually think that’s right. I’d like to ask the Town Manager though she has done a fantastic job with the finances, we had about 13 million in debt, we were somewhere in the region about 8 million. We aren’t actually in the black. We haven’t paid off all our debts yet so could you possibly clarify that Esther.”

Vice Mayor McIntee-“Wait a minute! Point of order! That’s not on the agenda! Put it on the agenda to discuss it. It’s not fair to have the Town Manager have to come up with figures like that.”

Comm. Dodd-” I’m asking for a point of information.”

Mayor Minnet- ” Town Attorney I’m going to refer to you on this one. Commissioner Dodd has asked a question for point of information.”

Town Attorney- ” I think you can choose to whether to recognize it or move on with the agenda.”

Comm. Dodd- ” Never mind Mayor, I’ll put it on the agenda for next time. Thank you.”

Commissioner Clottey- ” Can I say a point of information? Ah, Commissioner Dodd, I think um, you have to understand what the term in the black means. In the black means that we stayed within out budget. We haven’t had to raise taxes, that kind of stuff. It does not mean you don’t have any outstanding bonds.”

Mayor- ” Point of information, we don’t have outstanding bonds, debt yes.”

BC- So children, time to come back…and learn the moral of this story…. one of those “Everything I need to know, I learned in Kindergarten” kind of lessons…… You cannot have it both ways…in 2007…we stayed within our budget…and did not raise taxes…and had $13+ million in debt…along with the same Town Manager-Finance Director …In 2009 we stayed within our budget…and did not raise taxes….and have $8.5 or 6 in debt…along with same Town Manager-“de-facto” Finance Director….and never did we have bonds…Comm. Clottey……So why oh why are we now suddenly “in the black?”….

The moral of this “story”….for LBTS  “Folks”of all ages……is as the Vice Mayor so often likes to say…This “Tall Tale” from the pre-CIC 2010 Campaign…

“We’re in the black”…well “That just doesn’t fly”….

The Chickens come home to roost!….

more to come….

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