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Here’s The Scoop…2/24/09 LBTS Town Commision Agenda..Get Ready For Another “Yawner”…It’s Gonna Be Another Late Night…


Full text online….

4.- Presentations…

a. Presentation LBTS 2009 VFD Youth Basketball Team- Comm. Silverstone…

b. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report-Rachlin LLP…..not in the backup available at Town Hall on 2/20/09

5. Reports…

a. Finance and Budget-January 2009 -Manager Colon-will post separately…

b.-Development Services-January 2009-Asst. Olinzock-

BC- Jan/ month totals- visitors-625/information call received-806/verbal warnings-26/notices of violation-54/citations issued-2/special master cases-10/complaints investigated-23/re-inspections conducted-86/lien searches-8/zoning reviews-53/final inspections-28/business tax receipt inspections-6/public records requests-5

Notices of violation-month totals- 12-water restrictions/9 no permits/3 building maintenance/1 fence in disrepair/7-trash& debris/3-landscape debris/2 violations of approved sidewalk cafe’/4- illegally parked &stored vessels & trailers/1-illegal storage (meter room)/1-no ground cover as required/1-no irrigation as required/1- destruction of town property/1-in-operable vehicle/1- un-permitted change to parking lot/1- violation of setbacks-boatlift/1-public nuisance/1-un-approved new rack location/1-construction site maintenance/1-business tax receipt required/1 -illegal density/1-sign violation

BC- sidewalk cafe’…Vigilante McIntee on patrol…Athena…/un-approved newsrack-at the Blueseas…with the Mc-Furth Times…HMMM…still up and operating….

e.-VFD -January 2009-Chief Perkins-

This month saw the the department lose 15 members…in one month comparing the Dec-Jan. Roster…all were certified/most were FF2-12 were EMT-B/3 were Paramedics…New members-5 -all FF2-3 aew EMT-B/2 -are Paramedics…

Active Members.. Jan/Dec-


Reg.In-town- Jan/Dec-

Fire 1 non-cert.- 32/36

fire 1 cert.- 11/13

fire 2 cert.- 11/1

EMT B -6/15

Paramedic -4/4

Assoc. Out of town -Jan/Dec


fire 1 non-cert.-o

fire 1 cert.-0

fire 2 cert.-47/43

EMT- B-24/23

Paramedic 10/10



medical 69/80


Drill 8/7

Firefighter 1 class- Jan/Dec- 4/10

Beach patrol-Jan/Dec-ATV 1-43/57.5/ATV2-90/55…66.5 unpaid hours

station watch-Jan/Dec-combined members-36/37….886 hours/999 hours

Page 3 OOPS!…when adding up their members…32 +37 does not =79…try 69!…the difference in the loss of 15 members/5 new members…and somehow the percentages stayed the same?…HMMM…

Activity Report list-25 fire rescue calls- fire alarm set off contractor dust/elevator rescue-3x Hampton Beach Club/pulled false alarm station-18 FF/false alarms-10x-17 & 13 &15 &19 & 12 & 12 & 12 & 18 & 12 & 13 -FF/medical-other-7 FF/drowning/(1/12/09)-11 FF/accident w/ injuries-2x-15 &17 FF/comm structure fire-13 FF/2 yr old locked in car-17 FF/broken sprinkler canceled-16 FF/broken sprinkler flooding street-FF 12/fire alarm-no smoke-19 FF/food on stove smoke-29FF

Medical calls-medical canceled-10x-8 & 13 & 17 & 8 & 2 & 14 & 27 & 13 & 13 & 10 -FF/medical standby station- 5x/ medical standby-3x/medical assault-2x/medical trouble breathing-2x/medical seizure-2x/medical & medical other-16x/medical fish stings-2x/medical falls/injuries-4x/medical choking-1/medical suicide attempt1x/medical heart attack/chest pain-2x/medical first aid-1x/medical assist-7x…

Number of FF on medical calls-1/1/09-1/31/09-8/4/7/7/11/16/13/9/13/9/3/11/12/.13/13/12/7/16/14/27/27/5/6/17/5/13/11/12/13/8/18/15/7/2/23/14/7/27/6/10/15/15/13/13/14/13/8/6/15/14/12/13/11/8/13/5/11/13/23/16/8/10/13/13/10/8/6/10/7

Drills-ladder-18 FF/live burn flash over-15 FF/pre-plan ladder-8 FF/medical crossover with AMR-25 FF/ladders-21 FF/ladders- 23 FF/Minto pre-planning building construction-24 FF/LDH deployment speedlays distributor training-23 FF

FF1 class- FF1 review-5 FF/FF1 admin.wk- 1 FF/FF1 review-6 FF/FF1 review-9 FF/ff 1 packed up truck/prep for live burn 7 FF/11 hrs for administrative work, setting up state test, certifications, paperwork- 1FF

Beach Patrol-ranged from jellyfish stings-ATV getting stuck in the sand- descriptions of seas -weather report & scuba/surfers 2 hours total for ATV training-118 & 1/26/09…

UNIT RESPONSE TIMES Average- call count…Jan/Dec/Nov…response time Jan/Dec/Nov

Eng 12- 57/86/74….00:03:58/00:07:38/00:05:40


Squit 12–17/7/20….00:04:27/00:01:18/00:04:39

Chief 12 (Perkins)-37/36/60….00:01:48/00:03:48/00:03:55

Chief 212 (McIntee)-19/0/0 (McIntee became C212 in Jan)…00:00:53/0/0

Utility 12-6/3/2….00:03:50/00:04:04/00:03:32

Station 12-79/71/47….00:03:24/00:04:10/00:04:40

BC- according to the LBTS-VFD contract response times are from the time of dispatch to arrival on scene…

False Alarms page lists 14…..

BC- It is time to stop the excessive medical call runs…look at the amt. of FF…multiply it by the $$$…and the accident waiting to happen during the “season” heavy traffic….and it’s a no-brainer…Once again we were “sold” on a different EMS …due to 3 aboard AMR not requiring a fire truck response to supply that 3rd person….back to what we were promised…safer streets…and less sirens!……(previous post-VFD)…no need unless AMR contacts VFD…not Dispatch because McIntee wants to play!…..

BC- The latest (previous post-scoops/VFD categories)…the Mc-Perkins interpretation of the LBTS-VFD contract that says…

Article 7- Standards Of Service…

7.2 ‘A command vehicle, transporting the Fire Chief, the Deputy Chief, or a Battalion Chief shall respond within seven (7) minutes to a minimum of 90% of all emergency 911 calls in each month.’

These 2 are trying to say…the contract says of all 911 calls…well according to the Jan. medical call responses AMR/VFD- Jan-4-AMR-4 calls/VFD-2 & Jan.10-AMR-4 calls/VFD 2 calls & Jan. 12- AMR 5 calls/VFD 2 calls & Jan. 13-AMR-3 calls/VFD 1 call & Jan 17-AMR-4 calls/VFD-1 call & Jan 23- AMR 1 call/VFD -0 calls & Jan. 27- AMR-5 calls/VFD-3 calls…so the every 911 call response flies away again…along with stopping the overnight calls…per Chief Perkins…OOPS!…

f.-AMR-January 2009-Operations  Mgr. Liddle-

85 calls…overall average time 0:03:32/less than 6 minute 93%…

7. Town Manager Report-no backup-

8. Minutes approved-4 sets…

10- Ordinances 1st Reading- public comments welcome…

a-. Ordinance 2009-06-creating section 17-16 of the code of ordinances -swales-imposing responsibility/maintaining on the adjoining property/ regulating items that may be placed/planted  in swale areas…

b.- Ordinance 2009-17 creating section 5-62 of code of ordinances  and amending 19-21 of the code to prohibit use of tarps or other non-custom fit boat covers in the covering of boats…

2. Ordinances 2nd Reading-public comments welcome…

a.- Ordinance 2009-03 Ordinance amending Chapter 15 of code of ordinances to provide  a definition  of “false alarm” and amending section 15-55 code of ordinances to establish fee for excessive false alarms…

b.- Ordinance 2009-08 Ordinance amending section 19-21 code of ordinances to amend the vessel and storage regulations for those properties that were annexed into the Town in 2001, for so long as ownership of said properties does not change…

c.- Ordinance 2009-09 Ordinance creating section 5-61 of the code to be titled “inoperable boats and boats under repair” to prohibit boats that are inoperable and under repair for more than 90 days from remaining in jurisdiction of the Town….

12. Consent Agenda….

a. Commission approval of revised seating layout for sidewalk cafe’ Aruba Beach Cafe’-Asst. Olinzock…

BC- Just rearranging the furniture …no additional seats…why the need then for consent?….

b.- Commission approval Eatrer By- The- Sea for 2009-Town sponsored event-Sat. 4/11/09-8:30 am-1 pm-Asst. Olinzock

BC- Commission Backup Material–Appropriations of funds-$1500.00/Pending BSO approval/At Municipal Park/Town Commission/assisted VFD & CIC-contact person Cristie Furth/actual event time 10am-noon-/requiring 2 Municipal workers/anticipate 500 participants/25 volunteers/waive parking meter fees-parking at Community Church-El Prado-Town Hall/signage Cristie Furth will comply with Town code/amplified sound system/clean-up 2 Town personnel/trash removal Waste Management/no additional restrooms/3 10×10 canopy tents/VFD fire station-food-hot dogs-cookies/cake-drinks/Event contractor-volunteer-VFD/CIC statement of benefit signee-Comm. Clottey

c.- Commission approval  Walk Against Hunger 2009-Sun. 3/1/09-8:00-10:30 am-requiring refund of $100 fee- Asst. Olinzock

BC- This may be what the woman who was so rudely turned away a few meetings back by VM McIntee came to discuss….

d.- Sanitary Sewer Repair Phase I- Televac $14,795 piggybacking the City of Sunrise-Asst. Olinzock

BC- Commission Backup material-2-17-09 memo from Dir. of Development- Phase 1 sewer repair…cracks/seals need repair -phase 1 area-south end of Town-west of A1A- not including Bougainvilla east to Intercoastal and north to Commercial Blvd/Proposal- TeleVac to furnish Vactor cleaning truck TV/grout truck and crews to seal 53 joint leaks and root cut 14 joints with root intrusions in the main lines…

e.- Emergency Electrical Repair-Police Dept-$3,866.75- Asst. Olinzock-

BC-Commission Backup materials- This was the fire on 2/9/09 at the Police station…

Memo from Dir. Development Dept.- The Dir.-Don Prince received the call at 2 am on 2/9/09.-went to Police station arrived at 2:19am-fire was out-VFD ventilating building-investigated- found it was the breaker box-needed emergency repair-called electrician-electrician arrived 3 am-power restored by 6 pm-bill $3484.25-required additional $382.50 to finish permitted job-but could go up if inspector finds additional work-Arthur Sallah from RTS services (ins. adjuster) came 2/12/09 took statement & pictures of scene returned 2/17/09 for more pictures…

Electrician Proposal- Al Siefert-trace & identify all circuitry in newly replaced panel/disconnect & remove ole feeders from south garage building to BSO sub station building

BSO Police -Chief Gooding -office event report/fire-2/9/09-1:45 am-offices-Govt. office building/Narrative- On 02-09-09 at approximately 0145 hrs. I entered the Dist 13 office and observed that the power was out and there was the smell of smoke. Fire and Rescue responded and located an electrical fire in the power supply box. Sgt Laguna was on scene. LBTS maintenance supervisor also responded to the scene-Krystyan, Danny-Supervisor P. LaGana

VFD Incident Report-Basic-alarm date & time-01:45:51-Mon 2/9/09-arrival time-01:48:36/last unit clear time-03:11:02/response time-0:02:45/Incident-Bldg. fire/action taken-extinguish/prop. loss & value-$10,000.00/ Fire-enclosed bldg/area of origin-equipment or service area/heat source arcing/1st ignited-structural component or finish/type of material – plastic/cause -unintentional/contribution to ignition-short circuit arc from mechanical damage/ human factor-none/structure- fire spread -confined to object of origin/arson- investigation closed/

Apparatus-c212 (McIntee)-resp. time-0:01:32/M12 (AMR)- resp time- 0:01:26/C12 (Chief Perkins)-no response time shown-arrival time 01:50:15/E212-resp. time-0:02:45-3  cert.personnel /Sq12-resp time-0:02:45-4 personnel-2 cert/2 trainees/E12-resp. time-0:02:45-3  cert.personnel-(K. Padden on E12 and E212)/reported by M. Angelos-Officer in charge & Reviewer-Jerry McIntee


Narrative-Daniel Chavez-At 0145 hours on Monday February 9,2009 we were dispatched to a building fire. Six units were assigned to this incident. Twelve personnel responded. We arrived on scene at 0148 hours and cleared at 0311 hours. The incident occurred at 4501 N OCEAN Dr. L-B-T-S in District 12A. The local station is 12. The general description of this property is public or government. The primary task(s) performed at the scene by responding personnel was extinguishment. No mutual aid was given or received.

The involved structure is described as an enclosed building. The building was occupied and operating. “Equipment or service area” best describes the primary use of the room or space where fire originated. This building has one story above ground. The fire occurred on the first floor. The fire was confined to to the object of origin. “arcing” best describes the heat source that caused the ignition. The cause of ignition was unintentional. The material first ignited was “plastic”. The use or purpose of the material that was first ignited was “structural component or finish”. “Short circuit arc from mechanical damage” contributed to the ignition of the fire.

The estimated property loss on this incident was $10,000. The estimated property value was $10,000. Fire watch was performed until FPL arrived and restored power. Turned over to Public works director after FPL was on scene.

Alarm number 1400131 has been assigned to this incident.

BC- VFD press release- previous post- VFD category/this Incident Report contains the same language as the 2/2/09 Incident Report…”The fire was confined to to the object of origin.”…no “embellished” 1-man show…press release this time around…(previous posts-scoops/VFD  categories-2/2/09 north end “working fire”)

13.-Resolutions …public comments allowed…

a.-Resolution 2009-04- Resolution amending fire rescue  and safety service fees by decreasing by 10% the periodic/ annual fire safety inspection fees for existing buildings

BC- Not sure who did the Resolution- Town Manager or Town Atty.?…Broward County crossed out- replaced with Town Comm….Still includes special event fees for VFD?….

b.-Resolution 2009-06- Resolution for issuance of a notice of intent concerning pending amendments to chapter 30 of the code of ordinances

BC- this is to give notice of the changes that were proposed at the 1/13 &1/21/09 workshops on changes to land regulations…

a.-Amendment to sec. 30-21 of code-revising reconstruction and continuation of nonconforming uses and structures

b.-Amendment to section 30-123 of code regarding duration of site plan-scope of bldg. permits to be secured during site plan approval

c.- Amendment to section 30-211 of code to amend building setback req. in RS-5 residential zoning dist.

d.- Amendment to section 30-271 of code to provide for cooking schools,catering,motorized scooter & moped sales & rentals, shall be permitted within B-1 dist.

e.- Amendment to 30-313 of code to provide revision  of development standards for fences, walls, plantings, hedges, prohibit gravel driveways in RS-4/5 & RD-10 dist., non -asphalt paving materials, to provide for grading , landscaping maintenance of swale areas in RS-4/5 & RD-10 districts of regulations of generators or underground containers for natural gas -provide for development standards & req. for mechanical equipment

f.- Amendment to section 30-507 of the code to amend informational, directional or traffic control sign, amend definition of real estate sign & provide temporary holiday decorations.

Projected time frame to adopt regulations:

a.- public hearing & Comm. Approval of processing of proposed regulatory changes- 3/10/09

b.-P & Z Board-3/18/09

c.- 1st reading of Ord.-4/7/09-2nd reading of Ord.-5/12/09

14, Quasi Judicial  Public Hearing

a.- Beach Hardware- fire escape…

BC- was tabled by Commission after passing BOA on 1/13/09 (previous post-boards category BOA-1/13/09)…New LBTS Fire Marshall was working with business to find alternative…

15- Old Business…

a.- Discussion/and or action to do away or change the Pier Fishing sign…VM McIntee…tabled  from 1/28/09…

BC- this is an attempt to further cause trouble for the owners of Athena…in this writer’s opinion…the delay was to look into the sign being designated an “historic landmark”…some research was done.. with the Bureau of Historical Preservation…according to the Florida Master Site File- there is only 1 previously recorded archaeological site located on Pine Ave in POMPANO BEACH…and 1 standing structure…the Anglin House in LBTS…

BC-Even so…with no formal designation……leave the sign alone…just like the Chamber…walk away VM…walk away…

b.- Discussion and/or ACTION-$$$$$…. yet again to deal with Greenfest…VM McIntee…

BC-a letter was sent by the Town Attorney to Terry Arthur…on Jan 29,2009…no response…thus far….(found in backup material)…

The letter from Atty. Abbott…

January 29,2009

Dear Mr. Arthur:

This office serves as the Town Attorney for the Town of Lauderdale- By- The- Sea.

We understand that you have, or have access to, certain financial documents pertaining to the 2008 Lauderdale-By- The Sea Greenfest. Please be advised tha Sec. 17-117, Lauderdale-By- The- Sea Code of Ordinances, requires the maintenance of “financial records of the (special) event sufficient to document all revenues generated by the event. These financial records shall be open for audit by the Town in the event the Town acts as sponsor or co-sponsor of the event.” Violation of the referenced Ordinance is punishable by a fine of $500.00 per day.

Pursuant to the above authority, please provide me with all fiancial records that you possess or have access to relevant to Greenfest including, but not limited to, bank statements, canceled checks, deposit endorsements, and all records which refer to or pertain to the above.

Please provide me the requested documents no later than 10 days from the date of this letter. Very truly yous, Daniel L. Abbott

16.- New Business…

a.- Disc. and / or action to clarify & revise Ord. 2003-509 which only addresses resident/employee “permits in posted areas”- Comm. Silverstoine-

b.- Discussion and /or action for placing signs for hospitality/businesses- Comm. Clottey…

BC- Back again…for the” Nth” time…it was this writer that picked up the ball last time around…after it had been brought to the forefront at least 2 times prior…My input came at the now defunct Walk Around Committee…brought to the dais…then MPSC…with a visit from Delray Revitalization Head Honcho -Marjorie Ferrer/ and the sign company Rep. Delray used ……brought to the Commission…only to fade away once more…will this be any different?….Fingers crossed!….

17.-Town Attorney Report-no backup…

Overview after the meeting….

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