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Here’s The Scoop…2006-2007….Words From The Past…..VS…..Actions Of The Present…


JULY 25,2006…

At this Regular Commission meeting Ordinance No. 2006-10 and 2006-11 were discussed and voted on for the upcoming November 7, 2006 election…the one with the CIC’s NO- NO -YES- YES

Remember?…LBTS Nov. 26 Ballot Questions…





At the meeting there was  discussion first on 2006-10…after no public came  forward to speak…to affix a fee to the license…it was to be $100…but ended up at $50 per Comm. McIntee…VM Yanni wanted it tabled indefinitely saying these licenses had come up in prior years…and failed in part due to then- Mayor Parker…and why were they going to put another expense of maybe 50 people who would fall under this category?…It died for lack of a second. The Mayor said people actually were now asking for it in order to qualify for group insurance through their Chambers. Comm. Silverstone was the person that brought this forth after speaking to Manager Baldwin. The cost of $50 passed 4-1 with Yanni dissenting…

The ordinance called for a 2nd amendment to secure a date…and it was arbitrarily decided to use Jan 30, 2006…approximately 60 days after the election if it passed….Yanni again tried unsuccessfully to stop it altogether,…and again it went nowhere…passing 4-1..Yanni dissenting…The the ordinance with the amendments passed 4-1 again Yanni dissenting…

Ordinance No. 2006-11 was read by title by then Attorney Cherof…and this writer watched the the DVD …The public did come forward…with Beverly Kennedy speaking about the Oct. date required each year by Broward County. She explained that the north end of town had their occupational licenses through Broward…Discussion came  concerning the agreed upon Jan. 30th LBTS date and the Broward Oct. date….Cherof explained that LBTS would also run on the same fiscal schedule…and that those with a Jan. occupational license would renew the following Oct. and then each Oct. after that. Those with a Broward License would get a LBTS occupational license WHEN their Broward occupational license expired the following Oct. (2008)…

Cheroff when asked replied you did NOT need both a Broward and a LBTS occupational license…and would check into it….

Last to speak was Stuart Dodd, resident…who spoke of agreeing with VM Yanni and saying he was against the LBTS occupational license for he had a Broward County occupational license and why should he have to pay for 2?….

BC-So dear readers…Comm. Dodd has had a occupational license since 2001 annually from Broward County!….

The minutes after …never show any update or any discussion that Attorney Cherof was incorrect in his instruction that a resident did not have to have both a County and a Town Occupational License!…

This ordinance passed 3-2..VM Yanni and Comm. McIntee dissenting…

Nov. 7 2006 election…it passed ….

Note: on April 10,2007 in some “housekeeping”…”Occupational Licenses” were now to be called ” Business Tax Receipts” to conform with state statues…no changes were made other than the title…a point repeatedly made by the Town Attorney Cherof…

OCTOBER 10,2006….


New Business-B.

Discussion and /or action regarding the possibility of establishing a Town Ethics Committee-Commissioner Jerry McIntee

‘Commissioner McIntee made a motion, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Clark , directing the Town Manager to obtain information from similar towns who have their own ethics committees and report back to determine if a Town committee could be created.’

‘ Vice Mayor Yanni asked what type of authority this type of committee would have to discipline. He indicated that the Commission was governed by the State’s Ethics Commission. ‘


BC- fast forward to 2/25/09 …the continuation of the Regular Commission meeting 2/24/09…when now VM Mcintee informs Comm. Dodd there is not need for an ethics code because the state has an ethics commission to take care of any problems…HMMM…..

This item was tabled  a few times…with the McIntee bringing it forward again on March 13,2007 to acting  Asst. Town Manager Colon ….

Old Business –

a. ‘Acting Assistant Town Manager Colon stated information was included in the Commissioners back-up documentation and said that most cities have no policies in place. Usually any issues regarding ethics are forwarded to the Florida Commission on Ethics. The Commission would need to establish guidelines and policies and choose a committee and staff will work with them.’

‘Commissioner McIntee motioned to table this matter until the regularly scheduled Commission meeting July 10,2007. There were no objections to this table.’

July 24.2007…Old Business b. Discussion ans/or action possibility of establishing a Town Ethics Committee (Commissioner McIntee-tabled from 3/13/07)

‘ Commissioner McIntee wanted to establish a basic concept to follow and not necessarily an Ethics Committee to specifically address meetings with developers. He requested an opportunity for presentation of five ideas, along with Commission suggestions, for discussion at the October 23,2007 Regular commission meeting’

‘The Commission objected to a Town Ethics Committee but had no objection to adding to the Commissions internal rules.’

‘ Mayor Parker scheduled the item to appear under Old Business as “discussion and/or action regarding the possibility of establishing a Town Ethics code’ for October 23, 2007 Regular commission meeting.’

BC-It never came back……….

BC-Well …….Vice Mayor… 3 years later…Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach are enacting ethic codes for their towns…time to follow suit with your 2006 agenda item and statement!…

JULY 10,2007…


New Business n….’Discussion regarding hiring part time lifeguards on our beach (Commissioner McIntee)’

‘ Commissioner McIntee said he was advised that the Ft. Lauderdale lifeguards were taken over completely by the  Ft. Lauderdale Fire Department and are increasing the size of their life guard patrol by placing meters at the north end of the beach to help pay for it. He added that Ft. Lauderdale would be willing to advise the costs involved if the Town of Lauderdale- By- The- Sea was interested in having part-time lifeguards.’

‘ Commissioner McIntee requested Manager Colon to follow up with Ft. Lauderdale. Vice Mayor Yanni questioned the effectiveness of one or two lifeguards sitting in a lifeguard booth. He felt a lifeguard patrol would be more effective. Mayor Parker suggested asking Ft. Lauderdale to suggest a better system.’…passes 5-0

BC- In 2009…VM McIntee lifeguards…”will never happen…too costly”…YADA…YADA…YADA…we hear ousted Beach Patrol VFD member Scot Fowler still waiting for that call from Chief Perkins has those Ft. Lauderdale ideas…and lifeguards that could be brought in at a reasonable cost per man hour!….

LBTS had a near drowning yet again last Saturday!….

NOVEMBER 28,2006…..


Walk Around Committee…

‘Ms. Cole referenced a sign program for the resort area and suggested that the creative part of the project to staff and the Master Plan Steering Committee to obtain input from citizens along with possible ideas from students at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and architectural students from the University of Miami. She described the locations and expressed the Committee’s belief that these signs would benefit the business district.’

BC- The MPSC did take on the creative part…having many meetings..looking over past ideas including those from Marc Furth and bringing in Delray Beach Revitalization “guru” Ferrer who kindly brought along the sign person that did Delray Beach…with a presentation…

JULY 10,2007….

Discussion regarding resort area street signs installed in our Town (Commissioner McIntee)…

‘Commissioner McIntee presented pictures showing signage that the Department of Transportation approved. He wanted three signs placed immediately. Manager Colon clarified the cost was less than $1000 for the documents but she had located a memo dated November 2006 that said the design layout was forwarded to the Department of Transportation to proceed with the permitting process. Manager Colon said that was an inaccurate memo. She indicated that John Olinzock had since contacted the Department of Transportation who indicated they would help move this along as long as we used standard signs.’

‘Commissioner McIntee made a motion to approve item Q and direct the Town Manager do whatever is necessary to get the signs approved. Commissioner Silverstone seconded the motion.’

‘Vice Mayor Yanni said he supported the signs and their placement 100%. Mayor Parker said it looked as though the signs were in the middle of the sidewalk where people could walk into them and preferred their location on the side.’…passes 5-0

2/24/09…signs are again on the LBTS Commission agenda…Comm. Clottey…starting all over again!….

BC- Comm. Clottey give Marilyn Carr a call…she was very involved in creating the signs…both DOT and El Mar Drive  directive signs and locations for them……as she was a member of that MPSC….

BC- Final thought….Was the Town Manager and staff “bogged down”…Did it work come to a halt with all Commissioner McIntee was asking from them?…HMMMM..2/25/09 Comm. comments from VM McIntee to Comm. Dodd’s requests from the manager and staff…was “bogging” them down…work stopped…etc…etc…etc…HMMM & HMMMMM

more to come…….

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