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Here’s The Scoop … What You Talkin’ About Town Manager?


Dear Readers… While perusing the now infamous LBTS Purchasing Manual revised 10/15/05 …(except for page 19 …scroll down prev. post)… I happened upon a “timely” section…

Section IV…. Exceptions to General Purchasing Policies….


“All purchases to be paid for by the LETF must comply with Florida Statutes Section 923.7055  AND MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY THE BSO/LBTS POLICE CHIEF AND THE TOWN COMMISSION.”

BC- Not the Town Manager!…OOPS!…Seems the Town Manager  wants to follow the purchasing manual in some sections …but not in others!…OUCH!…

It continues…

“A copy of the Town Commission approval must be maintained by the Purchasing Administrator. LETF expenditures are restricted by Florida Statutes Section 932.7055, to school resource officer, crime prevention, safe neighborhood, drug abuse education, drug prevention, drug treatment, complex/protracted investigation cost, additional police equipment/expertise, or federal grant matching purposes.”

BC- It sure looks like the Town Manager was out of line in her position concerning approval of the LETF funds according to this!… As previously stated in the manual……page 2 “Non- Compliance with provisions of the Purchasing Manual may lead to disciplinary action”… Sounds about right!…

A Google on BSO-LETF  brought up this BSO-LETF  purchase from 2005…BEACH SAFETY…PRE-McIntee…Beach Safety program…


Updated: 04/22/2005 10:34:00 AM
PIO Number: 05-4-42

Some Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea are now carrying a potentially life-saving rocket.

The ResQmax Rescue Rocket is a portable, easy-to-use device that uses compressed air to shoot a lifeline up to several hundred feet. A highly visible, self-inflating flotation device connected to the end of the lifeline can help keep a struggling swimmer afloat as first responders tow the victim to shore or get more help to the scene.

“Every year, we and our partners in BSO Fire-Rescue respond to emergencies on the beach here in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea,” said BSO District-13 Chief Scott Gooding. “It makes a lot of sense that we give our deputies more tools to help save lives and keep residents and visitors safe.”

Deputies in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea will have four of the Rescue Rockets in patrol cars while a fifth one will always be on BSO’s beachfront ATV. The five new rockets join one already in service with BSO Fire-Rescue in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea.

The five Rescue Rockets purchased by BSO in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea cost $12,600 and the money came from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund (LETF). The LETF is funded by monies confiscated from criminals and criminal activities and proceeds from the sale of forfeited or seized property.

Other cities served by the Broward Sheriff’s Office have the devices too. BSO Fire-Rescue in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea has one, BSO deputies in Dania Beach have one, and BSO Fire-Rescue in Weston took delivery of six of the rockets in February 2004.

California-based Rescue Solutions International, Incorporated manufactures the Rescue Rocket for use in fire-rescue, law enforcement, military, offshore oil operations, and other applications.

This release by:
Hugh Graf / Media Relations

“Victim” is pulled to shore by BSO deputies – “Victim” is pulled to shore by BSO deputies
BSO deputy deploys Rescue Rocket – BSO deputy deploys Rescue Rocket

Scans of the Purch. Manual pages…33 and 34…

more to come………

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