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Here’s The Scoop …We Made The Papers … Halloween Grinch Twarted In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea …



“Halloween Grinch thwarted in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea
This town and its residents aren’t about to let some Grinch steal their Halloween.
When officials discovered this summer that nearly all the town’s Halloween decorations were missing, the community banded together to make sure Sunday’s festivities at Jarvis Hall next to Town Hall would not disappoint.
“We have seen an absolute outpouring of support from our residents monetarily, [and with] decorations, time and effort,” said Commissioner Scot Sasser, who is in charge of this year’s event with his wife, Teresa. “We have even gotten donations and support from concerned people living outside of our town.”

Business donations will guarantee that plenty of candy is on hand for the event, which runs from 6 to 9 p.m. and includes games, face painting, trick-or-treating and a costume parade.
But all the good news doesn’t mean the town is giving up on finding out what happened to its stockpile of props and decorations from past years.
“We had one coffin left, made out of plywood,” Town Manager Connie Hoffman said. The missing inflatable decorations appear to have the most value, but there’s also wood and plastic items that have vanished.
Hoffmann is sifting through stacks of invoices for the event from the past two years to put together a detailed list of the missing items. The town will then turn the information over to the Broward Sheriff’s Office to investigate, she said.
However, kids don’t have to worry about this Halloween being a bust.
The cash donations have allowed the town to replenish many of the missing items, and hard work by volunteers has resulted in other props to create a ghoulish atmosphere. Sasser said one resident, Bob Schuyler, made six coffins by hand. Others have lent the town items to augment what has been purchased.
Potential Grinches beware: Everything is being inventoried this year, Sasser said.”

BC- The 2010 LBTS March Municipal Election…the gift that keeps on giving to LBTS …Grinches beware of that as well … 65% of the electorate got it sooooo right… especially when you factor in the following …2 local businessmen have put their heart and soul and creativity along with their closest gal pal to join the Chairs of this event to create something truly special that shows us all that no one is irreplaceable and change is a good thing….There will be over 25 tables with businesses and organizations handing out candy and more …including the CIC!… So far there has been over $3500 donated to the event…which is definitely a record amount for Halloween!…

The only thing green this Halloween surely must be the envy coming from those who may have walked off with the props of Halloweens past…. OUCH!….

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more to come….

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