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Here’s The Scoop… Tracking The “Truth Detector”(s)…….Incident Report…4/11/09 Drowning…


In The 4/17/09 Mc-furth Times ….the Mc-Truth “Detector…is telling some “tales” out of school…(Kindergarten)

Tracking The Truth…

1. While it is true that the Future paper had the Pavilion Ribbon Cutting Ceremony event time incorrect…and it was corrected on this site right after it came out…The time was originally set for  5-9 pm……and unless you were privy to Comm. Clottey’s Commissioner comments on day 2 of the Commission meeting…where she changed it to 7 pm…it was an easy mistake to make…(previous post…scoops)

2. Florida Elections Commission…DID find that both commissioners did indeed violate election rules…by paying a decreased amount for their “special edition” BTSTimes paper…$6500 less than the next 3 Commissioners were required to spend 2 years later for the same “special election paper”……There was probable cause found  for how they paid or did not pay for items…un-equally…Vice Mayor McIntee…did not respond to questions asked for years…A point that was conveniently missing from his wife’s assertions at public comments on 4/14/09  when she stated it was appropriate to continue on with the “greenfest” inquiry due to no answers forthcoming on event checks and banking…Then-Comm. McIntee did the same and more using cash..personal credit cards…along with his campaign credit card…but was unable to produce records…and receipts…to back up self- reimbursements…Com. McIntee also was less than forthright in his assertion he did not receive the handbook instructing how to deal with these issues…They were given another pass because…the violations found by the investigator were not contained in the original complaint…and the investigation conclusion gives every indication a complaint of these found violations would be looked at…. Hardly frivolous…(previous posts…scoops)..

3. No drownings since the “implementation of the Beach Patrol”….Better to mess up the time of an event than to declare almost 1 week after the drowning at our beach that we have had “no drownings” since the beach patrol took over…Not so…last Saturday while the Beach Patrol was at the Easter-By-The-Sea event…proudly displaying the “Now On Duty Deputy Chief Jerry McIntee” and carrying over the Easter Bunny…a drowning took place …

Despite the Vice Mayor’s  Comm. comments that VFD Beach Patrol was first on scene…that is not so….1st -all in attendance that day saw the ATVs going with the firetrucks and AMR…2nd- this writer was told and posted a witness saying BSO was 1st on scene…and 3rd- a request from BSO and VFD for Incident Reports has produced from the BSO the following…

Frank Roberts 11300 /Ls09-04-00184

Drowning…Saturday 4/11/09 10:00 -10:12 am 4144 El Mar Drive LBS Florida ..Public

Report time 11:08/Dispatch Time 10:12/Arrived 10:15/Cleared 10:45

The report gives the details of the victim…


‘I was dispatched to the beach in front of 4144 El Mar Drive in reference to a possible drowning. Upon arrival, I witnessed several persons performing CPR on a white female, later identified as Mary Darnley DOB xx/xx/xx LBS Fire/Rescue arrived within 30 seconds and took over the scene and administered CPR and moved Darnley to the ambulance.

Darnley’s husband, Louis Darnley, DOB xx/xx/xx was on the scene. He advised that his wife was diving for some undetermined time after which he witnessed several other divers removing her from the water and performing CPR.

Mary Darnley was transported to Holy Cross Hospital and pronounce dead at 11:15 am on this date.

The VFD Incident Report should be received next week…and will be posted…

BC- This is yet again another reason Vice Mayor McIntee should not be making statements on the dais that concern the VFD….2 Mc-Truths…”Tall Tales”…

4. ATV’s…the cost for 2 was $21,000…HMMM…in the backup for the 4/14/09 Commission meeting Consent agenda item G. It was stated the purchase of the ATV’s “saved us” $7,453.66 from the allocated $40,000 for the purchase of the 2 ATV’s…Fuzzy Mc-Truth math…perhaps…as previously posted…(LBTS agenda/meetings category)…The Vice Mayor disingenuously “asked” the Town Manager about that “savings”…knowing it was in the backup…BUT now approved was $10,976.21 to pay for the “extras” they put on the vehicles!……A “savings”…of (MINUS) – $3,522.55….OOPS!

5.  Lifeguards…or lack thereof and no one to go in the water…then touting the recent Jet Ski purchase made by the VFD…(we hear a 2nd one is being eyed?)…But we have been told that there is a liability problem for the Town if we are “advertising” water safety provided to the shown by the VFD Chief in the ongoing full page ads purchased each issue by the VFD Booster Club in the BTSTimes …at a full page cost…$$$$$….We also hear that just as no liability insurance could be obtained by the VFD for the swimming pool lessons…making for the Town to take it over under liability insurance under the Town……How does it work for water safety patrol services?…BLURRY lines…(previous posts-scoops/VFD)

Here’s a few extra Mc-Furth Truths…the SWAT event…a look at the BSO Incident Report …and the “News Flash” written by Times Editor/Town-VFD Photographer Marc Furth show a huge discrepancy…(previous post…scoops/public safety/VFD)…of the victim coming out…according to Furth…and the BSO going in ..according to the BSO!…

Outrage…written by former Mayor Wardlaw…1st- lack of “truth” the author’s photo…alongside…the “story”…of the “Beyer Bribe”…found in the “archives” somewhere?……2nd- in the minutes the alleged bribe was discussed…
Town Commission Regular Meeting Minutes July 11, 2006

‘Mayor Parker stated that Commissioner McIntee had made a personal attack on Mr.
David Beyer and, although he had not mentioned names, Mr. Beyer had taken
exception to the statements made as well as other members of the general public. He
stated that Commissioner McIntee had claimed to have received a bribe and, although
he did not know whether this had occurred, felt insulted that Commissioner McIntee had
made it sound as though receiving bribes was a normal course of business for the
Commission. Mayor Parker stated he had served this community for 12 years and had
never been offered a bribe. He questioned the remaining Commissioners to determine

if they had ever been offered a bribe. All Commissioners responded negatively. Mayor

Parker stated that he had spoken with several former Commissioners who had also
indicated that they had never been offered a bribe. Mayor Parker emphasized that it
was not the normal course of business for Commissioners to be offered bribe and did
not understand why any one would have considered that this particular Commissioner
might have been susceptible to receiving one.
Mayor Parker stated that since Commissioner McIntee had made the initial personal
attack, he did not feel it was improper not to allow Mr. Beyer to respond to the
accusations made. He indicated that upon arriving at the last meeting, Mr. Beyer had
provided him a copy of a distribution he wished to make to the Commissioners. Since
he had already received his copy, upon conclusion of Mr. Beyers comments, he
questioned Mr. Beyer if he wanted to distribute the remaining copies. After doing so,
Mr. Beyer requested that this item be placed on the next agenda and, since it was
customary for individuals to request items be placed on the agenda for discussion, he
had directed the Town Clerk to place the item on the agenda.
Mayor Parker stated that he had not broken the rules adopted by the Commission as
Commissioner McIntee had opened the door to the response, nor had he broken the
rule as he addressed his comments regarding the agenda to the Town Clerk.
Mayor Parker stated that he had broken the discussion rule during public comments
today and apologized for doing so. He explained, however, that based on his
conversations with Waste Management today, there had been high concerns expressed
over the new bills and questions of whether the bills were quarterly or monthly.
Mayor Parker stated that a cloud had been placed over the Commission upon the
allegations that a Commissioner had been offered a bribe, with a counter-allegation that
this was untrue. He indicated that the Commission had established a precedent that
when a Commissioner or the Commission took wrongful action, the Town Attorney was
directed to ask the Broward Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office to investigate
whether a crime occurred. Mayor Parker stated that this precedent had been set by
none other than Commissioner McIntee and Commissioner Silverstone. As such, he
asked that the next agenda include discussion and/or action to instruct the Town
Attorney to request the Broward Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office to
investigate the allegations made.
Mayor Parker expressed his belief that the Federal Bureau of Investigations did not
investigate every allegation of bribery and felt that, in either event, this was State

July 25,2006

Old Business…
D. Discussion and/or action to direct Town Attorney to request Broward
Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office review allegations and
cross-allegations made by Commissioner McIntee and David Beyer
(Mayor Oliver Parker) (continued from July 11, 2006)

What’s interesting in meeting minutes from 7/25/06…Former Mayor Parker’s words concerning a former Mayor (Wardlaw) asserting if McIntee was “bribed” the other Commissioners  must have been bribed as well…Also, it is stated as an ongoing “investigation” McIntee should not be discussing it on the dais…and with a vote of 5-0 it was put in the hands of the authorities…

BC- You can bet if this bribery charge was found to have actually happened…it would have been front page news……..Heard anything?…

BC- Also of note this was where this writer entered into the world of McIntee…(previous post…Sausage series)…when McIntee was sure this front page “scoop” in the BTSTimes would “shake this town up”…It turned out to be one in a long succession of  non- events…just alot of hot air!…

The “million” for El Mar was not what Comms. McIntee and Silverstone wanted …they were perturbed it was not enough…both saying the Mayor and the Old Guard sold out for such a pittance…Of course the big “middle finger” came right back at them…recently with the discovery of the “terms” included in the Oriana million these “2-Hats”  signed off on!…The million for El Mar Drive beautification can only be used for south of Commercial Blvd…leaving the Furth’s…empty handed…at their end of the road!…Touche’ Mr Beyer!…

The author of this very article…spent many hours warning me about the Furths…especially Cristie……and Jerry…all still in my backup…and quite amusing to re-read…especially with the “double standard” he seems to be using for how this Administration works compared to the predecessors…

The lack of letters…which this week included only one from Happy Vassil…(previous post…scoops)…is not due to lack of frustration in this town……or being upset with the Mc-Furth “Gang”…..It is due to knowing who runs this paper…and that any “outside” opinion would fall on deaf ears…leaving the letter writer open for “scorched earth” tactics to come their way!….

In that vein…those who are regular contributors should once again re-think their involvement in this “slanted-McFurth news” production.. .Take a long  hard look at the content that appears alongside your writing and your byline…does it make you proud?…

more to come…….

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