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Here’s The Scoop … Too Busy To Answer To Town Attorneys? … Special Meeting Moved To 8AM Monday Morning ! ….


Dear Readers …. The previous post stated the Special Meeting to discuss Town Business Matters would be at 4 pm …Well…. that changed right after the Mayor saw the Town Attorney’s e-mail …It is now at 8am on Monday morning in Jarvis Hall…and it will be combined with the 5 pm meeting for an interim Town Manager to replace JohnO…JohnO himself and other staff members will also be addressed by a very concerned commission over his action since being appointed 3 short days ago!.. The Mayor has also requested that no employees are to enter Town Hall from 6pm today until 8 am on Monday morning when the meeting takes place …We are told the still non functioning speakers in Jarvis Hall will be working for full transparency to be available to those who cannot be in attendance live…

The Attorney e-mail to the Interim Town Manager (it is a public record)…and once readers read it there is no doubt as to why this meeting was moved up and why Town Hall needs to be restricted to employees…


“Dear John:

As the Town Attorney for the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida, I hearby request that you provide the backup documentation to confirm that the amount of money paid out to satisfy the severance clause in the contract of former Town Manager, Esther Colon, is correct.

As you knew, at Tuesday evening’s Special Meeting, the Town Commission directed me to work with you and your staff to assure that matters associated with Ms. Colon’s termination is properly handled. As you also know, my partner, Brett Schneider, and I have asked you and/or your staff for the written backup documentation concerning Ms. Colon’s severance payout on several occassions since the meeting.

In particular, Brett called Kathy O’Brien midday Wednesday to discuss the status of the transition and of the payout, and was advised that the payout had already been accomplished. Amongst other things. Brett requested documentation of the severance. We promptly received the other documentation requested, regarding the exchange and return of property between the Town and Ms. Colon. However, we have not received the documentation of the severance payout.

When we did not receive the requested documentation from Kathy, Brett and I both contacted you Thursday morning to again request that documentation. In response to Brett’s request, you advised him you were very busy and did not know when you would have the time to provide the documentation. You also stated that, unless you were being accused of having acted criminally in connection with the issuance of Ms. Colon’s severance payment, you did not think it necessary to provide the backup documentation.

Having still not received the requested documentation this morning, Brett called you again to request the backup documentation. In response, you again advised Brett that you and staff were extremely busy, and you would try to provide us with the requested documentation when you had the chance.

You have assured me that the payout was properly calculated, and that you personally authorized and checked the validity of the payout documentation on Wednesday morning. I am not suggesting that the payout was necessarily improper. However, I cannot perform the task which the Commission has assigned me- verifying that it was handled properly- without the cooperation of you and your staff.

For example, Ms. Colon’s employment agreement states she “shall accumulate sick leave as provided under the rules and regulations for other managerial employees of the Town, including pay-out for unused sick leave upon termination.” We have orally been advised of the number of hours of sick time paid out, but not the calculation of that number to reflect the amount due under the Town’s rules and regulations. We have also not been advised of the net dollar value of any of the components to the payout, or of the total amount of the payout.

John, it is imperative that you provide us with the backup documentation concerning Ms. Colon’s severance payout at your earliest convenience; so that we can do what the Commission has directed us to do.

Please call me if you have any question. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Very, Truly yours, Susan L.. Trevarthen”


In this writer’s opinion…JohnO needs to be terminated …effective immediately…and he should win the “prize” for the worst ascent into the number 1 Administrative spot in the history of the Town… How in the world could he state he “personally authorized and checked the validity of the payout documentation on Wednesday morning.”…and not immediately make it available to the Town Atty. and the Commissioners before it was released today!… Anyone who thinks this is any different than what occurred on a daily basis within the Colon led administration…should stop drinking the Kool-Aid ….There are groups to ensure a fast and speedy recovery…UOT for example…and for those few stragglers that were thinking about going to the CIC meeting Sunday…head north …as fast as you can!…

more to come…..

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