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Here’s The Scoop…They Put A Lot Of Thought Into Their Words….


The first of many words of support shown to LBTS-BSO Chief Scott Gooding at the 6/30/09 Special Meeting in Jarvis Hall (previous posts)…..More will be posted from among the 38 who rose from the crowd of nearly 150 …..

We hear the Mc-Furth Gang thinks the voters will forget about it by next March!…Don’t count on it…This injustice…has no shelf life!….

Patrick Pointu

The town manager has the right to have the chief reassigned. It is
stated in the BSO contract that she can do it for no cause.

If there is a real, inter-personal problem that make them unable to work
together, one of them needs to be reassigned.

One of them, but which one?

Despite having reports by this commission that the VFD was in breach of
contract on many issues; despite having the VFD submitting false reports
to the Town (with the knowledge and probably the blessing of members of
the dais),; despite not following many of the procedures required by the
Town, the Town manager did not investigate nor reassigned the Fire Chief.

Despite working under the supervision of this commission, it is said
that the Town manager does not follow up on some legitimate requests
from these dais. Some time, the persons asking the questions are even
publicly blamed by her just for asking.

Despite having been in the finance department when the Town was caught
red handed funding non property protection with the fire assessment fee,
the Town manager let it happen again on her watch this year.

Despite asking all employees and contractors to reduce their cost, the
Town Manager is entitled to one year of pay after she will be leaving.

Despite being part of her juicy contract, the Town Manager did not have
a performance review last year.

Are we applying a double standard here? Commissioners, the Town manager
is your employee. You are her oversight.

Don’t forget that we are yours.

Louis Marchelos

Colon and her partners in Perdition

This is not about supporting or not supporting the Town Manager. This is about justice and fair play.
We have all heard many times the words ” i need direction”. Every meeting that phrase has been said.
Yet, who gave the direction to build a wall and close the pier alley?
Who gave Town Staff direction to charge the businesses  for code officers at special events?
And finally,  Who gave the direction to remove the Police Chief ?
Can anyone believe that the Town Manager took this action without the approval and support of her partners in perdition. To replace the chief when the mayor is out of town is backstabbing.
Backroom Politics  in town are at full speed.
We, the people of the town, over the past years have invested our futures in this town. The  businesses  have  taken older restaurants and spent hundreds  if not millions of dollars renovating them. A chocolate store invested  hundreds of thousands of dollars to come into town.  A historic pier has been rebuilt.
The reward- disdain. The same disdain they have know shown the chief.
The pioneers of this town  took a chance many years ago on this special little town. They invested their future here and reaped the benefits and  some are still here in town and are shocked at what someone on this dais has done. People have purchased condos and rebuilt and renovated their homes. They have spent much money to live in this town. The businesses and the homeowners of this town deserve the best safety and services  possible.  To remove Chief Goodin from his position is an injustice. It is a slap in the face to your constituents and to the businesses in town. It shows us there is an abuse of power  that must stop.
Chief Goodin  shows us the stability and integrity the people of this Town deserve.  He gets the job done. He is one of the few shining stars this Town has.
The BSO Police have kept the citizens and businesses in Town safe. No smoke and mirrors. The BSO has stayed above   the circus this town has become. No petty politics, just professionalism. The ringleader in town with his henchmen are in lockstep to seize more power.  I challenge the dais to come forth with their true feelings. Show the people of the Town that you as elected officials do the honorable and rise above the agenda of others.
The will of the people is here.
Chief Gooding has been here through the hurricanes. His service to this Town is needed and wanted. Chief Gooding wears the one hat, that is Police chief. He controls his staff of professionals.
Let’s not go backwards in this Town. We live in America, not Iran. On this holiday weekend, let freedom ring. Let justice prevail. Retain the chief

Edmund Malkoon
I probably won’t sound too original tonight. I just want to add my voice to the chorus of support for Chief Gooding. Chief if you are watching, look around this chamber..the room is filled with citizens who appreciate everything you have done for our community. You have been a leader and a friend for over 5 years. Thank you!
While I recognize the right of the town manager to make decisions, this was done in haste. I was troubled and suspicious with the sequence of events. First we have Tuesdays commission meeting in which the chief spoke up for himself and his dept. Ultimately stating “I will work with the town manager to arrive at a mutual agreement”. He re-stated this to me personally on Thursday. Then on Friday the Future published an expose on the possible reinstatement of the LBTS Police Dept. It also appeared weird that the decision was taken while the Mayor and Commissioner Dodd were out of town. I felt it was insult to my intelligence when I receive an email from the VM which stated “I heard he was going to be promoted” to which I replied “If he was being promoted why would the town manager reassign him”. I wanted an official explanation.
The statement the town finally released was even worse. It is not the chiefs responsibility to be fiscally is this Dais and the town managers. This explanation is therefore invalid. Especially since the statement further said “Chief Gooding’s leadership skills as a law enforcement officer have never been in doubt”
The contract recommends that all avenues to resolution be met before the ultimate decision. This was not done. Chief Gooding has a unblemished record and never had any issues. This isn’t a joke it affects his reputation and livelihood. I am imploring you to reverse this hasty decision and issue a public apology to a hardworking man and friend to many. Thank you.

More to come…….the speakers…the Commissioners…the 2 that tried to turn the train around….and the 3 that put the nails in their political future coffins!….

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