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Here’s The Scoop … The West Warehouse …. From A Wash To A Washout! ……


“Subject: 5421-23 NE 14th Ave. -LBTS Property”

“I have attached a twelve month status report and will update accordingly.

Respectfully submitted. EC/mi”


Town Of Lauderdale By The Sea Office Of The Town Manager


FEBRUARY 10, 2010

To Mayor Roseann Minnet

Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee

Commissioner Stuart Dodd

Commissioner Birute Clottey

Commissioner Jim Silverstone

From Esther Colon, Town Manager

Subject: Status Report on 5421-23 NE- 14th Avenue- LBTS Property For Sale

“Following is a list of work in progress regarding the potential sale of the above Town property beginning with the most current date:

01/11/09-07/10/09 >Within the prior 180 days. One (1) showing scheduled despite efforts made to show interested prospects.

> Local Brokers have been attempting to locate buyers as well.

>Several calls were received from prior prospects inquitring about any list price reduction.

> Prospect discussions revealed that their estimated maximum offers would be less than 50% of the asking proice.

> Efforts were made to follow up with other prior prospects but were unsuccessful in promoting any offers. Several prospects referenced that a difficulty in obtaining financing would hinder their ability to purchase at this time.

10/11/08-01/10/09 > Five (5) inquiries were received in January. Most p[rospects still have the same concern regarding what to do excess unneeded space.

> A few prospects have called back about a reduction in listing price. Creative attempts have been made to team prospects together for joint purchase or to encourage those waiting for a price reduction to make an offer but these have been unsuccessful to date.

> The current listing price is at the higher of the two appraisals, $2,075,000 and the lower is at $1,850,000. It is recommended that the Town consider listing reduction closer tho the lower appraisal perhaps at $1,900,000.

> A significant number of prospects have called or have been shown the property and only one unrealistic low offer has been received to date.

9/11/08- 10/10/08 > Over the last 30 days the property has been shown three (3) times.

> Several calls have been received for more information and everyone has been provided with details on the property.

>The prevailing response from interested parties has been that the space is too large for their intended use.

> We have attempted to combine prospects together to encourage one party to purchase with another party to sign a long term lease, and have not found the right two parties to date.

> We will continue to seek a buyer through follow-up, advertising and mail-outs.

09/11/08> T/C with Sandy Dunn, rep for Jack Abda. Mr. Dunn stated that his client thought the building would need to be a tear down and that the maximum he would pay for the property would be $750k.

> Discussion value issues and Mr. Dunn stated their purchase and use would require redevelopment of the site, and therefore, the acquisition cost was a maximum of 750k.

08/10/08 > Met LBTS staff on site and showed property to prospective buyer. Boat sales and repair use. Buyer thought the price was in line with other properties he had looked at and liked the location.

> T/C with regarding Chapman purchase. Chapman hopes to have an answer on Monday, whether to move forward. Current concern over too large of a building and would need to look into leasing 10,000 sq. ft. of space out. May agree to partner with other buyer in same predicament.

09/09/09 > Met with LBTS staff on site and showed property to prospective buyer (Jack Abdo, Representd by Sandy Dunn)

08/28/08 > T/C with heavy equipment contractor, (Big T Group) faxed property information.

08/26/08 > T/C and faxed property info out, neighboring property owner.

08/21/08 > T/C with Bob’s T-Birds neighboring property owner and discussed building. Met with Bob and went over details of propery in person. Met with LBTS staff on site and showed property to perspective buyer (Teery).

08/12/08> Met LBTS staff on site and showed property to prospective buyer.

08/05/08> T/C with prospective buyer, Frank Chapman.

07/31/08> Emailed and faxed property info to contact list of potential buyers.

07/24/08 > Met on site with LBTS and Holy Cross, tenant, to preview property and take photographs for brochure.

07/21/08> T/C with interested party and faxed info.

07/18/08 > For sale sign was installed on property.

> T/C with tenant (Holy Cross) and discussed showing unit and phone contacts.

> Tenant passed along complaint for AC units in warehouse.

> T/C with  Marta, LBTS and Don Prince re: tenant issues.

>07/16/08> Received executed agreement from Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea for listing Parcel.

Thank you, EC/MI

Cc John Olinzock Assistant Town Manager

June White, Town Clerk”


There you have it LBTS Readers and Taxpayers…the warehouse out west…the one that Town Manager Esther Colon…Commissioner Jim Silverstone and Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee  said would “be a wash” and pay for the public safety building was a WASHOUT”!…

The Town Manager has shown once again she is unqualified for her position…and has again kept the Commission out of the loop acting unilaterally ….

The warehouse as previously posted was passed 5-0 on July 8, 2008 for a 6 month contract….and here we are on February 21, 2010 with a languishing building…no prospects …worth less than 50%  as of 8 months ago….

Each and every month the Municipal backup shows hours of salaried time spent there…we pay taxes on it…Holy Cross moved out long ago…and we are still listed with a broker who it appears never listed it as it on the MLS as it was contracted  …per the Mayor at that July 8, 2008 meeting!…

This is just one more big ticket item the Town Manager has blown big time…The Commercial Blvd.Pavilion…The Public Safety Building…. The warehouse… The garbage contract…. Her cover-up of her contract’s severance pay…The firing of Chief Scott Gooding…The firing of the Fire Marshal Alex Stevenson  and then going after his benefits…and appealing the ruling two times…The all out war on the Director of the Senior Center… The verbal disrespect of the Mayor and Commissioner Dodd…The attack from the dais on a local newspaper and LBTS taxpayers who edit, write  and own it……The attack on the Chamber of Commerce and the Welcome Center… No RFP on the El Mar Drive Project… The Interference and possible sending in of a question to the League of Women Voters for the first Meet the Candidates Night… The false assertion of racism at the Feb. 9, 2010 Commission Meeting… The fighting not to be reviewed annually as required in her contract……The no oversight of Vice Mayor McIntee when he was accused by Patrick Pointu….The no oversight of the VFD as Vice Mayor McIntee spent on extensive VFD  apparatus …. The end of RFPs being read aloud….The public records being overcharged and not being received… The stalling on releasing bank statements…The pre-penalty loans and the non- negotiating with Sun-Trust Bank…The no oversight of Vice Mayor McIntee deleting 3 1/2 of Town related email…The going after businesses with Broward County…The badmouthing of taxpayers in Town Hall when they were not there to defend themselves… The hiring under-qualified staff instead of advertising for qualified department heads… The unilateral Town-wide survey that was copied from Wilton Manors… The code sweeps in neighborhoods and businesses… The less than 1 full year for 5% increase on fees….The unprofessional behavior towards vendors… The leading the BSO on for improvements done at the hotel… The interference of keeping a VFD firefighter from rejoining the department while not asking the same of VM McIntee in his suicide investigation… The 3 yr. $200,000+ Audit contract done without Commission approval…….Unilaterally getting shields on the lights on El Mar Drive…Unilaterally not getting the right lights for El Prado Parking lot…Unilaterally getting the wrong kind of parking ticket kiosk in El Prado… Unilaterally sending out letters and ending the boards before the Commission could decide… Unilaterally deciding to use a metal roof on the Chamber and then feigning ignorance…. And that’s just off the top of my head from memory…over the past 2+ years…..and ….unfortunately….one more  biggie to come….It will be revealed tomorrow….

Dear Voters…Dear Taxpayers…can we really afford 4 more years of Town mismanagement by Town Manager Esther Colon …with Silverstone/ Evans/ Couriel…she will have carte blanch to carry on with their support and  their blessing…YIKES!…

more to come…

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