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Here’s The Scoop … The Sentinel… Terminated or Retired… Now The Former Town Manager Has No Comment …


Dear Readers…Looks like the Sentinel got a whiff of the Town’s Colon payout inquiry being finished (thus far) …They had quotes from the Int. Town Manager (we hear they were never responded to by the former manager )…From former Town Manager Esther Colon ” I have no comment”… quite a change from her having plenty to comment on during her days on the dais….The inquiry will be  addressed tonight in the Town Manager’s Report… (prev. post) …Was Colon overpaid?…Was Colon terminated or a retiree?  …And will the Town be reimbursed for the $69 thousand + and whatever else was wrongly received? …In this writer’s opinion…nothing was done with the finances for this self proclaimed “bean counter”, Esther Colon without her direction…knowledge…oversight and consent… She provided big time for herself and her former boss and followed suit with his employment agreements for her staff  denying them what they should have received. from the Personnel Policy Manual …Those “loyal” staff members who will follow her out the door after being terminated are left  to waddle away with empty beaks!…


“Lauderdale-by-the-Sea commission to review fired town manager’s severance payment

Report alleges overpayment of $69,308 Wages and Pension to Colon”


A report about the severance payments to former town manager Esther Colon alleges she was paid $69,308 more than she was entitled to receive.

Interim Town Manager Connie Hoffmann said she will ask commissioners to consider the findings at Tuesday’s meeting. If they authorize her and the town attorney to proceed, Hoffmann said she will attempt to recover the funds.

Colon was fired April 20 and received $296,188, according to the report. Colon’s replacement, her former deputy John Olinzock, was fired a week later.

Asked about the town’s inquiry, Colon said, “I have no comment.”

Olinzock’s dismissal came after officials said they grew concerned about the rapid severance payment to Colon, which led to a lockdown of Town Hall the weekend of April 24.

Commissioners later said that Olinzock was authorized to process payments to his former boss, but that he had also been asked to review the severance payout with the town attorney.

“He did not do that until after the money had already been transferred into her account,” Hoffmann said.

According to Hoffmann’s report, direct deposit payments were made to Colon for:

$169,276 for one year’s salary in severance pay, including $7,499 for a year’s worth of deferred compensation that Hoffmann wrote “was not warranted.”

$41,479 for accumulated vacation leave that included an alleged overpayment of $18,593. “She was getting four weeks’ vacation, two weeks more per year than the commission authorized,” Hoffmann said.

$56,293 for accumulated sick leave that was allegedly $43,215 too much.

“That’s 75 percent more than the policy manual dictated,” Hoffmann said.

$29,138 for comp time.

Also under review is two years’ worth of deductions that Colon directed be made from her severance for health insurance premiums; eye care; dental, life and disability insurance, the report states.

“The question is whether the town is obligated to allow her to do that,” Hoffmann said. “Human resources treated her as a retiree, rather than as a fired employee.”,0,3031264,full.story

more to come…

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