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Here’s The Scoop … The November 15, 2010 Lauderdale-By-The- Sea Special /Workshop Meeting … Garbage Cans Reduced 50% …. Priorites Reduced By Multi- Voting That Left Multi- Questions In Its Aftermath ….


Dear Readers … as expected the Commission met tonight at 5 pm to amend the ordinance to allow for multi-family buildings to have up to 50% less outdoor garbage cans rather than per unit…It offers them some relief after the months of increases they had to deal with following the contract approved between the Town and Choice Environmental Services ….Included in the amendment was some give and take allowing Choice 180 days notice before the contract comes up again …The Town now steps away from it and it’s between the vendor and the customer to enact. Any changes to this amended ordinance can be made at 2nd reading next month at the Commission meeting by the Commission ad/or the public… Asst. TM Bentley came to the podium to answer some questions about some particulars from the Commissioners concerning the change and made the point that now 91% of the Choice customers in LBTS will save money with Choice as our vendor ….He then thanked Comm. Sasser as liaison as well as Choice and their Atty. Grant Smith…Comm. Vincent preceded him in thanking Mr.Smith for his being there … Comm. Sasser made the motion ..VM Dodd 2nd it and it passed 5-0 …

The Commission adjourned the special meeting to begin the Strategic Priority Special Workshop…


Dear Readers …this was the portion of the night that was to set the stage for the prioritization of not only the vision of the Town but how the Town runs day to day… The Town Manager sent an e-mail to the Commission to inform them she would use a technique she used as a consultant called multi- voting which she stated often helped a group to reach consensus when narrowing down a large list of desirable items (prev. agenda post) … She began by explaining the list stating that while some may think certain items were “routine”…she said they too were  important ….even those close to completion …She then acknowledged that her annual performance review began Oct. 1st and therefore some items needed to be included for that as well … The  Tow Atty. stated along with the use of hands being raised names must be stated for the record as they proceeded… The Town Manager asked about keeping it in writing with the lists and while the TAtty. felt that might suffice the TM then stated that not all the Commissioners arrived with a hard copy of the list to use… The Mayor stated that a lot of what was listed was tied into the Master Plan and voiced some concern …The TM said halfheartedly they could vote for everything in the Master Plan and to do everything else …Comm. Sasser took the opportunity to wholeheartedly state that would be his vote!… The Mayor used the signage and parking regulations being tied to each other as an example to make her point… The Vice Mayor disagreed stating he had chosen one but not the other in his initial top 45 items brought to the meeting as requested by the TM… The TM also added she had neglected to include an very important item…the Interlocal Agreement which would be #99 (see list scans ..prev. agenda post/on Town website …link below)…This is the garbage agreement county wide… She then asked the Commission if they had any items they thought should be added on and began to go around the table starting with Comm. Clottey…Comm. Clottey said she still wanted Choice to have a pickup for terr trimmings and also wanted an item to protect young children in the streets and cars stating at her end of town there had been a near tragedy… The TM made them item #100 and #101…Comm. Sasser addressed Choice and what was already in the contract…Asst. TM Bentley asked for her to further clarify her item and The TM asked them to return to the topic or they would not get through it all …Comm Vincent was next and stated he had nothing at that time..The TM and Mayor said this was it…then backtracked to state they would come back to him…Comm. Sasser stated he would try to prioritize …but he wanted to get it all of the items done…The TM explained how this was to do it in the most efficient manner and after the votes she will come back if it is not achievable and how to make it so… The Vice Mayor wanted a street lighting review to be added stating he had heard from constituents and had observed a lack of lighting …That became item #102..The Mayor wanted discussion on a CRA which became item #103…Comm. Vincent on the 2nd chance to add an item had no input… The TM then inquired whether the Commission wanted her to vote as well …The consensus was yes… And so it began… unfortunately…in this writer’s opinion…

The Town Manager read the item numbers and the counted the hands and gave the names either for or against…

M=Mayor Minnet /H=TM Hoffmann/D=VM Dodd/S=Comm. Sasser/V=Comm. Vincent/C=Comm. Clottey

#4 Sign code 4-2 D/H votes no

#5 Pking Regs Unanimous

#6 Comp Plan no votes..but req. to do so per TM remarks

#7 Pain Clinics TAtty. stated already written in no votes

#8 Nuisance Abatement Ord Mayor stated imp./TM explained ord & board req.& police led to resolve/Comm. Vincent asked if we have an”abundance” of such probs now/ Maror spoke of motels 3-3 H/ V /M  votes yes

#10 Outdated Technology  5-1 S  votes no

#11 Personal Policies 5-1 C no vote

#12 Purchasing Policy 4-2 D/C  votes no

#13 Town Website Improvements 3-3 C/V/D votes yes

#14 Master Contract List no votes/TM stated June has to do it anyway!

#15 Annual Records Retention  no votes (wish TM made a ditto to June on this one!)

#16 Channel 78 Upgrades 5-1 D  votes no

#17 Granicus Renewal no votes

#18 Hurricane Contracts no votes

#19 Street Sweeper Analysis 4-2 H/C/D/M votes yes

#20 Customer Service 4-2 S/C votes no

#21 Upgrade Staff Skills & Knowledge 3-3 H/D/M votes yes

#22 Revisions to Dept. Monthly Reports no votes

#24 Current Year Budget vs Actual Analysis (qtrly reports) 4-2  D/S votes no

#25 Budget Book /TM states tremendous amt. of work/no vote/Clottey inquires online/TM states yes

#26 Chamber of Commerce Agreement 5-1 H votes no

#27 Fema Audit 4-2 M/H votes no

#28 Capital Assets Balances 3-3 D/H/C votes yes/ Comm. Clottey states that is business as usual/TM said schedules not found from prior admin. being recreated! OUCH!…

Comm. Sasser repeated his no votes were due to his belief that these items need to be done anyway..TM acknowledged they were aware of his stance …BC-The right stance…in this writer’s opinion!

#29 Efficiency of Finance Operation /TM no statute requiring this 2-4 H/C votes yes

#30 Investment of Cash 3-3 H/D/M votes yes

#31 Bid Banking Services 1-5 D votes yes

#32 Legal Costs 2-4 C/H votes yes

#33 TAtty. Contract no votes

#34 Employee Health Related Ins. 3-3 M/H/C votes yes

#35 Other Ins. Costs 2-4 M/C votes yes

#36 Sewer Fund Issues /TM states to add Engineer to this item  unanimous vote

#37 Annual Financial Audit &  Prep. of Annual Fin. Rep CAFR  no votes/ stated “happens anyway”

#38 Prep 2011/2012 Budget “Done anyway” no votes

#39 Improve Gov. Efficiency 3-3 H/C/S votes yes

Comm. Sasser stats this is the “cornerstone to everything else”  as his reason for voting yes/TM states yes (BC this one comes back at the end…to bite em’…in this writer’s opinion!)

#41 A1A Landscape/Streetscape unanimous vote

#43 El Mar Streetscape Proj no votes/VM ties in with Master plan/Clottey we are waiting for Gov. funds/TM need a design to get those funds! OUCH!

#44 Swimming Pool Pub. Safety Bldg. “Happening anyway /no votes

#45 Stormwater Proj. unanimous vote

#47 Pub. Bathroom near beach no votes (Comm. Vincent voted no!)

#48 Coral Reef Project 5-1 S votes no

#49 CIP unanimous vote

#50 Way Finding Signs no votes

#51 Neighborhood Imp. Policy/program 5-1 M votes no

#52 TerraMar Entrance Proj. unanimous vote

#54 Planning Contracts TM states might need to add additional planners (BC- no explanation to replace these 2/dole out spec. proj. to?)/3-3  M/H/V votes yes

#55 Building Services Options 5-1 H votes no

#56 Abandoned Property Ord. 2-4 V/D votes yes

#57 Fire Inspection Billing (by Town) “Do anyway”/no votes

#58 Code Enforcement Priorities TM-“Clear direction needed”/3-3 C/H/M votes yes

#60 Choice Env. Negotiations “done”/no votes

#61 Lease of Warehouse 2-4 D/V votes yes

#62 Revisions to Special Events Policy no votes

#63 Charter Review Board  Mayor stated required/TM to see year required in no votes

#64 Investigate Missing Halloween/Easter items TM-“skip over”

#65 Complaint or Inquiry System VM stated already set up by prior Admin.?TM stated it is not occurring/Clottey also stated calls accepted anonymously / TM will followup stating she never saw any…BC- a form was available online..prev. posts on long discussion of allowing anonymous complaints prev. Comm. & heard Town Clerk White acknowledged the existence and use! OUCH!

#66 Regs of Beach Rec use 4-2 V/H no

#67 % # 69 (TM combined) Monitor Rec Instructors & Expand Rec/Cultural Programming 2-4 H/M votes yes

#68 Benihanna ROW Agreement “do anyhow”/no votes

#70 Town Bus Contract  TM-contract expired/VM prev. Comm. voted service down if cost to taxpayers and stated it was ignored by prev. TM and funded/TM-“has to be done/no votes/ BC-meaning?…take another vote on this Comms. desire to continue service..

#71 Accelerate Recycling  unanimous vote

#73 VFD TM stated her oversight & was it top priority 2-4 M/D yes / Clottey compared to

#74 BSO Contract  /Mayor stated both/ unanimous vote/ Clottey stated “have to do it”/TM “time consuming according to municipalities who have gone thru negotiations w/BSO

#75 Public Emergency Notification System  no votes

#76 LETF Reimbursement & Cameras 1-5 D votes yes

#77 Identify Public Safety TM “nice to do” / no votes/BC Note to TM already done in survey last year based on Wilton Manors…get a copy…

#78 VFD Multi Family Safety Drills & Fire Planning  4-2 M/H votes no

#80 Priorities Discussions TM “doing it”/no votes

#81 Town Manager Performance no votes

#82 Prep of Strategic Plan TM explained this portion is whole community 10-20 year plan vs Master Plan /unanimous vote

#83 Urban Design Education 5-1 C votes no

#84 Economic Vitality unanimous vote

#85 Branding Plan unanimous vote

#86 Updating Master Plan unanimous vote

#88 Imperial Lane Traffic Calming TM-“Dead end ..pardon the pun”/3-3 D/S/V votes yes

#89 Trial Valet Proj.1-5 M votes yes /Mayor reminds the required evals etc

#90 Pier Parking Alley 5-1 H votes no

#91 Red Light Cameras no votes

#92 Bel Air Traffic Light Issue 1-5 C votes yes

#93 Parking Operational Study unanimous vote

#94 Sun Trolley Extended no votes

#95 Wings Parking lot TM “happening”/no votes

#96 Parking Ord. unanimous vote

#97 Parking- multi space meters unanimous vote

#98 Paver crosswalks A1A & Comm. Blvd. TM pushed for a solution to crossing conflicts at section unanimous vote

#99 Interlocal Agreement unanimous vote

#100 Landscape Debris  no votes

#101 Children in Streets 2-4 S/C votes yes

#102 Street Lighting 5-1 H votes no

#103 CRA/Other Funding Options  TM -change to “Develop some mechanism to lead the economic activities for the Town unanimous vote

The TM then read off those that received 4 or more votes for the second round of votes…4/5/8/10/11/12/19/20/24/26/27/36/41/45/48/49/51/52/55/66/71/74/78/82/83/84/85/86/90/93/95/96/98/99/102/103  ..TM states they need to now get it down to the top 20 …The Mayor called for them to reconvene at 6:20 with their choices..The video was on as they recessed and the TAtty. came to the table to remind and advise the Comm. they could not continue discussion as they were in recess…The music came on…

They came back to the table and the TM stated they now needed to get to 20… Check for specific items above…#s used only…

#4 C/V/S  votes yes

#5 unanimous vote

#8 C/V/M votes yes

#10 H/V/D/M votes yes

#11 H/V/D/M votes yes

#12 C/H/S/M votes yes

#19 H votes yes

#20 H/D/M votes yes /C retracted his yes vote

#24 H/C votes yes

#26  M/V/C votes yes  /BC-TM states no legal req. to have Chamber contract

#27 no votes / Mayor stated It’s an Audit (FEMA) doing it anyway

#36 unanimous vote

#41 H/V/C votes yes

#45 unanimous vote

#48 S/H votes no

#49 unanimous vote

#51 M/D/S/V/C votes yes

#52 no votes

#55 V/H votes no

#66 C/S votes yes

#71 unanimous vote

#74 unanimous vote

#78 V votes yes

#83 H/V/S votes yes

#84 D votes no

#85 ? /BC hard to hear…but made the final cut

#86 unanimous vote

#90 D/V votes yes

#93 D/M votes yes

#96 V/C/S votes yes/ Mayor asks about the pking study being needed for ordinance…Asst TM stats no

#97 C/V/D votes yes

#98 M/D/H votes yes

#99 C/H/V/S votes yes

#102 C/D/M votes yes

#103 M/D/S/V/C votes yes

The TM stated they would now see “what fell out” “tossed out”? BC- it was confusing as she read numbers …19/27/24 on #24 which was the qtrly budget TM Hoffmann advised that instead she would provide it twice a year as a result of this vote…She stated the street sweeper “fell out” and they were almost done with it …Comm. Sasser returned to the qtrly reports asking for a heads up more often than 2x a yr. if red flags found…TM Hoffmann continued #52 had 0 votes/#66 had 2 votes/#78 &#90 “off”/#93 “off” (Parking Operational Study) adding they already had the RFP responses! / asked at table do they “forget about it?”/TM “mid-range priority parking study “not knock ourselves out” / Mayor stated parking was a problem heard from constituents/ Comm. Vincent parking problem or where ti park downtown again talking Bougainvilla lot lack of use asking “what do we mean”/Mayor “need to address parking”/Clottey wanted explanation from mayor on “south end” /Mayor west,east, restaurants/Vincent- El Mar Streetscape/Comm Sasser asked about studies from the past ..can we use them /BC- 2004 Goodkin Feasibility Study did all this!/ Mayor stated they needed to see the RFPs received for parking agreeing with Comm. Clottey’s earlier statement/TM look at list, do study., don’t rush through, take months to do/ VM asked do we need another Bud (Asst. TM Bentley)/ TM #95 “off”/ VM “Don’t stop doing what you’re doing” addressing other “off” items

The TM seeing a lack of votes chose to include those with 3 or more votes (HUH?) …#s 4/5/8/10/11/12/20/26/36/41/45/48/49/51/55/71/74/82/83/84/85/86/96/97/98/99/102/103

The Mayor after reading the list of 28 said this gives the “plans to the Town Manager”…

Next was the Town Manager performance goals (prev. agenda post/town website backup…link below) …

The TM asked the Comm. if they wanted these 28 on her performance goals list/ Comm. Sasser responded yes/Mayor Minnet said they were the top priorities but stated the TM still had to address the rest anyway

BC- back to the beginning of the multi-voting with that comment! YIKES! …not done yet…the TM stated she was surprised the More Efficient Government “didn’t go” ..meaning it did not make the list!…Why not make that statement at that time?… I  was unable to enlarge the screen due to the problems with Granicus (prev. post) so I could not see if Comm. Sasser was grimacing …again back to the beginning of multi-voting!…YIKES!…

The Mayor asked about#20 customer service which passed being switched with #39 Gov. Efficiency which did not…She said everyone’s definitions are different …

BC- I respectfully disagree….They should not be off the hook that easy…Comm. Sasser made it clear from the get-go…It’s the cornerstone…no other “definition” required or acceptable…

TM again stated she was surprised it went off…Comm. Sasser unequivocally stated to the TM that he said #39 was the “number one priority for you”…

The Mayor followed with stating after the Town hears from BC Prop. Appraiser Lori Parrish and gets the #s for next fiscal year the TM will come to the Comm./ The TM stated they need to get to May for that and to see if the BSO will be enormous and then can come back and put efficient government back on… UGH!…She added she will come back and say what’s “knocked off”… Comm. Sasser was not having anymore…(wish there was a closeup!)…He stated he will continually come back and say the same …they need to function properly as a government and said to the TM you have the experience …tell me…The TM told him to put that on her performance review / The Mayor said some was already on the list/ TM said the Coral Reef proj. when signed off by Comm. was not finished for staff/Comm. Sasser pleaded with the TM to “let me know” “Do we need to reduce/increase staff?”/Comm. Clottey said tell us if you need help, stating it is the TMgr’s job/TM stated consultants are used/The Mayor addded she voted for the Insurance item/Comm. Vincent said we did that /Comm. Clottey said that was the Finance Director’s job/ Comm. Vincent again stated we already did it/ TM corrected him to state we did address 2 small ins. polices but no big policies /VM Dodd asked the Comm. and viewers to be aware of the position the Town was lacking …He added it was too much to ask of the current Finance Dept. while they deal with what they were left with/ Comm. Clottey countered him to say the TM has a Finance Dir. she trusts and if he doesn’t have enough staff then he goes to the TM and she comes to “us”? The Mayor cut this exchange off by stating the issues at hand …TM performance, cost of government, unfunded mandates and to plan for 2011/2012/ TM said she would take what they worked on this evening …offer a revised version of her goals for the roundtable on the 22nd ( next Mon.) although she will not be there/The TAtty advised the Comm. it was critical that it be reduced in writing at that roundtable as it was a “scope of services for her contract”/ The Mayor stated they needed to take a look at a word “efficiency” adding they had done a lot of work had ” consensus” and called for a motion to adjourn…That was received and they adjourned…



Definition of efficiency…ef·fi·cien·cy
noun \i-ˈfi-shən-sē\
plural ef·fi·cien·cies
Definition of EFFICIENCY
: the quality or degree of being efficient
a : efficient operation b (1) : effective operation as measured by a comparison of production with cost (as in energy, time, and money) (2) : the ratio of the useful energy delivered by a dynamic system to the energy supplied to it

Dear Readers… As stated many times before on this site… It’s time to clean the “Town’s House”…There is the real need to follow through with the election promises made this year…to make government efficient and streamlined…to think outside the box…to run it like a business!… The Town Manager made it happen within 24 hrs. of becoming the Int. TM with her hiring of Bud Bentley..She followed that up with hiring Finance Director Doug Haag who was involved in making the software that should require less not more staff for him to continue on with what he has accomplished thus far… She elevated and used PIO D’Oliveira to showcase what he adds to the Town in his position….Now the time has come for the top priority to be the following…replace the Director of Development (put him back on Code Enforcement) with an individual that meets the Town’s own  job description for that position and who will be equal or better than  those this writer witnessed in the job prior to the current Director… Replace the Town Clerk as well as other office staff members…Their presence does not ensure aid in moving forward  …in fact it does the just the opposite…. It brings forth the continuity of sub-standard work and less than steller results …It requires new top administrators to oversee them as their predecessors did… Think outside the box…We are already using consultants who are cost effective as we have been informed from Town they are and do not require health ins./pensions /leave etc… Go outside to contract out Town services as much as possible ..using  the private sector as well as sharing services with other towns. as so many towns are implementing in these hard economic times…

Also, once again…this writer is looking to this Town Manager/Asst. TM/Finance Director and whomever they bring aboard to join them…to do what Comm. Sasser pleaded for tonight…to tell us how to do this ALL from your years of experience. in and out of government …to make a difference…and move us forward…efficiently…

Link to backup/video on Town website

more to come….

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