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Here’s The Scoop … The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Artificial Reef Project ….Mark Your Calendars?….


Dear Readers …..continuing on from the previous post (scroll down) concerning the Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Artificial Reef Project …here are some updates…

The backup for the Sept. 14, 2010 Reg. Commission Meeting for the TM Report includes the following…

On page 1 The TM states she made “numerous attempts to communicate with Dr. Goreau over the past three weeks.” ..She went on to state he had been sent the breach of contract letter by both e-mail and U.S. Mail on Sept. 1..On Sept. 7 she “sent him an email and a draft of a new contract that would address some of the Town’s concerns and clearly delineate our respective responsibilities. I have expressed our desire to resolve the issues in a quick and amicable manner. I tried to reach him by phone again this week. The only response I have received from Dr. Goreau during the entire period is the attached email received Thursday afternoon.

This week I have received copies of emails from Cry of the Water to the permitting agencies. One received this morning (Friday) gives notice to the Army Corps of Engineers that they intend to start deployment of the project on Sept. 24th, weather permitting.

We have received no response to the breach of contract letter, nor our proposal for a new contract. I have advised the Town Attorney of these facts and she will be making recommendations on how to proceed from a legal standpoint.”


BC- those prev. emails are posted in the previous post below… (scroll down)….

On page 4 is that attached email received from Dr. Goreau on the 9th  at 4:01 pm ….He states he’s “briefly passing through the States, but I’m in the field at projects, not at home, don’t have a cell phone, and will be out of the country next week.”

“As you know we are working as hard as possible to fulfill the contract. All the structures and buoys will be ready next week and will be deployed in late September or early October, subject to the schedule of the mooring installer, and dependent on the weather. We are notifying the relevant authorities of the proposed schedule, weather permitting. Best wishes, Tom”


BC- who doesn’t have a cell phone “out in the field”?… Below is a Google this evening from the manifest’s stated “owner” Stephen Attis of Vone Research… A Sept. 25, 2010 dive for the permitted area and GPS boundary markings for a Marine Park in LBTS…HUH?…WHOAHHH… The Marine Park was turned down by the County.. We are not hearing from Dr. Goreau…and there is  no response on the letter that the contract is in breach.. That breach seems to make this a non-contracted project at the present time…The “Goreau Associates”…after going full-speed ahead with 2 new buoys are not only going full-speed with the Artificial Reef Project…but the Marine park as well?… How so?….

This writer asks the question still…Why are we acting as if this group is the only “game” in Town?… I look at this as being akin to hiring a contractor for remodeling your home…You cannot get them to show for discussions before the renovations…Finally after repeated calls, emails and messages they show up…only to provide you with very little information about your job…But for some reason …. you go ahead and give them a deposit to start …and then you’re surprised when they have demoed your home and you cannot get them to show up and complete the work!…

Once those buoys are in the water…we are stuck..liable for the buoys..and this 5 year research project going forth…(as stated in the backup from the July 28, 2010 meeting ….prev. post)… So, if this project is going to go south …let it go south before the 2nd and 3rd newly designed  solar paneled buoys are deployed!…

Note to Town Commission/Administration…Please contact Fort Lauderdale and see if they would entertain becoming an alternative vendor for a LBTS Coral Reef  Restoration Project …..if no agreement is forthcoming with Dr. Goreau and his “Associates”…


The  Sept. 25, 2010 dive….found online…

“Cry of the water support

* Export to a calendar

Sep 25 Sat 6:30 AM

Not chosen yet

Who’s coming?
5 Volunteers

Who’s hosting?
Stephen Attis

Our objective for this dive is to confirm our bench marks (re-bar stakes)
are still making the 4 corners of our permitted area.
Run Tapes between bench marks.
Permitted area is 120′ X 50″.
Check out project area within the permitted area
Take new GPS marks.
Take GPS marks for boundary of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Marine Park.
And then collect lobsters and fish for taste testing. And as always collect as many lionfish as possible in.”


more to come….

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