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Dear Readers…before this writer covers the July 20, 2010 MPSC meeting tomorrow …let me share with you who had the idea for the bathrooms being in the El Mar Parking Lot.. Interior Digs owner Wayne Dillistin… Below is a copy of the text he sent to this writer as the topic was being discussed at the July 14, 2010 Comm. Roundtable… This writer stated a Reader had the idea. in a prev. post.. So don’t let anyone else claim credit…for this one…from the MPSC board or the Commission…

“From: “Wayne of Interior Digs”
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010
To: Barbara Cole
ReplyTo: “Wayne of Interior Digs”
Subject: Bathroom location

Ok here is a thought….what do you think of this?

How about putting them in the town parking lot to the north of ham and eggs. What would also be nice if there was a property mirroring it on the south side of commercial as well with the same set up of parking and restrooms. (meaning the town should be looking into purchasing prime properties now while the market is low and more specifically at properties in that down town area that really should no longer be there, are run down and so forth…and they should probably be doing this now even if not for anything at all but for use in the future for a more long term vision future revamp in the down town area).

That lot north of the Ham and Egg as well is small and would also be a better location for the valet to be drive in, pick up and drop off location. Of course the valet’s rent for the use of the area would be equal the lost income from the meters. The illumination of these parking spots as well would drive people to the other lots such as one next to wings as well encourage them to use the valet.

That’s my brainstorm of an idea at the moment till I come up with something else. lol.”

My reply…
——Original Message——
To: Wayne of Interior Digs
Subject: Re: Bathroom location
Sent: Jul 14, 2010 6:28 PM

Sounds good to me
And also to Sandra Booth for her idea of putting them in the Bougainvilla Parking Lot which ended up as the one several members of the audience stated during public comments they liked as well….Hearing that the committee addressed it and offered it up as choice #2…

This writer still thinks Comm. Sasser had it right though….You need a plan…first!

more to come…

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