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Here’s The Scoop … The CIC Endorses 3 Candidates One Day Before Time Runs Out ….

CHOSEN BY “GOD” ….. AND THE CIC …1/10/2010

Dear Readers…. Jerry Sehl, the Mc-Furth insider …spilled the beans tonight on the purported CIC “bombshell” for Mayor who turns out to be a CIC  “BOMB”!…

Jerry Sehl sent out an e-mail to vote on the candidates from his site …which tries to portray itself as impartial …but with his ties to the Furths …it is anything but!

We heard earlier from a source that a white haired man with an accent spoke at the CIC meeting tonight and called candidates Sasser and Vincent “sandbaggers”…That sounds like Joe alright!…Classic Joe Couriel! (Candidate Chris Vincent has lived and owned here since 2002 and Candidate Scot Sasser has lived and owned  here since 2003…not quite “carpetbaggers”…the term Joe Couriel was looking for.)…

Readers will  remember Joe Couriel … He’s the current Vice Chair of the CIC who was thrown out of Jarvis Hall some time back…He stood outside the hall and yelled “McIntee is god”…(prev. post)…So tonight “god” was handing over his chance at the “throne”, the mayoral seat  to Joe Couriel!… WOW!… But do not think “god” handed it over easily, we hear McIntee was quite upset that he was not running citing his wife’s health and the fact that nobody wanted wanted him to run!…But Joe Couriel?…If you ever saw him in action…he makes McIntee look like milk toast!… Joe Couriel, readers may recall berated and yelled at Commissioner Dodd’s wife after a meeting….(prev. post)…This writer took him to task telling him if he had a problem with the Commissioner he should talk to the Commissioner and not yell at his wife. I asked Joe Couriel how he would feel if someone yelled at his wife. Joe Couriel never apologized for yelling at a woman! …Joe Couriel is a hypocrite, and readers may also recall that it was he who stood before my husband and I a few days after the new majority from the CIC took the election and said he would have to switch sides because  he never liked being with the majority!…OOPS!… Joe Couriel, readers may recall sits on the Board Of Adjustment …(prev. post)…and asked an applicant for a variance on El Mar Drive why he needed such a such a large room..or a chandelier …or a wide stairway!… He was awful!…

We heard earlier in the day that Joe was driving around looking at the Minnet, Sasser, Vincent signs throughout town…Was he looking for more signs from”god”?….He found it via the CIC tonight!…

The CIC also endorsed Marjorie Evans from Bel Air for District one and Commissioner Jim Silverstone from Silver Shores for District 2…

We hear Commissioner Clottey left the meeting at 7:24 pm …Hmmmm….not all that enamored the CIC candidates?….

From Jerry Sehl’s site…tonight …


Roseanne Minnet – incumbant

Joe Couriel

District 1

Marjorie Evans
Scot Sasser

District 2

Jim Silverstone – incumbant
Chris Vincent

Thanks Jerry Sehl….Thanks CIC …and Thank You “god”!…

more to come….

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