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Here’s The Scoop…The 800 Pound “MAGILLA” In The Room….


Dear Readers….At the June 30,2009 Special Meeting …Vice Mayor McIntee was unusually quiet…perhaps due to joining the Town Manager in reading a book…going on the computer and only looking up when a few of his constituents made reference to this duo’s lack of respect for those taxpayers standing at the podium…These two knew all they had to do was get through this “circus”…and were not worried a bit that there would be a sudden change in support from the “Gang of 3″…So TV cameras rolling…they just sat back and played their parts…put in their time…


VM McIntee- ” Ah, I think one of the reasonable questions I heard was did we consult with the Town Manager about this and when did we know. I found out late Friday  and I mean late Friday cause I was out of town all day and somebody called me and asked me if I knew that Gooding had been transferred. First of all he’s not fired, he’s transferred. And there was a point where I thought he was getting promoted because Gooding himself told me he thought he was being promoted and didn’t know what happened because I asked him flat out and he’ll tell you I asked him,. I said Chief I heard you were getting promoted. He said I did too, but there was a couple of months they changed the , bunch of heads of the Sheriff’s Department, This is cop to cop and I thought I was on” ( The room erupted in yelling and groans…Many well aware of the McIntee spin of TOTAL recall of conversations with a person out of reach to respond…including his use of “he’ll tell you”).

BC- The Mayor made a point of information and told the Vice Mayor he was “putting words in Chief Gooding’s mouth.”

VM McIntee- ” That’s right they can ask him, they can ask him. Well, this is nothing negative at all. Nothing negative at all. So the Chief thought he was being promoted and when that person called me up I thought he got promoted. Then I got my e-mails and I had an e-mail from the Town Manager saying that she had requested that Chief Gooding be transferred and that’s the first I heard of it. Now regarding conversations.”

BC- The Mayor made a point of information, saying “the Town Manager would like to interrupt you”

Town Manager Colon-” I did not e-mail you! I left you a voice mail.”

BC- The crowd went wild!

VM-” Okay, was it an voice mail?”

TM- ” I left you a voice mail because you did not answer your cell. I called everybody on their cell and you had a voice mail. Commissioner Dodd had a voice mail and the other, Commissioner Clottey and Silverstone I spoke with.”

BC- From the audience someone yelled “Get your story straight!”

VM-” That’s a little weak, thinking that a voice mail”

TM- ” I just wanted to clarify .”

VM-” It was um, again I had a few phone calls. Then the only conversation I had with them with the Town Manager about BSO that was of any dominance ( Freudian slip? ) was when I read the Sun Sentinel that the BSO was being told by the County legislators that they had to go back to the Town and show, and we’ve been specifically named LBTS was underbid 21% which computed out 798 thousand dollars we owe BSO and I said what is this and she said I have not been contacted by BSO about this, but it’s in the paper in the Sun Sentinel and said LBTS was underbid by 21% and we look at our contracts it comes out to 798 thousand. I said Esther are we gonna have to pay this back? She said I know nothing about it. They have not contacted me from the  Sheriff’s office and that’s it. And what else happened between her and Chief Gooding that’s, that’s She’s the Town manager and I support the Town Manager and I yield.”

BC-  I support the idea that was put forth to put the “Gang of 3”, The Furths and the Town Manager under oath!…The McIntee spin to change the subject to the underbid that stemmed from Town Manager’s buddy Ken Jenne is a ruse…The Town Manager, if she even had such a conversation with the Vice Mayor, might have found out where the town stood if she represented us at the Sheriff’s meeting …the one in which she was the only Town Manager who chose to skip it….Anybody inside the Town Hall and outside the Town Hall will also “tell you” that Vice Mayor McIntee is in the Manager’s office daily…In my opinion …anybody believing he had an detailed conversation with Gooding and was in the dark with TM Colon…has their head in the sand!…What the VM has conveniently left out is his conversations with other constituents where we hear he told them when asked about where his stood on the Gooding situation answered back……he [McIntee] would not be threatened!…McIntee it is said, told another taxpayer  (who unfortunately did not relay the encounter at the podium)…that he was able to get a police department up and going from his own police experience!…If his “experience” is being used as criteria to run a LBTS police department…..take a look below…..

BC- ALERT…We hear there is great dissension within the VFD today!…We hear it comes from the inner circle…and that the Vice Mayor/Deputy Chief is going to “SET UP” any of those who dare to question his methods…and kick them out!…The walls in the department are getting awful thin….and word is leaking out from a growing number of those who are becoming aware of the facts……the Townspeople and Commission are not going to disband the VFD if McIntee is out…..The Town and the Commission is behind the VFD members……just not the Deputy Chief…OUCH!……..

The meeting on the 30th began to stall as the Mayor thanked all for coming and then needed to pass the gavel to the Vice Mayor in order to make a motion or to 2nd Comm. Dodd’s motion…With his usual lack of decorum…the Vice Mayor said “So step down!”…The motion was made by Comm. Dodd…and as previously posted it needed to be revised per the Town Attorney…This now familiar passing of the gavel allowed all in the hall once again the full viewing of that the  Vice Mayor is totally  inept  when it comes to being Mayor…even for a few minutes!…The Vice Mayor only added the following before repeatedly trying to call for a vote…and get out of the hall….

Vice Mayor- ” Okay, I do have a short question for the Town Attorney. Do you see anything that the Town Manager’s done as being illegal?”

Town Atty.- ” No, not anything that I’ve seen.”

BC- The Town Atty. certainly gave herself cover in this suspect situation!…KUDOS!…

BC- The Vice Mayor after the 3-2 vote ..where he voted with his “Gang”…then handed the gavel back to the Mayor and Adjourned the round table…again keeping in this writer’s opinion the real “fiscally irresponsible” Town employee from facing her required annual review BEFORE the annual budget!…

BC- Again, just as with his BFF-Jimmy-boy Silverstone…the Vice Mayor  should not be allowed to vote or discuss anything concerning the BSO while actively participating in the VFD!…

BC-To talk about the “cause” of fiscal irresponsibility with  Chief Gooding and BSO…Dear Readers…pick a post…any post…and just try not to hurt yourselves from laughing too long and too hard at the irony of who the Town Manager chose to dismiss!…

That 800 pound Gorilla in the room….needs to be removed….in March 2010!…

Calling all zookeepers!…

more to come…

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