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Here’s The Scoop … The 3rd Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Candidate Treasurer Reports From The Non-Beholden Mark Brown And The Pandering Newly CIC Endorsed Edmund Malkoon …


Dear Readers …the third and final Treasurer Reports were filed by Candidates for seat 3 Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon last Friday Jan. 13, 2012 …(see jpgs below) … Once again they show Malkoon has a dismal at best total of contributions from supporters both in LBTS and outside of town limits …He has a paltry total of $1,690.00 from supporters (+ $2,150.00 loaned to himself) …while Brown has a total of $10,265.00 (+ $8,406.74 loaned to himself) ….But after last night it will certainly be interesting to see their final Termination Reports due after the election on April 30, 2012 with the news that after a rather self described intense CIC “old-fashioned town hall style where citizens are invited to speak their minds” meeting … (CIC website) ….The 20 or so in attendance chose to endorse Malkoon!… We hear the candidates answered quite a barrage of questions buried under accusations and charges made mostly by Cristie Furth toward former Editor of ByTheSeaFuture Mark Brown …which was no surprise to anybody …It speaks volumes though to this writer about the kind of Commissioner Brown will be for accepting the invitation even though he must have expected such attacks would be coming his way! …. We hear that many of the charges made by Furth were on long ago actions such as the desire of their opponents for the Hapimag land swap on El Mar Drive and the annexation of the north that she and the CIC opposed which actually took place before Brown even moved to LBTS in 2003…which he informed her of …. Oops!… We hear that Mark Brown spoke to the CIC voters just as he spoke to voters at the LOWV Forum on Jan 11th and at another venue in the north end of town last week at a meeting that included his opponent on the various past, present and future topics providing answers that were fluid, comprehensive and more importantly the same answers no matter the venue or which side of town he was speaking in!…The same cannot be said about Malkoon who it is said was pandering big time to the voters he was standing in front of making promises that put him in a real tough spot when push- comes- to- shove and voters from the south start comparing those Malkoon promises with voters from the north!…

What can be said about the fact that the UOT-PAC (the PAC that Malkoon has long been a member of) did not endorse him or contribute to his campaign as an organization as well as most members taking a pass (with the exception of Bob Fleishman and Cindy Geesy’s husband Adam ) getting the endorsement of the CIC-PAC?… It shows a real act of desperation for votes from Malkoon ….in this writer’s opinion …He’s a candidate with shaky credentials at best and a disappointing short- term stint on one town board as an appointee (MPSC)…It shows he’s lacking the support he thought he would get from those he worked with in the previous election in 2010 on the UOT’s slate campaign committee (opposing the CIC slate)….It also shows a CIC-PAC that’s running on fumes to stay relevant in LBTS town politics …So much so that they are now willing to endorse Malkoon who is pro-development and for the “Whole Enchilada” of re-development throughout the town (MPSC archive posts/ LBTS town video archives) to ensure they will still have a commissioner on the dais beholden to them after losing their outgoing CIC member Comm. Clottey!…  After the endorsement Malkoon responded to the CIC board in the email below today that shows just how far this candidate will go to win a vote from anyone!… Malkoon better be ready to own up to his election time pandering after all voters get a load of it in black and white including this line to the CIC board …”I will endeavor to promote the ideals your organization has fought so hard to achieve.” …. He also accuses the BTSFuture paper …”I am a little cautious on The next Future paper. Its the last edition before the election and a bit worried about things being made up” ….What an election this is in 2012 in LBTS for Comm. seat 3… The CIC-PAC is endorsing UOT-PAC member Edmund Malkoon alongside the former UOT-PAC Chair Bob Fleishman and Cindy Geesey!….. This is one for the books!….

(email/phone #s x’d out by this writer)
From: EM
Date: January 16, 2012 12:25:52 PM EST
To: jacourielxxxxx, kevansxxxx, [email protected], ccmd1xxx, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Subject: CIC Meeting
Mr Chairman and Board Members,

Thank you for keeping an open mind and giving me the opportunity to come speak. I am so grateful to have been given your trust. I will endeavor to promote the ideals your organization has fought so hard to achieve. As i said at the Town Forum ” We arent all that different in what we seek for this Town. ” I will be your representative and be open to dialogue from all.

We have 2 weeks left. I am going to start pounding the pavement for the second time. I also will have a mailer going out before Weds. I am a little cautious on The next Future paper. Its the last edition before the election and a bit worried about things being made up. But hopefully the voters will see the conflict. I hope it remains neutral.

I understand you may be sending out an email. If you can ask for word of mouth, sign placement, and help with poll day, i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks Again!

Edmund Malkoon

January 13, 2012 Treasurer Reports … Edmund Malkoon collected $450.00 from 3 people outside of town and spent $941.25 on yard signs, “Evite” for the fundraiser at his neighbor’s house as well as Pompano Pelican ads for the month of January… Mark Brown received $200 in contributions from one LBTS resident and one supporter outside town limits…Brown made no expenditures in the time period they were reporting on…

More to come….

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