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Dear Readers …here is a follow-up to the missing Halloween props that seem to have vanished into thin air after a purported visit from the the former designated Town Event Coordinators Furth to the Town’s west warehouse armed with a key that was turned over to them by the Public Works Director Don Prince after he was directed to do so by former Town Manager Esther Colon …We are told by several sources when this took place no one accompanied them to see what was removed … What we know now is that all that was left was a coffin…and some lame excuses of bad weather…windy weather that ruined purchased inflatables etc… Hmmm… This writer was at the 2009 Halloween event as well as the 2008 …The weather was not windy…At the 2009 event the only thing windy was former VM McIntee on the bullhorn …The only thing foul was not the weather but the campaign signs for the Furth-CIC backed candidate and Marc Furth getting into it with this writer (prev. post from event)…The tables were set up as they were in 2008 and were manned by businesses and organizations who can also attest to no destructive source that would account for hundreds of dollars of Halloween props inflatable and plastic etc…that would have been a loss to the Town …Such a loss would surely have been front page news ….by both local papers…

In the aftermath of a few taxpayers coming to the podium last Tues evening (prev. post) we heard a few of those who were majorly involved with the soccer field set up and tear down where these inflatables were used were flabbergasted as well upon hearing all the items were gone …No word on whether they made calls to El Mar Drive to ask what gives!…

I have received the 2008/2009 event documents that were used by Marie Chiarello in her comments…and here is some of what we have to assume thus far was absconded in the aftermath of the key being turned over …. It’s quite a list…Some of the items were purchased by Cristie Furth after the 2008 event for 2009 …and her name is on most of the receipts… The Town paid the Furths back $2,577.06 on 11/21/2008 and $1,663.40 in 2009 for their purchases … First just purchases made by the “Event Planners” …


1.Spirit Halloween Superstores Bal Harbor Sq. Ft. Laud. 10/09/08 “FN CLOWN TALKIN”$21.19 Torrenga-Furth/Cristie

2.Spirit Halloween Superstores Bal Harbor Sq. Ft. Laud. 10/23/08 “FI CLOWN HANGING” $22.24 Torrenga-Furth/Cristie 11/2/2008 purported to be purchased by Cristie Furth

” 6 foot tall stationary scary ghost” $59.95/”monster riding on a motorcycle w/sound $89.95/Portrait-Butler $4.95/ Portrait-Witch $4.95/ Portrait-Bride $4.95/ Portrait-Pirate Skeleton $4.95/Life-size Animated Vampire $89.95/ Grim Reaper Over Tornado Globe $59.95 ..items were on clearance final cost $244.75

4. Lowes 09/28/08 “Skeleton Playing Organ LI” $118.00 purchased by Cristie Furth

5.Spirit Halloween Superstores Bal Harbor Sq. Ft. Laud. 11/03/08 “YJ TOXIC ZOMBIE” $74.99 Torrenga-Furth Cristie

6. Spirit Halloween Superstores Bal Harbor Sq. Ft. Laud. 09/19/08 “GM LIFESX WITCH” $149.99  purchased Torrenga-Furth Cristie


More Cristie /Marc Furth receipts (same last 4 digits on credit card) for 2008…which contain plywood …batteries…Halloween stakes…plastic pumpkins, items for the games under the Jarvis Hall portico etc…


1. Lowes 10/08/08 $31.77 …blondewood hardwood

2. Bass Outdoor World no date $31.74…batteries

3.Home Depot 09/28/08 $33.57…9” foam cov/4x100barr

4. Prospect Plastics Inc. no date $76.00 …4-4×8 white coraply

5.Beach Ace Hardware 10/29 /08 $4.76-10/29/08 $53.84-/10/30/08 $8.46. Lowes 10-19-08 $37.10..nails/strobe safety redi/woodthrd handl scrw trswsh phl

4.Lowes 10/19/08 $37.10 …14 sol thhn black (roll)

5. Jo-Ann 10/23/08 $25.31 …Halloween Yard Stakes/Scarecrow Yard Stakes

6. 3. CompUSA “Ultra High Resolution 15ft. VGA $15.88

7. Office Depot 10/23/08 $14.83 …clip binder … Ha!

8. Office Depot 10/19/08 $15.89 Label,5979 450ct….HA!…

9.Lowes 10/19/08 $12.64 ..threaded rod

10. Dollar Tree Store 9/28/08 $41.34 …Halloween cutouts/skeleton paper joints/glow skeletons/hologram decor/torn cloth

11. T &R Tackle Oct. 18,08 no item listed on recpt. $1998 (Marc Furth)

12. CVS Pharmaccy October 19, 2008 $12.94 …Cob web asst/Ha Evil Eyes /Hall Scary So

13.Beach Ace Hardware 10/23/08 $7.94…Diagonal Pliers 6” VPT-10/18/08 $26.99 …sprypaints..

14. Ace Educational Supplies 9/29/2008 $188.09 …no items listed

15. Jo-Ann Fabrics 09/16/08 $12.00 …Blk Matte Net

16. Kmart no date $69.61…Decoration/cocoon/TG Decor/Spider/Web

17.Jo-Ann Fabric 09/11/08 $38.56 …Blk Matte Net

18.Terry’s Village 9/16/2008 $211.69 …Ghost bunting/fabric ghost hugging tree/jack-o-lantern bunting/deluxe creepy cloth

19. Target 9/25/2008 $34.92 …Hlwn Decor/9/18/2008 $46.92 …Animation/Animation/Hlwn Decor

20. Party City  no date  $47.58 …Crafty Brn Sider/chrtrs/pmpkn bulk/CIS/BTS Wndw/Ghst Windo Sil/Spider

21. Spirit Halloween Superstores 09/19/08$19.95 …trickortreat/FN Tape Police  /HT Pmkn STF/AM cats wind SLH/JCS Blood drip

22. Jo-Ann Fabrics 10/25/08 $21.09 …60in Scarecrow Yardstakes

23.Publix 10/27/08 $26.66 …100ct string lghts/Halloween PVC trays/10/30/08 $23.25 …LED Wall Plaque/5ft Glow D Skel/Halloween eye mask/Halloween spider/aaa batteries/string lights

24. Home Depot 10/13/08$51.92  …Blk Duct/10/27/08 $23.03 …clip light

25. Target 10/20/08 $79.98 …Hlwn Decor

26.Jo-Ann Fabric 10-30-08 $13.92 …60in Scarecrow Yard Stakes


Other purchases by others…

1. Peggy Mohler  09/21/08 $15.88 …Zinc Tub/Black Cauldren …Oriental Trading .com 10/4/2008 $47.89 (states minus Jim-Table) ..24 pcs…photos show pumpkins..ghouls …etc…

2. Marilyn Carr Dollar Tree store no date $16.96…includes hand mirrors/wall decor/bucket /tumblers

3. Maryann Wardlaw Party City 10-29-2008 $63.28 …30 ct.pumpkin containers

4. Jim Silverstone receipt covered for $95.28 no content

5. unknown purchaser (assumed to be Cristie Furth as others are on pg….Dollar Tree Stores receipts…10/13/08 $9.54 …Halloween 12” bowls/light up figurines/greeting cards …10/14/08 $9.54 …foam shape/Halloween rings….10/08/08 $6.36 ..Foam shapes/party favors/willow wreaths..10/28/08  $3.18..willow wreaths…10/15/08 $3.18 …hockey/baseballs….no date shown $5.30…torn clots

BC- I left off the purchases of candy/perishables/ food that would of course not be used again…

OF NOTE… according to the accounting backup…former VM Jerry McIntee bought $630.50 at BJ’S Wholesale on 10/08/08…but on the staff accounting coversheet it is not shown …Neither is a check with his name for reimbursement included in the backup…Was he reimbursed by the Furths..and the Town reimbursed them? … Hmmm …It was separated out for other such purchases ….



The cover page shows reimbursement to former Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee for $1,278.96 for candy receipts showing 10/25/09 $789.36 & 10/27/09 $ 339.60 …along with a register tape and a written pg stating “Jerry gave to Cristie for prizes $150 cash prizes Maureen $789.36 339.60 totaled at 1128.96 ages groups” ..

A second  page includes taxed items and tax-free items submitted by the Furths on 11/22/09..Total from Town  to them to reimburse was $1,725.60… It was redone to exclude the tax and according to the Town ledger/check for reimbursement they received $1,683.40

Receipts of items purchased by the Furths …

First the big items…

1. Holiday Inflatable  10/4/09 $279.83 …”9ft. Airblown Inflatable Pumpkin Patch”/”10ft. Airblown Inflatable Lightshow Haunted House Oct.4, 2009 $213.94 “17′ Gemmy Halloween Animated Train Airblown Inflatable”

3.Spirit Halloween Bal Harbor Ft. Laud. 10/19/09 $39.99 “TTHover Ghost”…10/03/09 $24.99 “TT Portrait”


Other Furth purchases (per last 4 digits credit card and names)…

1. Beach Ace Hardware 10/21/09 $25.51 ( w/o tax 24.07)…bolts/fasteners..10/28/09 $34.71 (w/0 tax $32.74) …lamp clip on mini black/pip staples/adapter/floor flange …10/31/09 $22.21 (w/0 tax $20.95 ) tap cube h/duty grnd org…10/26/09 $20.64 (/o tax 19.47) sprypaints…10/31/09 $11.79 (w/o tax 11.12) Clamps

2. CVS date unreadable $6.14 no item shown

3. Halloween USA 9-28-09 $22.86./ 10-23-2009 $14.97 /10-26-09 $24.99/10-19-09 $120.95/ ..”Halloween” no further description on receipts

4. Walgreens 10/02/09 $25.00 …Ghosts

5. Jo-Ann Fabrics $15.15 plastic tablecloths

6.Office Depot 09/30/09 $12.99 PPR, LTR, CSMC, Orang…10/23/09 $4.49 Badge 100ct.

7. Dollar Tree Stores 10/23/09 $20.00 Halloween bowls/tablecovers

8.T &R Tackle Oct. 19, 2009 $6.002 spools monoflamant..10/26/2009 receipt shows no item description just tape for $4.00 10/20/09 $31.28

10. Oriental no date of purch. just est. deliv. date 10/30/09 $122.84 small gifts Halloween paratroopers/bubble bottles rubber duckies/bears/puzzles approx. 100 of each

11. Party City  no date shown $36.95 …Ghst window sil/cts bts widw s/cute charachter/grn strtch spdr/haunted grave…no date shown $47.97 …Friend Dec Kit /Spin Motor/Bride Hng Deco … no date shown $31.01 Tombstone/Skeleton/Tatter

12.Home Depot 10/17/09 $246.78 batteries/ties/duct tape

13. Lowes 10-19-09 $35.34 …sol thhn black roll/staples

14. Ace Educational Supplies 10/20/2009 $137.67 no item shown

15. US Post Office  10/05/09 $44.00 stamps


2009 Receipts for others ….

1. Jim Silverstone  CVS Pharmacy 11.38 October 25,2009 ..9 volt battery /JJ floss mint ..Hmmm …Dracula required a flossing?..


BC- from the 2 years Readers can see why those who are making up for the loss of Halloween props are so incensed ..Rightly so…as should be the taxpayers who footed the bill… It is this writer’s understanding this item will be on the next Comm. mtg. agenda to give direction to the TM to proceed with a BSO assisted investigation and keep this on her TM Report for monthly updates on the outcome..

It sure seems that with the info received thus far that  the former Event Coordinators Furth were the last ones who had the key to the west warehouse and access to all those bins of Halloween props that used to fill the back of Jarvis Hall each year around this time… BSO will be knocking on their door first!…

Anybody check E-Bay for used inflatables?…

more to come….

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