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Here’s The Scoop … Thanks, Mc-Furth By The Sea Times!!!!! ……


Thanks very much to the Editors Furth…for the free advertisement…and the expected rise in readership!… Cannot beat it!…$$$$$$…

The BTSTimes  paper…. that has come out a week late…”Because Cristie is wiped out from Halloween”… is again spouting about all the “attackers”…the “haters”…the “negative press”………while “Attacking”…”Hating”…and going “negative”!!… on each and every page!!! …. You’ve  got to love it! …..

The Mc-Furth “Gang” is now relying on their former foe Former Mayor Oliver Parker for all things LBTS…heights…zoning…..VFD… you name it!!!.

“HMMMM….”Can a Leopard Change its Spots?”…

FROM THE PAST ……… (The first of many to come over the next 4 months)…

Thursday, November 9, 2006 9:56 AM
“Ken Wardlaw”

“Barbara Cole”

Hi, Barbara. I expected something and wondered what retaliation Parker would come up with. This is in keeping with his mean spirited nature. The fact that the extra firefighters are staying at the “Felon Inn” is proof enough this is a continuation of the corruption that has ruled this town since Parker was elected.
This is not going to go over well with the residents but as too frequently happens they will complain among themselves and most will do nothing more. On the other hand there are many fine people in this little coastal town that will show up and protest what has happened.
I don’t expect Parker, Yanni or Clark to be present Friday so a quorum will not be available to vote on this matter. If the contract states the decision must be approved by the seated commission this would preclude a decision on the matter. I am not sure there is not another way around it for BSO. I contacted Ross Shulmister and he advised he has been in touch with someone from the CIC, probably John Thompson or Jerry.
We will do what we can to rectify this unscrupulous action on the part of the administration and BSO. I do not see this being resolved immediately. I will try to contact Ken Jenne after tomorrow if not today. I am confident he will not like to have additional adverse publicity but not sure he will do anything.
I am thoroughly disgusted with John Yanni. We helped him get elected and supported him for years. Clark is no surprise and we know Parker knows no bounds of unscrupulous and treacherous activity.
Thank you for all you do in the interest of our quality of life. This has been a battle since Parker came into office. Before that we elected honorable people that refused the efforts of the vulture capitalist to destroy the town.
In as much as I was a principal player in the 1972 and 73 that made the restrictions of height and density possible I feel an obligation to support those who now must do all things possible to return the town to the people. You are one I have much confidence in and God willing you and a few others will continue the fight.
Best wishes,

Guess the answer to the “Leopard’s spots”…They can only change ….if you are desperate enough!…

By the way…the “Spot Remover Kit”  works on blue Easter Egg dye as well!!!!!!!!……

LOTS more to come………

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