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Here’s The Scoop … Something Marketing Research/Branding & A Marketing Director Can’t Fix In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea ..


Dear Readers … This writer received a series of e-mails from a blogger in Italy some months back…I briefly replied and offered up where she could contact those Town agencies and elected officials that could be of assistance….Thinking they should be interested in what she was bringing forth and would want absolutely want to know…or so I thought… As far as I am aware of …. although she followed through with contacting the Town Administration as well as the LBTS-VFD there was no response ..reaction..or action taken …When I saw that the Hyperbaric Chamber was on the May 24, 2011 agenda for a whopper of a lien for violations they wanted reduced I sent the information on to the blogger …She picked up from there…As Readers are aware …The Hyperbaric Chamber was closed a few years back due to a horrific fire that resulted in the death of a grandmother and her grandchild who was a patient from Italy … The Hyperbaric Chamber reopened this last January …It turned out it was approved to reopen by the Town (the Commission was unaware until the Sentinel article after the fact…prev. posts)…along with the LBTS-VFD and Broward County… So of course it was quite a surprise when low and behold the Hyperbaric Chamber liens were on the May 24,2011 Commission Agenda to mitigate over a half a million dollars in fines resulting from years of longstanding violations the Town was well aware of!….(prev. posts)…The Widow of the founder came with a gentleman and pleaded poverty as well as stating she has long been removed from the business operations …. The Commission reacted with sympathy but imposed a much larger amount than she wanted to pay …..It appears that both statements made by the Widow were untrue due to a quick payment received by the Town within 2 weeks for approx. $152,000 and the information contained in the blog that was sent to me showing the Widow’s involvement with the business ….(see link below) …Unfortunately the lien was done as a Consent Agenda item and not as a Quasi Judicial Hearing which would then have made any false statements made under oath actionable …Perhaps that needs to be looked into as well for lien mitigation…We face the 2011-12 budget and the “whole enchilada” desires of those who have the political pulpit at this point in time in LBTS to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing and branding our town using a cadre of consultants and studies that beget studies along with creating the $100,000 a year full-time Marketing Director position when we have situations like this out there on the world- wide web and are we are saddled with mostly 2-star accommodations when “rating Lauderdale-By-The-Sea hotels” is  Googled  …I found out when I did a Google after reading her blog about the motel that many patients are “required” to stay in described in a manner that compared it to a third world country… (see link below) … The blogger wrote about the motel due to comments made by the Widow and the gentleman alongside her at the podium at the May 24th  Comm. Mtg. informing the Commission about patients who come for treatment and stay in town and spend money in our town during their extended stay…Once again it seems to be more of the same 2nd yr. “bubble” trouble for those in charge pre-2012 election…. We need to take care of these things before the marketing/branding research/campaign and a Marketing Director become line-items in the 5-year budget plans ….as they are destined to become…

The e-mail/link to blog…

marilisa rizzetto – Town of Lauderdale by the Sea
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 7:15 AM
“marilisa rizzetto”

“Barbara Cole”
Hi Barbara,
How are you?
Have a look at my last post please. The title is pinocchio at town of Lauderdale by the Sea.

Suggest this post of mine to the mayor, the manager and the whole commitee of the Town.

Have a good day


Marilisa Rizzetto
Via A. Volta, 4
30016 Jesolo Lido (Ve)
cell/mobile 335 xxxxxxx
skype marilisarizzetto
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e-mail [email protected]


more to come……..

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