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Here’s The Scoop … So How’s The New Valet Service Going In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea? …


Dear Readers … this writer has been asked often if I have any updates on the trial valet service approved by the Commission over the summer… Below is the first report from the BSO and Asst. TM Bud Bentley… We have heard comments from Readers  as well … They vary from  from the report…Some still are skeptical and still unhappy with both the location…the parking in a private lot …( as was VM Dodd and to a certain extent the Mayor and Comm. Clottey) …and especially the use of the alley ….(as was Comm. Sasser) ….Others think it will serve a needed purpose in season…but they are still unhappy and agree with those who are skeptical about the service location and use of the alley …having no problem with the final parking destination… Hopefully a more detailed daily report is forthcoming…in order to get the bigger picture of the trial thus far…

This writer agrees with both groups…I think a valet service is great and will serve a purpose come season…But, I too do not like the location or the use of the alley…As far as the final parking destination…I go back and forth on that one…You see what I really want is for there to be no parking requirements for restaurants and businesses in the downtown Commercial areas …(Commercial/A1A /El Mar Drive) ….Just as I posted after a MPSC meeting with the previous committee members when Chair Paul Novak spoke of lifting those requirements… The TM has parking on her projects list for the Commission to address this month…It calls for an RFP for a parking study…My opinion…not needed!… Hand it to those eager to deal with it on the P & Z and then give it to the Commission… That should make way for the next steps…sidewalk cafes’… and more…giving even more credence to resurrecting the CRA or something comparable… with a substantive way to fix the failing infrastructure etc…in both business and residential areas of the Town…. by bonds or some other way to raise the funds required for a successful long-term strategic plan that makes it to the finish line!….


“From: Bud Bentley
Sent: Mon 8/30/2010 5:57 PM
To: Scot Sasser; Roseann Minnet; Connie Hoffmann; Stuart Dodd; Chris Vincent; Birute Ann Clottey; June White
Subject: Valet parking 101 Ocean Status Report Aug 30th
Commission: FYI

Bud Bentley
Interim Assistant Town Manager
954-776-3611 ex 7103

From: Krystyan, Danny [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Sun 8/29/2010 4:53 AM
To: Bud Bentley
Cc: LLerena, Oscar; Cedeno, Angelo; LaGana, Peter; Palmer, Thomas
Subject: Valet parking 101 Ocean
Mr. Bud Bentley,
I have observed the valet service at 101 Ocean on 08-27-10 at approximately 11pm, then again on 08-28-10 at 7p and again around 9:30p. On each instance, I took 3 photos of the road and alleyway (See attachments). On all three visits, business was very slow and they said they only parked 15- 20 cars for the day. It did appear they were stacking 3 cars in the alleyway, but on the private area and they were not blocking traffic. I also did not observe any traffic congestion on El-Mar drive. At this time, I have observed no problems; however, when the season starts in December, and the volume of cars is significantly increased, further analysis may be required. Any questions, feel free to call me at (954) xxx-xxxx

Deputy Dan Krystyan
Broward Sheriff’s Office
Lauderdale By The Sea”


more to come….

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