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Here’s The Scoop … She’s All In ! …

“Connie Hoffmann, Senior Vice President
(On temporary leave while serving as Interim Manager for a Florida municipality)

Connie Hoffmann has had a distinguished career in both the public and private sectors. She started her career at the City of Fort Lauderdale as a Budget Director and rose to become City Manager, a position she held for ten years during a transformative period in Fort Lauderdale’s history. During her tenure, Fort Lauderdale helped pioneer municipal strategic visioning, employee quality initiatives, rigorous selection practices, privatization of services, and neighborhood-level planning. She served on the board of the Florida City and County Managers Association and on the Regional ICMA advisory committee.
After 15 years in local government management, Hoffmann became a Senior Director, then Vice President, of Human Resources and Corporate Communications with Alamo Rent A Car, an international company with over 7,000 employees. Hoffmann set up Alamo’s management development program, modernized their selection and compensation practices, managed their employee relations and union-avoidance strategies, and served as a business partner to their Operations Division.
Before joining The Mercer Group, Hoffmann ran her own consulting firm for ten years, assisting local governments and nonprofit organizations in strategic planning, executive selection and development, and operations performance improvement. She frequently served as interim executive, addressing serious and difficult operational problems while helping the organization recruit a permanent executive. She also served as the manager of a US A.I.D. project, assisting a State Governor in Mexico to prepare his state to implement a new Transparency in Governing law.
Ms. Hoffmann earned her B.A. and M.A. in Political Science at Florida Atlantic University. She is certified in interpretation of the Myers-Briggs personality instrument, a skilled facilitator and classroom trainer, and speaks Spanish. She is a member of SHRM and ICMA, and has served on numerous nonprofit Boards of Directors. Her areas of our consulting practice include:
•    Interim Executive Services
•    Strategic Planning Workshops
•    Executive Coaching
•    Executive Search
•    Operational Performance Improvement Studies
•    Cost-cutting Strategies
•    Organizational Development Consulting (including Team Building Sessions, Management Training, Executive Focus and Development)
•    Managerial Skill Assessment for Selection or Organizational Development purposes
•    Management Strategy Development
•    Modernizing HR Practices and Civil Service Governing Ordinances”


Dear Readers …we hear that late on Friday, Interim Town Manager Connie Hoffmann put her resume in for consideration for the Town Manager position ….All resumes are due by Mon. Aug. 16th at 2 pm… We have also heard Interim Asst. TM Bud Bentley has also put his name in …WOW!…

This writer made a PRR for the resumes of the candidates thus far…I have received them through last Tues. and have requested the rest up to close of acceptance on Mon. as well…

From the pile of 35 I received, it would be quite a daunting task the Commission would have in front of them if they proceed as planned…The introduction letters are quite interesting as well as the locations and qualifications of the those wanting the top job in LBTS… Applications came in from all over the country… with a few who put their name in last April for the interim position…

The Commission will discuss the Town Manager position and rate the applicants from a rating system supplied to them from the Town as requested when they discussed the process and the RFP …



Date:            August 25, 2010


Town Manager Applicant Ranking Sheet

Ranked By: ________________________________________________

Applicant Name: ________________________________________________


Recent Position: ________________________________________________

Prior Applicable

Positions: ________________________________________________




Years of Experience

As Public Manager:   ________________________________________________

Years of Experience

As Assistant Public

Manager: ________________________________________________

Florida Public

Manager Experience: _______ Yes _____ Number of Years

_______ No

Degrees Obtained: ________________________________________________

Meets Charter Requirements? _______Yes ______No

“The Town Manager shall be appointed solely on the basis of education and experience in the accepted competencies and practices of local public management including, a graduate degree with a concentration in public administration, public affairs, public policy, or public finance and two (2) years’ experience as an appointed city manager or county manager, or four (4) years’ experience as an assistant or deputy city manager or assistant or deputy county manager.”

Other Comments:


It is this writer’s opinion that the Commission should do whatever is necessary to retain Ms. Hoffmann as Town Manager… It’s a given her salary must go beyond the $120,000 agreed upon for the Interim Town Manager position and rightly so… Ms. Hoffmann is well aware that these days the P.R.. problem is not the upfront and transparent dollar amount in an administrator’s salary…it is any hidden perks in compensation and accrued leave pay paid out as witnessed first-hand in LBTS and seen on the front page of newspapers across the country of late … Ms. Hoffmann stated on the dais that times have changed in what she has witnessed in her professional position of searching for candidates for administrative staff for municipalities …That being said, Ms. Hoffmann is also surely aware as are most informed voters in LBTS that the newly elected and re-elected Commission members along with Vice Mayor Dodd are all for restructuring the Town staff and Town department employees ….”thinking outside the box” …to enable the Town to be run in a more efficient …cost effective manner …. Doing this …along with contracting out …and employing the correct qualified people in key Department Head positions…while upgrading the Town’s computer system will undoubtedly lead to a bottom line that will that will cover any salary increase for Ms. Hoffmann and Mr. Bentley if he decides to remain as Asst. TM …. as we hope he will…He has received praise from all who have dealt with him..

In the short time she has been in her position …Ms. Hoffmann has shown this Town’s Commission…staff …residents and businesses what a Town Manager with experience can do… She has uncovered so much left in the wake of the prior two administrations …(prev. posts)…with more coming her way each and everyday… we hear……She has met it head on…tackling each issue one-by-one by finding the right people to assist her in finding the answers and the solutions …. while making it all transparent ….to the Commission and the taxpayers…

She has proven to this writer why she should be at the top of any short list and the Commission should forgo any further expense of headhunters and looking beyond what is right in front of them… because if she’s all in… this Town would be crazy not to take her up on it!…

more to come…

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