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Here’s The Scoop … She’s A “Keeper” …. For Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Town Manager …


Dear Readers… The word around town and inside Town Hall ….Interim Town Manager Connie Hoffmann is making strides many, including this writer knew  were possible with the right person at the helm!.. We heard yesterday she had the glass partitions removed in Town Hall and in the development office to make the experience and communication between residents and staff friendlier and more responsive…Imagine that!…Is it an indicator that she will include her resume in the stack to be considered by the Commission for the permanent position of Town Manager?… We sure hope so!… In a short period of time she has met daunting challenges head- on using her experience and expertise as well as her far reaching “Rolodex” to find the right people to take on the task of providing us answers in a timely, cost effective manner not seen within Town Hall in recent years… Apparently, some leftover die-hard “Colon-istas”, trying hard to find any bit of traction they can to offset Ms. Hoffmann’s findings of one inadequacy after another left in the wake of their pals (in the past two administrations) thought the use of these “consultants” might be the one that would have some teeth …. OOPS!…Chalk up another win for Hoffmann …as she responds to Comm. Clottey below…Readers can clearly see the consultants were not only more than reasonable in the cost …they were invaluable in what they bringing forth… Remember, the prior two administrations used consultants…They just kept them on the QT (look at past budgets…monthly financial reports to verify it if you think it ain’t so)… Also, you need to realize that consultants used correctly should always be preferred… due to no benefits …leave hours accrued…pensions …etc… from the taxpayers ….. The inquiry coming from Comm. Clottey  speaks volumes …. after all her expertise is in marketing and she of all people should understand the need and usefulness of consultants…..Vice Mayor Dodd responded to the e-mail…in his usual “spot on” style…(see both below)…We heard that one Commissioner observed Ms. Hoffmann and staff at a meeting last week  ….The Commissioner stated the difference in the demeanor of staff and the interaction was quite something to witness!… Int. Asst. TM Bud Bentley…who is getting raves as well from both political factions…. (although. the CIC seems to continue be down for the count…pun intended) ….staff… businesses etc…. Hoffmann’s choice for Int. Finance Director, Mr. Haag  is said to be a real plus as well… (She used him as a consultant first …see below) ….One only has to look at the beginning of the budget… (available in Town Hall upon PRR for $5 because as this writer was informed by PIO D’Oliveira this administration thinks anyone who wants a copy should have one …the regular price would have been $12…it’s also online with the justification sheets)…to see this Int. Town Manager actually listens …. The Commission’s input was addressed and included in her first budget proposal/CIP …She and her staff finally provided us with the real numbers that were closely guarded and kept behind closed “partitions” …

“Partitions” are no longer in Town Hall …literally!…….She’s a “keeper”!…

From: Connie Hoffmann
Sent: Wed 8/4/2010 1:53 PM
To: Birute Ann Clottey
Cc: Roseann Minnet; Stuart Dodd; Chris Vincent; Scot Sasser
Subject: Use of Consultants
Commissioner Clottey,

The following breakdown is provided in response to your request of several weeks ago regarding my use of consultants to assist me. All figures are payments made through July 30. I apologize for the delay in getting this information to you.

Douglas Haag – $9,287
– Research & analysis on former Town Manager payout, assistance with investment policy & other finance matters – $3,150.
– Analysis of finance Dept operations – $2,000
– Services as Acting Finance Director – $4,157

Kathleen Margoles – $6,220
(Margoles has worked on a variety of projects including research on the coral reef project, red light camera program research, review of Senior Center issues including compliance with Broward County contract and costing of center improvement items), soccer camp arrangements, and considerable time on the Sea Ranch Condos sewer payment issues.)

John Drago – $3,342.35
Review of VFD compliance with terms of contract with Town, review of fire apparatus & need to replace that apparatus, recommendations on qualifications for the various positions within the VFD, etc.

I have not included normal consulting expenses that are covered by ongoing contracts (such as the engineering contract or planning services) as I understood your request to be only for consultants who were helping me in the transition process.


RE: Use of Consultants
Wednesday, August 4, 2010 8:41 PM
“Stuartt Dodd”
“‘Connie Hoffmann'”
[email protected]
You have my full support over the use of consultants during this difficult transition period. I think the learned (academic?) commissioner forgets we have replaced the manager, assistant, finance director and human resources positions. That’s four key people in a team of about seven. The only remaining three remaining are Jeff Bowman, Don Prince and June White. I have complete faith this town is in good hands and the commissioners and town staff are finally working as a team. It is a pleasure to be part of this team since we are finally getting results.
After all – you get what you pay for

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your application in the list (just squeaked in before the closing date).

Stuart Dodd
more to come…

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