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Here’s The Scoop …September 20, 2010 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Roundtable Agenda … Projects…Projections…Priorties …Oh My!…..




WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20, 2010 – 5PM





a. Resolution Opposing the approval of Oil Drilling in Florida’s Waters (Mayor Roseann Minnet)

BC- Respectfully in the minority on this one as I was gas pipeline in Ft. Lauderdale a few years back…I was against it only due to reports of purported problematic bad business practices with gas being diverted to higher bidders and unfinished projects elsewhere..not the concerns of a plume of gas coming down over the residents due to some accident in the changeover of gas from ship to containment…(prev. posts)… Sure to pass though…it’s politically correct to do so…

b. A1A Landscape Project Status Report (Interim Assistant Town Manager Bud Bentley)

BC- From the backup..the Mayor was unofficially the liaison on going to Sea Ranch Lakes and seeing if they would pony-up funds for a portion of the enhancements after it was found a deal is purported to having taken place with them and former mayor Parker which leaves some portions being owned by SRL not LBTS… A finding of  the 2003 original grant application appears to include both sides of A1A north of Pine Ave. and subsequent documents show that unchanged …PBS&J designed the project with the existing ROW…THe FDOT ROW maps used by PBS&J do not include municipal boundaries…After the July 28, 2010 RTable the Comm. advised the Admin. of an agreement with SRL and after reviewing the 2003 agreement where SRL committed to maintain the ROW on the west side of A1A  and the Town agreed to support a change in the village’s boundary to include that area …They also reviewed HB785 which passed in 2007 and moved the municipal boundaries of SRL and LBTS from the west edge of the A1A ROW to the curb line on the west side of A1A…The Mayor went on Aug 27,2010 with Asst. TM Bentley to see SRL Mayor Denise Bryan and brief her on the project..The SRL Village Council took no action at their Sept. 3rd meeting…Bentley stated he does not think SRL will participate in the A1A project along the wall on he west side including the talk of the stamped crosswalk going in there …They do not object to LBTS going ahead though … A new issue is included and that is the Town boundaries in the north end of the A1A project… because of the SRL issue PBS7J looked at the boundary lines with Pompano Beach and found he boundary line is at the CENTER of Terra Mar …NOT at the west edge of the A1A ROW… which means half of the Terra mar intersection and enhancements on the west side of A1A from Terra Mar to sunset Drive are within the city limits of Pompano…(Many had to know this prior…as we have long dealt with the zip code issue and a portion of Terra Mar being in Pompano)… The recommendation from the Asst. TM is to remove the enhancements in the west ROW next to the SRL wall and for the Gate House intersection …resulting in a reduction in the scope and budget of the project…or….include them….no change in the budget…all paid for by LBTS…or include also the Pompano Beach north end boundary…no change in the budget…all paid for by LBTS…. Just like the above item on this agenda…I am in the minority who did not want this project …Perhaps there will be a split vote that ends up with LBTS footing the whole bill…. in the name of beautification?…

c. Draft of FY2010/2011 CIP (Interim Assistant Town Manager Bud Bentley)

BC- 5 year plan… exhibit shows proposed column/revised column  FY 1 (FY2011) …Excerpts…

Revised in Revenues …Total from Fund Balance is from proposed 1,102,487 to revised 180,825 / A1A proposed 447,100 to revised 505,400 /BC Natural Resource Protection from proposed 189,000 to revised 0/Int. earnings from proposed 9,00o to revised 24,000/ Total Revenues from proposed 645,100 to revised 529,400

Transfers in -Gen Fund : from proposed1,250 to revised 1,150,00/Other Financing Sources:0 to 0/Total Transfers In: from proposed 1,250 to revised 1,150,000 Total Resources Available : from proposed 2,997,587 to revised 1,860,225

Revised in expenditures …includes 50,000 for town Master Plan update/ depreciation Gasb 34  237,325/no more beach dune rebuild/coral reef proj. 27,000/no restrooms/no bus shelters/reduction in parking system to 25,000/increase to A1A project from 647,100 to 705,400/increase in A1A project design & permits from 8,00 to 25,000/Pine Ave portion of A1A project removed/stormwater master plan projects removed/ Flaming Ave Design-Permitting added 36,000/Flaming construction added 275,000/ Downtown core Design-permitting added 106,000 (Downtown core construction in yr 2 -FY 2012 848,000)/West Tradewinds Design-permitting added 37,500/ West Tradewinds construction added 215,000/Harbor Drive Seagrape to E. Tradewinds Design-permitting added 26,000 (construction in yr 2 199,000)/Bougainvilla (Pine to Washingtonia) 49,000  in yr 2 FY2012 for design-permitting & year 3 FY2013 construction 392,000/ Terra Mar Dr 25,000 added/ Poinciana design-permitting in yr 2 FY 20102 42,500 construction in yr 3 FY 20103 339,000/Town entryways removed/Traffic improvements & calming 25,000 added /neighborhood Improvement Program 30,000 added …

BC- line 106 shows Parking System Improvements for a 2nd time with a 25,000 reduction..OOPS?… Total Projects 1,860,225/Total Resources Allocated : from proposed 2,520,425 to revised 1,860,225 Fund Balance revised 2,879,315

Exhibit 1) Stormwater Report – Top Priorities

BC- a report is included from Chen & Assoc. …(Warning- it is under the old piecemeal way of addressing problems in out town pre- new Comm….)… shows the reason why Flamingo /downtown core/ West Tradewinds/harbor Drive were put ahead of Bougainvilla and Poinciana for the budget years …It includes the swale program and selected improvement budget into smaller project areas/maintenance/ asphalt overlay programs … Totals for projects (streets named in above CIP budget) $2,704,279 and for 2nd level of projects ..Basin Dr/HibiscusAve/Datura Ave/El Mar n + S/Bougainvilla (Washingtonia to Comm.Blvd)/Poinciana (Washingtonia to Comm. Blvd)/Harbor Dr (E. Tradewinds Av to W Tradewinds Ave.) Total $5,217,520…Swales for drainage pipe repairs 841,437/Re-grade swale 560,700/Landscape 321,000/Asphalt Overlay Program 876,301/ Total 2,599,438 based on 2010 estimates be revised each year…

Exhibit 2) Tennis Court Lighting

BC- No exhibit 2 in the backup…OOPS!…
Exhibit 3) Neighborhood Capital Improvement Program (Terra Mar Request

BC-included in the backup was a report from consultant Kathleen Margolis who also worked on the SRC sewers and the sewer report…(prev. posts)…She states this was” in response for information on municipal in Broward County that fund capital improvements in neighborhoods.”…She researched 4  Ft. Laud/Coconut Creek/Coral Springs/Tamarac…the goal of all 4 was to enhance quality of life in neighborhoods through partnerships with neighborhood assoc. though grant funding. Ft. Laud had 2 programs focus on cap.imp. /Coral Springs + Tamarac include community outreach programs and beautification/Coconut Creek had broad program geared toward community involvement and beautification…Ft Lauds was a matching fund of up to $35,000/The 2nd 2 were matching for up to $5,000 for single family neighborhoods and $2,000 for condos-townhomes/Coconut Creek had grants up to 20,000for single fam homes with public ROW and master assoc. that represent more than one homeowners assoc. + 5,000  + 7,500 for townhomes-condos. sign..What followed was consideration for CIP 2010-11 Terra Mar for 2 pillars at $7,000/for2 LED marine grade decorative poles w/fluted light $4,700/ new sensor for existing gates if overlay is applied 970,00 TBA 80 ft asphalt overlay painted + scored to look like pavers… Hmmm… seems Terra Mar wants to do a “Bel Air” with having the Town pay for their entryway…(Goose and the Gander comes to mind)….Will the Mayor ask them to kick in as she reminded Bel Air and Imperial Lane often of  Terra Mar paying for their own sign and entry gate?… While it looks nice in the pics……this may not be the appropriate time…or year…

d. Proposed revision to FY2010/2011 Town Budget (Acting Finance Director Doug Haag)

BC- a laundry list as promised by the TM and the Finance Director to get us to the 3.999 to retain the millage as desired by most on the dais…(VM Dodd/Comm. Sasser/ Comm.Clottey for sure)…The water utility tax revenues will increase by $40,227…included were the much discussed transfers such as the fire inspection fee going to the fire fund..but they added a transfer from the fire fund to offset services provided to the Gen. Fund for management services, accting,finance services etc…reductions come in expenditures from Town Topics w/ no more mailing-fewer issues decrease of $5,290…insurance proposals from the FLOCities will result in a reduction of almost $33,500 for town’s auto,property,liability and worker’s comp….significant adj. ids decrease of $100,000in transfer to capital fund ..the resulting effect is a decrease in amt. Parking Fund can send to Gen. Fund ..Still working on several other changes to Gen Fund expenditures to bring us into balance…VFD were informed that half of fire inspec. fees should not be retained by VFD when Town is paying for the inspections…Town proposed revising contract w/VFD and until that happens Town cannot show full revenues coming into new Fire Fund…Burton + Assoc. are reviewing earlier opinion on fire assessment fees not used for beach patrol services (prev. posts) opinion should arrive before Sept. 27th final adoption of budget….VFD expenditures …The Town must have been persuasive after the new VFD election…we were told the VFD was to keep at the current contracted budget at mtg. prior to new leaders (prev. post)…Now in this report the VFD budget will be $725,580 provided Town allocates difference to a fire truck/apparatus/equipment reserve….$187,314 place in that reserve next yr…. VFD wants to be “full partners in any decision to purchase new apparatus and equipment”… $10,000 additional expenditure in prof. services so Town can hire consultant to advise on truck/equip. purchases…$44,000 transfer from Gen Fund to cover our expenses assoc . w/ billing +accounting for fire inspec. fees and a general overhead charge that reflects the TM’s time, Finance Dept. time…Burton + Assoc will review …will decrease Gen Budget by $40,000 compared to manager’s orig. budget… Sewer Fund revenues for service charges has been increased by 50,000 based on current yr collection…appropriated fund bal. has been increased to 16,025 to reflect overall shortfall in operating expenses…Expenditures ..biggest change on the expense side of the ledger has been anticipated 20% increase from Pomp Bch full impact will be seen Jan 2011 …The individual final changes to the Chamber etc…will be discussed at this meeting and at the final adoption mtg. o 9/27/10 at 6 pm…

e. Parking Issues (Interim Assistant Town Manager Bud Bentley)

BC-The backup shows the proposed Parking Budget assume 66,856 in additional revenues from anticipated increases in parking rates and permit fees… Readers will remember from numerous prev. posts the CIC inspired “sliding scale” and “Friends Of the 2-hats” special beach parking passes that were lowered to the ridiculous $20 the $21 annual fee … Now the leftover “FO2-hats ” will have a field day when those rates go up as they should… The totals for permit holders are paltry at best when you see the numbers……The backup shows Residential 246/Beach 104/Employee 56/Hardship 41 (as of 9-15-2010) in a 2005 Parking Study hardship permits were recommended at 350…in 2009 they were raised to 200 then lowered to 100..surveys of other towns are show again as they were in 2009 and prior… Still an idea that will come at some point in the future …a Town annual automobile permit just for living in LBTS …it’s used in municipalities across the country…provides revenue and tells the Town you reside there…mark my words…it will come in my lifetime ….

i) Municipal Park Parking and the McNab Elementary School Bus Stop (Mayor Minnet)

BC- A letter was sent from a parent whose child is picked up by the school bus at Municipal Park and she along w/ other parents are not happy about the residential permit parking just installed …thanks to CIC Chair Liliana Pomareda’s suggestion enacted by the Comm. …A report needs to come from the parking Dept. on the valid reasons to retain those spaces as residential parking permit spots…to justify continuing it…in this writer’s opinion….. especially after implementing the soccer program and wanting out of town kids to use our recreation programs…

ii) Parking Policy Issues

BC- this is the same as item e…above…OOPS!…

iii) Draft Parking RFP

BC- there is no iii…it too is the same as items e/ii….above…double OOPS!…..

f. Traffic Calming Imperial Lane (Interim Assistant Town Manager Bud Bentley)

BC- after consideration of the previous suggestions to calm the traffic … including an arm and some large “pots”…new recommendations were made by Kittleson and Assoc…to install  2 additional speed bump warning signs….at least one fiberglass white delineator at the edge of each speed bump….reinstalling the 2 existing dead end warning signs …reducing the cycle length at the signalized intersection with A1A/N. Ocean Dr. and most importantly replacing the eastbound heads of the traffic signal at A1A and N. Ocean with programmed visibility heads that can be designed so approaching drivers cannot see the signal indication until they are within a determined distance from the intersection… We are told that a study and BSO concluded most of the fast paced traffic is among those who live in the area….racing to make the green light knowing the wait time if missed…OOPS!…They also recommend monitoring the program every 6 months …

g. Professional Services Contract with Armilio Bien-Aime (Interim Town Manager Connie Hoffmann)

BC- VM Dodd asked for this to be put on to address the first increase in salary to Dir. Bien-Aime in 6 years and shown in the original justification sheets for FY 2010-11… We are told that was changed and now VM Dodd wants to see it is changed back…and rightly so…The amt. is $2,250…The TM after informing Armilio she could not offer him that increase was advised by the TAtty. she could treat the increase as a change order and that she has that authority under the purchasing guidelines of the Town…. The TM (not knowing what Armilio endured over the last year) is reluctant to do so since his contract was renewed in 2009 ..She further states a member asked her to determine the financial impact on Mr. Bien-Aime no longer having to pay for his ads in Town Topics (approved finally this year after YEARS of being required to do so)… He was paying $357.50 for each edition until Feb of this year when it was increased to $397.50 …He has not paid since Feb but in fiscal yr 2009/10 he paid a total of $2,131.25… The VM and others were inclined at one point to see he was reimbursed…although that never came to fruition… Seeing those numbers now… It’s a no- brainer..change order by the TM for Armilio… the volunteer instructors informed this writer many times during the whole Colon-Clottey fiasco with Armilio…if he left…they would follow…How much is that worth?… And ….by the way …how about his wish list for the center?….


Nothing else in the backup….but of note..the Mayor needs to update before the final budget the TM contract negotiations…for the taxpayers and transparency….


full text of backup link to Town website….

Meeting on Comcast Ch. 78/ Live-stream on Town website and will be archived soon after….

more to come….

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