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Here’s The Scoop … Scene & Heard Around Town One Day Before The 2012 Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Nonpartisan Municipal Election For Commission Seat 3 …. Final Preparations …

STREET SQUAWKER … MALKOON’S ELECTION WRITER ( Malkoon’s 1/15/12 CIC Mtg. affirmation as such)…

CINDY GEESEY… Jan. 30, 2012..

Dear Readers …we hear there was a strategic meeting yesterday with supporters of Mark Brown to go over their duties for today and tomorrow… Just as it has been all throughout this race between Brown and his opponent Edmund Malkoon  …Brown has continued to prove he is the candidate of choice for Seat 3 by so many knowledgeable voters on both sides of the Jarvis Hall aisle as they respond to his personal phone calls…..They are  offering up words of support….of being neutral no more….and say they passing the word along to many not as knowledgeable who have asked them who they should vote for ….There are offers to hold signs by some that do not usually do so as well as a desire be there to assist outside the polling places tomorrow… They know the difference between Brown and Malkoon which became even more apparent as each week of  the campaign progressed and that the stakes are way too high to stand idle especially when there is now a highly charged small contingency of Malkoon “protectors” on the warpath … In the process of protecting Malkoon this assertive bunch have further demeaned him far more than any posts .concerning Malkoon’s actions by making him appear even more childlike and in need of protection done by any means…with open threats against Brown supporters ….aiding in breaking Fl. State statutes .which apply to nonpartisan elections …calling and/or emailing protection type messages claiming “meanness”  and “bullying” of their candidate is not fair!…It is further embarrassment for Candidate Malkoon when the underlying message coming from many of the most intense and vocal Malkoon supporters-protectors is not one of support of their candidate but a loudly stated personal vendetta against his opponent!….

Today we are hearing even more questions concerning the truthfulness in regard to Malkoon’s election material contained in  his new mailer ….One is his Assumption Catholic Church “lifetime member” claim and the other is being a member of the LBTS Chamber of Commerce… It appears some members of the church are saying he is not …As far as the Chamber he joined in 2010 …ran for the board and lost and has not paid his 2012 dues as of today…His business address under Realtors on the Chamber’s website shows the Pompano Beach address his mother used until March of 2011 as previously posted… So right now it appears Malkoon is not a paid up member of the Chamber … Perhaps the check is in the mail?…
Malkoon Business Info… LBTS Chamber site…
“Fred Malkoon Real Estate
1000 E. Atlantic Blvd., Suite 226
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
(954) 802-3403
[email protected]
Contact: Edmund Malkoon”


More to come….

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