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We previously posted an e-mail sent over a month ago from former VFD Battalion Chief Patrick Pointu voicing concerns and asking for answers from the VFD …As of today, he has not received a response or seen action taken by the VFD or the Town…Pointu sent a follow-up e-mail to the Town and Commissioners this week…

“I would like to express my concerns to you regarding the fact that I still have not received any answer from the VFD on questions I asked them more than a month ago. Danny Chavez told me four weeks ago (after trying to call me at 2 am!), that he will personally make sure that I will receive an answer in a timely manner. But it seems that like his boss there is a lot more talk than actions. Their silence and indifference is unfortunately confirming my concerns.

I would like to remind you of three of the points that appear critical to me:

-the possible lack of insurance coverage for some of their members that they discovered six months ago but is still unresolved.

-the fire chief not meeting the legal requirements for his employment per State Statutes and the lack of action by the VFD to correct it.

-the lack of proper supervision that is leading to repeated unsafe childish behavior by some members.

On this last point, I can add that it was reported to me that during the parade, the two VFD ATVs were racing each other and almost hit a child. I did not witness this incident myself but heard it from two different sources.

Regards, Patrick Pointu”

BC- We have heard complaints were filed on the July 4th ATV incident and therefore it must be addressed …We also hear the Int. TM sent an independent auditor (prev. post Comm. mtg. last mo.) to the VFD to check out all of the apparatus and perhaps look into some of inquiries that have arisen over the past months… The VFD has repeatedly asked to be treated like any other Town vendor since returning to service the Town…No doubt that should happen now…This is not a small town VFD anymore …Not a purely volunteer department anymore… As previously posted the majority of the members has changed radically ….This department will receive in the 2010-11 budget their 4% increase … $912,894.00 (this amt. excludes the pension/retirement contribution from the Town/Pension consultants)… They need to provide service and answers…



We hear the Town Atty. has informed the Commission that the Supreme Court of Florida has made a decision on reviewing M & H Profit v. City of Panama City on the basis that it conflicted with another appellate court decision. The Supreme Court declined to accept jurisdiction over M & H Profit thus that case becomes final law and remains a valid basis for the judges decision in the Town’s case in the Bert J. Harris suits…. We also hear the plaintiffs in the 4 cases (prev. posts) have indicated they will amend their complaints in response to the judges order. Now the Town needs to wait and see if they follow through….


“Gretsas’ tenure to end July 31; commission appoints interim manager

George Gretsas’ tenure as Fort Lauderdale’s city manager will come to an end as planned on July 31.

At 3:18 a.m., city commissioners decided that they would let his contract end as scheduled. They chose Assistant City Manager Allyson Love to serve as a caretaker manager from July 31 until they meet next on Aug. 17.

A divided commission decided in November not to renew Gretsas’ contract. He has since been searching for work, most recently applying for the city manager post in Reno, Nevada.

In November, Mayor Jack Seiler joined commissioners Bruce Roberts and Charlotte Rodstrom in not renewing Gretsas’ deal, while Romney Rogers and Bobby DuBose supported him. Thursday morning, that split continued.

“We made this decision back in November, and now it’s time to move on,” Roberts said. DuBose, though, said: “I don’t think we are logically making a good decision. It makes no sense when we have someone who is doing a good job.”

Seiler cut that debate short, saying the commission needed to look to the future. “We made a decision last fall, and I’m not going to debate it again,” Seiler said.

Commissioners threw out three names for an interim appointment: Love, City Attorney Harry Stewart and City Auditor John Herbst. Herbst withdrew from consideration, saying he would be barred from then returning to his current job based on national auditing standards.

Love had been the city’s budget director before becoming an assistant city manager.

Seiler said that at the Aug. 17 meeting, the commission would choose someone to serve a longer term as interim manager while a national search is conducted.

Rodstrom and Roberts opposed Love’s choice, while Seiler, DuBose and Rogers supported it.”

DEJA VU … Excerpt…

“This, to select someone who is authorized to write checks for millions, who is responsible for proper allocation of our tax dollars, who must effectively manage an organization of 2,600 employees, and who needs to be intelligently working now on a new fiscally-responsible budget for 2010/2011. This interim City Manager was selected with all the care and planning that one would take in selecting a potted plant.

Worse, the person selected is a Gretsas’ lackey. This lady is the one who (last year), stood up as Budget Director in the Commission meeting and publicly declared that last year’s budget was “zero-based”. That was a complete fabrication and she knows it. She was doing Gretsas’ bidding and we ended up with a budget that was tens of millions of dollars more than it should have been ($605M). For her lying to the Commission she was promoted to Assistant City Manager.

So guess who will be pulling the strings behind the scenes now? (HINT: Gretsas!) Does anyone believe that either she or our Commission will have an epiphany over the next two months and finally develop a fiscally responsible budget?”




2010 Greek Lucky charm Red New Year Pomegranate

As previously posted …word is out on the campaign trail…especially after the 65% landslide win in the LBTS municipal election… Candidates are lining up to have their fundraisers at LBTS Athena By The Sea… Candidate for State Representative David Maymon had his a few weeks ago (prev. post)… and upcoming is Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff on July 15th…along with Judge Carlos Rebollo on August 4th…  want s’more info?  …



Finally, the Town of LBTS and the LBTS Chamber of Commerce will join together for the 2010 Annual Hurricane Preparedness Seminar in Jarvis Hall …. KUDOS!….

Wednesday, August 18 | 9:00 – 11:00am
Jarvis Hall, 4501 Ocean, LBTS

Special Guest Speakers
Jeff Beraradelli
WFOR/CBS4 Meteorologist

Chief Oscar Llerena
Broward Sherrif’s Office

Chief Robert Perkins
LBTS Volunteer Fire Department

Seminar Brought To You By
The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea
Chamber of Commerce
The Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

Complimentary refreshments courtesy of
Aruba Beach Café,Sandra K. Booth
and the LBTS Chamber
Call 954-776-1000 for more information.

more to come…..

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