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Commissioner Sasser’s son Jake caught a 23 lb. Permit in the Keys Friday… Comm. Sasser and son always release the fish they catch ……Hmmm…Bet Comm. Sasser’s constituents wish they could throw back their “permits”!…


Outgoing Chief Perkins and two of his possible replacements for Chief in October hit the beach to answer a call for distressed swimmers on Friday… We hear behind the scenes though tough questions are still going to need to be answered due to the recent news that Perkins will resign due to the discovery he was not forthcoming on his application concerning a past arrest record and his qualifications to be the Chief … The Commission held back on tough questions from the dais last week due to any possible contractual issues which may arise with this public safety provider and the Town ….Funny thing, we hear those pointing fingers at the Commission and Town for not going after Perkins at the podium is the very same former member who it said offered up his personal file on the Chief to aid in his ouster…and his leftover gang who admonished certain Commission members in the previous 2 years for questioning a vendor!…

The VFD sent the following e-mail out Friday…..
“From: Daniel Chavez [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Fri 6/25/2010 3:10 PM
To: Connie Hoffmann; Bud Bentley; Steve D’Olivera
Cc: ‘Perkins Robert’; Chris Vincent; Roseann Minnet; Stuart Dodd; Birute Ann Clottey; Scot Sasser
Subject: Incident Report
Interim Town Manager Hoffmann,

At 1:19 PM the Fire Department received a call for 2 kids drowning around 4500 block of El Mar drive.

Fire Marshal Paine and Fire Chief Perkins we the first to arrive, on their arrival they confirmed that 1 juvenile and 1 adult were in distress.
Beach patrol units and Jet Ski were deployed. One Fire Department Swimmer was put in the water and one on the jet ski.

A 14 year old male and a 27 year old male were rescued and turned over to AMR M12 and M212 and transport to the Hospital.

For more information see report 14000650

Best Regards,

FF. Daniel Chavez
Lauderdale by the Sea FD
Fire Department Administrator
Tel. (954) 772-8978
Cel. (786) 301-1440
Fax. (954) 772-1550”


Thursday was a busy one for the LBTS-BSO when they received a call that a bag had been stolen on the beach from tourists visiting from Mass. … The tourist had a GPS phone in the bag along with their other devices…wallet etc… The LBTS-BSO enlisted an assist from the Pompano Beach Police to track the phone and belongings…They had one shot to get a signal on the phone.. They proceeded and found the phone was on Bougainvilla …They went after it and found one item in an apartment…but not the phone…Lt. Cedeno still on the hunt for the bag did some dumpster diving and found the bag wrapped with some blue tape…All the items reported missing were not in the bag…but the blue tape matched some he and the Chief and the Deputies saw on another apartment … They got another search warrant and entered the other apartment to find stolen items from several other incidents they have been investigating … They finished with the one incident only to arrest another suspect for a burglary in progress….This writer had a break-in next door to my house and it is possible the second suspect is connected to that break-in ..being in such close proximity… The tourists from Mass. are understandably appreciative and impressed with our LBTS-BSO … This writer is also proud of our LBTS-BSO …Please readers…as good as they are…help em’ out…don’t leave your possessions on the beach unattended and go into the water… Take the time to lock your cars…and when you leave home check your sliding well as your regular doors and windows… Also be a good neighbor …any suspicious people wandering around call  911 or 954-765-4321…Chief Llerena  and Lt. Cedeno are actively involved with daily patrolling of neighborhoods and the beach along with their Deputies ….It’s a perk most communities don’t receive…. At recent budget meeting  Int. Town Manager Hoffmann stated she has never seen the kind of personal involvement we have in LBTS with our BSO Police Department…We are sure this is one of the big reasons why that statement was made…


Having a code problem…click your heels together ….finally there’s commonsense help coming from the Town’s Administration …It appears a call or a heads up to new Int Asst. Town Manager Bud Bentley provided a sense of wonderment … We heard a call to a business owner brought forth an immediate response and action…instead of the usual “gotcha” he usually receives from code enforcement  …We also heard an out of town resident was given a reprieve and a not to worry from the Asst. TM until she returns back to deal with the issue… Mr. Bentley has company in his ongoing actions of assisting rather than hindering residents and businesses from his boss, Int. Town Manager Hoffmann who is cut from the same cloth when it comes to dealing with issues and finding solutions … Those still getting the old “hat” treatment from code enforcement may want to let these two know…

more to come….

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