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Dear Readers…  this writer posted on May 5, 2010 that former Town Manager Bob Baldwin and Esther Colon’s pal, boss and mentor in the minutes for the Jan 17, 2009  Dania Beach Town Manager Interview Workshop……

“Mr. Baldwin would like to see a community work together, and the only thing you can do is to reach out and make them feel like part of the community.”

“He said code compliance officers are going to customer service training because they need to put a better face on code compliance and how they enforce the code”

BC- Too bad his former employee Development Director Jeff Bowman and his Code Enforcement Officers didn’t get the memo if he had the same criteria while serving as Town Manager in LBTS…As previously posted it appears from the accounts this writer is receiving Code Enforcement is turning the screws to those who were supportive of the new Commissioners and the ouster of Colon-Olinzock and Kathy O’Brien ..who by the way is still listed on the Town website as the HR/Risk Management Manager ..OOPS!…

We are told that Code Office Kim Williams is making waves by going to businesses to stir things up while patrons are around..Hmmm…not quite high on the list of customer service to the community!… She struck twice this last week at 2 separate locations…Unfortunately it did not go unnoticed by the press…

An “Avid Reader” sent the following from an article in a local publication that can be found in stores and restaurants.. Around Town (?) is the name…The writer, Rick Scweitzer wrote ….

“Lauderdale by the Sea Lauderdale by the Sea continues to harass Anglin’s beach cafe’. The code enforcer was seen taking pictures of both sides of the cafe’. It seems that either this code enforcer has a vendetta against Anglins or she just doesn’t have enough to do around the city. IE: flooding streets, at the end of the street between Aruba’s and Anglin’s and I’m sure there are more pressing areas of the city. This code enforcer only has time to harass local businesses. Maybe the city would like all businesses to close down or move to another city and take their tax dollars with them. I will say it again the city, who is among the most popular beach area attractions in the county, needs to relax their code enforcement on minor infractions during these rough economic times.”

BC- Yesterday we were told Code Enforcer Williams did the same at another business as well as carrying out some unwanted visits to a third party uninvited and unwanted by that recipient… YIKES!…

The Int. Town Manager and the Int. Asst. Town Manager need to get their leftover Baldwin-Colon personnel in line or give them their pink slips sooner rather than later… Code Enforcement could be contracted out along with the building department etc…… just as many towns are doing to keep their budgets in check ….





BC- We heard during the campaign the frustrations the owner of Lilacs & Lilies had with code …not being allowed to put a mannequin out front in order to attract some new customers…That, we were also told was after she had to deal with a rather nasty former Vice Mayor who was occupying the space with the VFD during the transition…between the VFD ending their lease …The store is moving to the Galleria…Marjorie Ott’s demise is sad news for this new “Nana” … I will miss being able to shop for Lilly as I did for her mom and her aunt… This is why code needs to be dealt with asap…



“Lauderdale-by-the-Sea resident Ron Piersante has become a staple at the town’s monthly commission meetings. He has spent the past 10 years volunteering in various capacities around the town. (Photo by Sean / June 4, 2010)


“If his friends can’t get in touch with Lauderdale-by-the-Sea resident Ron Piersante, they at least know they’ll be able to catch him at just about every City Commission meeting and city event.”

“I’ve probably attended more commission meetings, outside of the commissioners, than anyone else in the town,” Piersante said. “If you don’t know what’s going on, how can you properly make a decision when it comes [time] to vote? I feel it’s my civic duty to be involved.”

A retired auditor from Detroit, Piersante began living in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea with his wife, Irene, 30 years ago after purchasing a home. The couple moved to the city permanently 13 years ago.

What attracted them to the seaside locale was its small-town atmosphere, which Piersante said has endured even though the population has doubled since his initial visit.

“It’s a nice, little, quaint town,” he said. “You can walk anywhere, and that’s what we really love. We really have everything you want here and everything you would need if you couldn’t drive an automobile, and that’s the main reason we bought down here.”

Community involvement has always been part of Piersante’s life, so when he began living in the city year-round, he started volunteering at the Chamber of Commerce. He was once named volunteer of the year.

“You can’t survive without volunteers, and Ron’s one of the best,” said Judy Swaggerty, executive director of the chamber. “If you ask him, he’ll do it.”

Eager to improve the chamber, Piersante has been volunteering for more than 10 years in various capacities.

“I always felt the chamber was good for businesses,” he said. “If the businesses don’t survive, the town will not survive. I truly believe the chamber is good for the businesses, and that’s why I do what I do.”

These days, Piersante spends about 30 hours a week delivering 40,000 of the chamber’s visitor’s guides to people and places around town.

In addition to attending City Commission meetings, he helps manage the volunteers who are responsible for helping organize city events such as the annual Fish Fry, Easter Egg Hunt and Halloween and Christmas functions.

Piersante is quick to point out he’s not the only volunteer at the chamber and that it takes a team effort to improve the community.

“I don’t have a problem getting volunteers,” he said. “The only problem is trying to expand the volunteer base.”

Piersante said he enjoys volunteering not only because it helps the community but because of the people he gets to meet and interact with on a daily basis.

“They all know me,” he said, “and I know them.”,0,7842038.story

BC- Nice!…The article which also appeared in the Hi-Riser was written by PIO Steve D’Oliveira’s son…


Thanks to the “Roving Photog” for the pics above….

more to come…

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