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Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town … Updated ..


Dear Readers … Perhaps the walls are closing in too fast …..and the Town Manager and her “Gang” of staunch supporters are acting out!… We hear today the Manager sent out Code Enforcement bright and early in the chilly temps to check the signs for Candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent on properties throughout the town!.. WOW!… We are told a knock at the door …was for the homeowner to move the sign 6 inches!.. We hear the Code Enforcement officer was polite and and chagrined to be doing this job…

Just Monday, the first signs were removed from a home in Commissioner Jim (He’s not a nice guy and not a gentleman) Silverstone’s neighborhood…This occurred right after the 2 newly qualified Candidates Scot Sasser and Chris Vincent went door to door!… We hear there would be a complaint filed for the removal since it was authorized by the property owner.

Right out of the gate…old habits die hard…for the “Gang”…While  Candidates Minnet, Sasser and Vincent are organized, supported, endorsed and qualified…and already going door to door for the 2nd time…the “powers that be” seem only prepared  for one thing ….to cause trouble…and isn’t that why it’s time for them to go in 2010?…

Readers keep an eye on your signs…and an eye out for anyone taking a sign away…cooperate with Code Enforcement and let the Manager and the “Gang” know this is not going to be done without a spotlight on what’s behind the acts being done!..

UPDATE.. We are hearing this 2007 ordinance which was not enforced in 2008 enforced now in areas such as Silver Shores will preclude many supporters from showing their support of a candidate in 2010!… ARGHHH!…..

We  also hear the Manager who cannot seem to step up to the plate and remedy the chaos with the Senior Center…still turning away 60 and under and non-residents…(Comm. Dodd will address this on Jan 12th at the 1st commission meeting of the new year)…. decided she did have time to go after the former Fire Marshal!…The Fire Marshal Alex Stevenson was entitled to unemployment benefits…and received them…But the Town Manager it is said, thought the way in which she terminated him took those benefits away!…She, on behalf of the Town appealed the benefits and lost!…Hmmm…The same $250,000 if terminated Town Manager (Thanks to Comms. Silverstone and McIntee)  went after the Fire Marshall she gave the ax to on top of not allowing him to do his job while he was here with a big assist from her pal Vice Mayor McIntee… With McIntee’s action of going after the VFD after his big loss … no wonder these two get along so well and have each others back at all times!..Two peas in a pod…No make that “Three’s Company” …because right there in the mix…Comm. Jimmy-boy Silverstone… no doubt about it!…

We hear Vice Mayor McIntee made his first VFD fire response appearance a couple of days ago…The question is …did he arrive at the station to go like every other member?… And what kind of response is he getting when the VFD is fully aware of his requests through the Town Manager at the end of Dec.? (prev. post)…We hear someone told McIntee they thought he had quit and he responded “Do I look like I quit?”…Word also is…McIntee could not find anyone besides Jimmy-boy to spy on the VFD to aid in his vendetta…OUCH!…

Will he or won’t he?…The Vice Mayor said he “might need” to be excused from the dais on January 12th… Was that “might need” due to his belief he would be the new chief or the VFD?…We shall see! …If he does take his seat …we will know!… Cart before the horse, Vice Mayor…OOPS!… If Mcintee is up there on the 12th…will he be candidate McIntee or 1 term McIntee going after the VFD Chief when we get to the  Public Safety item on the agenda?… YIKES!..


*State law references: Sign ordinances, authority not superseded by shall not conflict with state of federal law, F.S. § 166.0425.


Sec. 30-501. Administration and permits.
(6) Political signs (Note: Unlike other temporary signs, political signs do not require the issuance of a permit, however, the person in charge of the campaign or the company erecting the sign shall be responsible for removing the signs within seven days after the date of the election.);

(7) Temporary political signs: to be set back at least five feet from any right-of-way or property line.
(Ord. No. 465, § 2, 3-27-01; Ord. No. 2007-09, § 2, 5-22-07; Ord. No. 2007-14, § 2(Exh. A), 9-25-07)

more to come….

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