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Here’s The Scoop … SAY NO TO DO-OVERS …. In March 2010 …..


Rules of chess

Each piece moves in a different pattern.

Pieces capture opposing pieces by replacing them on their square.  A captured piece is removed from the board. Only one piece may occupy a given square.
The rules of chess (also known as the laws of chess) are rules governing the play of the game of chess.

Chess is a game played by two persons on a chessboard,  Each type of piece moves in a distinct way. The goal of the game is to checkmate, i.e. to threaten the opponent’s king with inevitable capture. Players often resign if they believe they will lose.

Besides the basic movement of the pieces, rules also govern the equipment used, the time control, the conduct and ethics of players,the recording of moves using chess notation, as well as procedures for irregularities that occur during a game.

Remember-  Initial setup, identifying squares, Play of the game, Movement, Basic moves ,Timing, Conduct, Check, End of the game,Checkmate

Dear Readers … SAY NO TO DO-OVERS  in this upcoming election…It’s time for those old “chess pieces” to stay off the “board”…and keep their “egos” in check…Let the “knights” have their chance to show what they they can do this round… Nobody wants to see old “pieces” coming in to ruin the game!… Not this “game” it’s way too important…In chess it’s the “queen” that’s the most powerful and in that that would be the Town Managerin this town……If we lose this “game” her control is guaranteed  for another 4 years…The “kings”  in this game, “Broom-Boys” McIntee and Silverstone are trying to avoid being “captured”…and bringing out their old  “enemies” will just allow them to oppose some familiar old “moves”!…

We saw Terra Mar resident, former candidate for town commission, former candidate for Broward County Clerk of the Courts, and wife of former Town Commissioner Ed. Kennedy who lost to Vice Mayor McIntee in 2006, Beverly Kennedy come forward to the podium the other night and declare she was putting her hat in the ring…(although it was hard to decipher her “pre-amble”)…She made the same announcement previously at UOT at their last meeint…and had a whole hall in varying states of disbelief…Well, Ms. Kennedy I will repeat what I told you as you arrived in the hall last Tuesday night, and told me of your plans. You will lose!…You will either lose to McIntee if you were to be his only opponent in the north or you will split the vote as the 3rd candidate in the race in the north and you will let McIntee retain his “power”…If that happens,  we will all lose!… I told you it was not personal, and believe me,it is not!… But no one wants to see a repeat of 2006 with a McIntee-Kennedy race in the north!.. You said  to me, the Mayor needs “protection” and “We” need a “pit bull”…well, Ms. Kennedy, if you believe that, it is all the more reason to stay off the “board”…You are way off  base!…… Open your eyes and look around you, the Mayor needs NO protection!.. Mayor Minnet has grown in her role more than anyone on that dais and needs no “pit bull” by her side, quite the opposite, she needs what we all need in this town to ” muzzle” the “dangerous dogs”  (humanely of course, by voting them out)…… Ms. Kennedy may have some very good friends  in Terra Mar, and it is time for those good friends to have a talk with her and explain this time, it’s not her “game”, she must stand down and offer from the sidelines her valued expertize to the new “knights” that can absolutely prevail if you give them their chance ….

There is an undercurrent of absurdity in the south end of town right now, with the political dynamics of a dwindling CIC  and who they will call on to play and what square that player  will occupy…Jimmy-boy Silverstone…for Commissioner or Mayor?…Want a Furth?…It will be  Crisite, not Marc for Commissioner or Mayor?… If that’s the Town Hall East “strategy”…Surprise, it’s nothing new…(Is there ever anything “New” coming from Furth Headquarters?)… A look at the “How the sausage was made” category recounts that in 2007 the “idea” of having a Furth on the ticket to go up against Mayor Parker, who seemed ready to run again despite term limits and a failed CIC recall, was the first “blow” between this writer and then-Comm. McIntee who only wanted  Marc Furth, and Marc wasn’t gonna comply…(He had his “reasons”…in fact both Furths had the same “reasons” not to run)…. Cristie Furth only wanted to be a commissioner and McIntee had promised his support in 2006 to her after his big win, but  Stuart Dodd was running for that south commission seat so she had no chance at it……and then as long-time readers know McIntee proceeded to undermined Cristie for Mayor with “Peanuts” Wick…. This time around though ….. McIntee “owes” her!…and she thinks the “reasons” are forgotten…Hmmm….So with the switch in positions for Jimmy…it’s not outside the realm…This “do-over”  will also not succeed…in 2010…But this one, is the exception to the rule……This writer is all for it!… You, go girl!.. I cannot wait!…(Judging from the town clubs joined, and the wardrobe change…it’s looking pretty good!)…

From the “Simpsons” version of chess comes this one…The CIC will run former Mayor Oliver Parker!… I’m not kidding …Here’s how this one goes… Commissioner Clottey spoke “fondly” of “Mr. Oliver” and how he spoke with her about the Oriana million dollar funds at her commissioner comments on Oct. 20th…Now where would Clottey come in contact with “Mr Oliver”?…Any red truck sightings at Town Hall east?…..Add to that potential candidate Cristie Furth speaking  at the podium of writing up the 33 foot height referendum with “co-sponsor” Parker at her public comments on Oct. 26that the Referendum Workshop…And then the incredible pronouncement at public comments on the 27th by Maureen McIntee with glowing words of admiration , yep admiration…for former Mayor Parker’s ability to rule from the dais and keep decorum in Jarvis Hall!… We hear the former Mayor was quite hurt in 2007 when his supporters enlisted Roseann Minnet to run and were candid with him that they would not be backing him (So, they can do this again this election, and invoke no do-overs) … I recall when he ran for his current position  on the Broward Soil and Water Conservation District Parker spoke of low- rise building in the whole County…BUT, would the dwindling CIC and Furth pals, Former Town Mayor Ken Wardlaw and wife  Maryann ever get on board…Nah!… This writer can’t see it, the CIC spearheaded the Parker recall and to think Parker, the CIC and the Wardlaws.could get them past all that history….is too much of a stretch even for a half hour cartoon show on Fox!…

So where is the future coming from in this town?…From the new blood, the new “Knights”…those who ready with their new strategies…planning their new moves, after doing their homework, to avoid being “captured”at all costs  and deciding the time is right for them to play this 2010 LBTS “Chess”  game…

Public comments October 27, 2009 Commission Meeting…Meet the “Knights”…

Candidate Chris Vincent
“Chris Vincent – Corsair Avenue – Lauderdale By The Sea

Good evening Madame Mayor, Commissioners, Town Attorney.

I was pleased to see last evening that all members sitting on the dais agree to support an ethics reform code for our town.

Ethics is not a left or right issue. It is a common sense practical good government issue.

You are the forefront of ethics everyday when you report to work as a sitting official.

You serve the public interest. Transparency guards the public trust.

What will be critical to the success of this initiative will be the limited wording allowed on the ballot of just 75 words.

These 75 words are important.

With any referendum written for this up coming election the words on the ballot must be written in a manner that ALL who vote can understand what they are actually voting for….

It must be clear and easy to distinguish the direction the town is taking when placing these issues on the ballot….

As with past elections the wording was not written clearly, and confused many of the voters.

Fortunately we have an new Town Attorney to guide us this time and I am confident will work with this commission to make sure no one leaves the voting booth thinking they did not vote the way they intended because they did not quite understand the wording.

This is a great challenge, I am hopeful this can be accomplished with reasonable dialogue and clear heads.

The members of this Dais and the Town Attorney have the ability to make that happen.

I am sure you will make the correct choices and follow the will of the people. The ball is in your court.”

Candidate Edmund Malkoon…
“Edmund Malkoon
Good Evening
At the continuation commission meeting last Tuesday, I was disheartened by the lack of support for the creation of an Ethics ordinance.
A carefully crafted and defined “ethics” code or ordinance can establish behavioral standards of integrity, fair dealing, responsibility, accountability, and disinterested conduct which are not specifically covered by existing laws, but which are an essential part of the fiduciary duty (the highest standard of conduct) which is owed to the public by its public servants and officials.
A well crafted ordinance will provide standards which will guard against misconduct by public officials. These standards must include:
1. Conflicts of interest
2. Disclosure
3. Impartiality
4. Improper use of position
5. Incompatible employment
6. Nepotism
7. Personal interests
8. Political activity
9. Public information
10. Public property and personnel
Therefore, when we talk about a “two hats” referendum and an “Ethics” Referendum we are essentially talking about the same thing. The “Two Hats” issue can also be a component of an ethics code. It is my opinion that if you are affiliated either directly or indirectly with a town vendor you must recuses yourself from voting.
Many other communities, as well as Broward county, either have or are in the process of drafting ethics laws which go beyond the existing state ethics law. An Ethics policy is about holding yourself and the town to a higher standard. People have a right to expect their elected officials to be fair and independent.
If you continue to fail to establish one through ordinance, I know myself and others would work hard to get the signatures necessary to place this on the upcoming ballot. We must provide a transparent government that all citizens can trust. Thank you.”


Candidate Ben Freeny…
“Good evening Commissioners, Mayor,

I cringe when I hear talk of referendums to change the town charter.

The Charter for Lauderdale By The Sea can be likened to our national constitution.

Our constitution was written by brilliant men, selfless men, fighting for freedom from oppression.

Any change made to our Town Charter should be made with utmost caution,

It should come from the core value of integrity in governance

Any change should be rather general in nature to be used as a device to set a foundation from which direction can be taken in the operations of the town.

Many of the communities in Broward and Palm Beach county have established comprehensive Ethics rules. Broward County is currently initiating Ethical Standards to try to avoid the conflicts of interest that have recently been identified on their commissions.

The creation of comprehensive Ethical Standards is similar to the making of a mission statement. The governing entity is proclaiming how they chose to operate: Openly, in the light of day, with no self serving conflicts where they can benefit directly or indirectly from the decisions they make as a governing body.

Any hesitation to make such a statement by any particular
elected official or appointee gives the “appearance” of conflict
from the very beginning.

Ethical Standards,… at the very least,… are the framework for
protecting the integrity of the dais,…

for avoiding the appearance of impropriety and conflict of interest.

My personal reason for developing higher ethical standards than what the state may have is this.

Over the past several weeks I have had conversations with different officials from the county. I am embarrassed at the descriptions I was told about this town and how it is run.

The citizens of this town are better than what was described to me.

The potential leaders of this town are not the people that were described to me.

We must take action to prove to ourselves, the towns people that we are sophisticated enough to manage our affairs with our heads held high.

That we are not the Mayberry of Broward County, but rather a peaceful little seaside town, where people enjoy living, tourist enjoy vacationing and the town leaders can hold their heads up and be proud of the efficient and excellent service they give the townspeople.”


Candidate John Oughten  took a pass at public comments…

more to come…….

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