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Dear Readers…

Yes, the Commission did meet  for a Round Table meeting to discuss the Town Manager Performance Review evauation on Sept. 10, 2009…

Yes, the Commission did decide on a which review to use…

Yes, the Commission did decide to allow the public to speak about the Town Manager before the September 22, 2009 LBTS Regular Commission meeting…

Yes, the Commission did decide to fill out the evaluation and turn it into Town Hall to distribute to each other this week …

Yes, the Commission did decide they would discuss the results after the public comments on September 22, 2009 …

Yes, according to the Town Manager’s contract the Performance Review is to be done BEFORE the annual budget is approved (Sept. 28.2009)..

Yes, the Commission decided to make a motion at the Sept. 10, 2009 “continuation” meeting…

Yes, the Commission did NOT make that motion on the Performance Review workshop…… (the Mayor is not allowed to make motions…an item to be addressed /on the Sept. 22, 2009 agenda)…

Yes, the Commission instead made a motion to put on a workshop to discuss the Promissory notes from 5-7 pm in conflict with that Performance Review workshop on the dais…

Yes, the Commission decided at the September 14,2009 budget meeting to pay off the promissory notes…

Yes, that action negated the workshop that would have competed with the Performance Review workshop…

Yes, this writer sent in an e-mail to describe the above sequence of events and ask about the Performance Review workshop….


From: Barbara Cole [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tue 9/15/2009 3:14 PM
To: Steve D’Olivera
Subject: Request

Steve, I need to get a response about the 9/22/09 schedule. The Comm. decided at the 9/10/09 round table that the Town Manager Performance review would have a 5:30 -7:00 pm time for the public to speak about the Manager. I believe they were going to turn in their reviews prior to the meeting and they would be distributed to all Commissioners to discuss that evening as an agenda item. It was not brought up on the dais at the continuation meeting on the 10th. At the meeting on the 10th it was decided there would be a workshop for the promissory notes and the time decided was the about same time as the agreed upon round table time for public comments about the Manager…5 pm…At the 9/14/09 budget hearing the promissory notes were voted on to pay off.
So what is scheduled for 9/22/09?
Please respond to receipt of this request and a fast response from the Town would be most appreciated by a lot of very confused constituents.
Thank you, Barbara Cole

From: “Steve D’Olivera”
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 13:12:13 -0400
To: Barbara Cole
Subject: RE: Request


I don’t have the agenda yet; I have a call into Nikki right now to get an official response.

I believe the two hours are being split between a roundtable discussion about the TM’s review and a workshop on setting priorities for capital improvement projects.

Please don’t take that as gospel until I hear back from the Town Clerk. As soon as I hear back from them, I will e-mail you ASAP.


[email protected]
“Steve D’Olivera”

Yes, this writer thought that the Town Manager would do her usual “black and white” style of management…and not do the workshop, due to no motion made by the Commission on the dais…(although there is precedent for round table decisions to be enacted without motions made on the dais…ie…meeting times etc…)…

Yes, I received what I had expected at 4:39pm on Thursday September 17,2009….

Sept. 22nd workshop on town loans cancelled
Thursday, September 17, 2009 4:39 PM
[email protected]

I am off today, but just heard from the Town Clerk’s office.

The Sept. 22nd workshop on the promissory notes has been cancelled, for obvious reasons.

The Town Clerk’s office also said there is no roundtable scheduled for the 22nd.


Steve d’Oliveira
Public Information Officer
Town of Lauderale-By-The-Sea

Yes, the Town Manager got a “REPRIEVE”… for now…

more to come….

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