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Here’s The Scoop … Public Information Meeting A1A Landscaping Project September 21, 2010 …


Example #1 of A1A crosswalk …

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Example #3 A1A crosswalk ….

“From: Bud Bentley
Sent: Thu 8/19/2010 2:54 PM
To: Assistant Town Manager
Subject: Paveway Systems for A1A crossways (north of Pines Ave. )


Attached are some pictures of the product we are considering for the crosswalks on the A1A landscaping project north of Pines Avenue . FYI – FDOT no longer allows brick paver crosswalks on state highways.

Please feel free to share with those that may have an interest.

Please save the date — A public information meeting about the A1A Landscaping Project will be held on Tuesday, September 21st in Jarvis Hall. Time TBD.

Bud Bentley
Interim Assistant Town Manager

Paveway Systems Inc –
STS has been proven over the last 4 years to be the most reliable “patterned Textured Pavement” system in Florida. We were involved with the FDOT in the development of S523 which are the standards for this specialty. The FDOT requires every product to pass independent lab testing. Then the FDOT requires a test deck of the product to be installed so they can regularly test every product for 3 years. If the product lasts for 3 years then it is “unconditionally” approved for use on high volume roads in Florida. Until that time it is only “conditionally” approved and not fully proven. This has worked well because it has caused the removal of products that do not last. The only product on the QPL that has lasted for 4 years and never been removed from the list is STS. Our system.
STS has a 3 year warranty on product installed by our certified installer.
Mark Fox
Paveway Systems Inc – Designing the way to Success
924 E 124th Ave.
Tampa, FL 33612


more to come…

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