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Here’s The Scoop … Parker’s Political “Play” … Brings Back Parker’s Political Past … In Lauderdale- By- The- Sea …

IT’S NOT 2007 ANYMORE ……….

Dear Readers …… Another look back in time at 2007 came about after reading today former Mayor Parker…now a candidate for Broward Judge is making some serious charges of ethics against his opponent, Judge Gillespie and his opponent’s campaign treasurer …none other than Sea Ranch Lake resident and powerhouse attorney David Bogenschutz…the same David Bogenschutz who represented former Town Clerk Alina Medina in 2007 when she took the 5th fifteen times!… Many still believe it was Parker who connected the Town Clerk to Bogenschutz and it is still a burning question to us all is who paid Bogenschutz?… We heard Parker was “shopping” these charges around … As this writer posted yesterday concerning Comm. Chris Vincent putting a Parker sign in his yard…it is my opinion Parker does not have what it takes to be a judge…and now going after Bogenschutz…as has done…I would think he’s toast!…
“It’s pulling apart the already-torn town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. The political career of Mayor Oliver Parker hangs in the balance, as does the livelihood — and possible health — of the town clerk. The Broward State Attorney’s Office has already begun an investigation. And at last week’s town hall meeting, it led to infighting and an emergency trip to the hospital.
It could be a serious crime. Or just a very embarrassing mistake.
Call it The Mystery of the Minutes.
The allegation, in its simplest form, is that Lauderdale-by-the-Sea’s official meeting minutes were illegally altered to assist the mayor in his lawsuit to stop the townspeople from recalling him from office. The evidence so far doesn’t look good for Parker or the town clerk, Alina Medina, who is in charge of producing the minutes.”

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DBR:” Judge Gillespie/Bogenschutz accused of conflict of interest by Oliver Parker

Jeff Marcus, chief of the felony trial unit handling Lennon’s case, said none of his attorneys was worried about Bogenschutz’s (campaign treasurer/fundraiser) role in Gillespie’s campaign.

“Each said they didn’t give it more than two seconds’ consideration. It’s a no-brainer,” he said. “Judge Gillespie’s a very good judge, and you don’t try and recuse good judges.”

He also noted what he called Bogenschutz’s “reputation of the highest integrity.”

“The people involved here are well-known to the prosecutors,” he said. “When you look at this particular instance, there are no flags going off in anyone’s mind.”

“Oliver Parker, a Fort Lauderdale solo practitioner challenging Gillespie in the August primary, is crying foul over the judge’s decision last year to use Bogenschutz on his campaign without withdrawing from cases involving Bogenschutz’s clients. Bogenschutz has appeared in several cases before the judge, and some have had favorable results.

Gillespie, who was appointed to the bench by Gov. Charlie Crist last year, is a former state prosecutor and senior trial attorney with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Parker is a Republican who made a failed bid for a state House seat in 2004. His decade as mayor of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea ended in 2008, and he now hopes to become a judge.

Parker’s decision to run against Gillespie, one of five black judges in a county with 90 on the bench, put him at risk of being accused of racial targeting. But Parker, who has countered those criticisms by saying he seeks to push out a judge he calls inexperienced, is now questioning the judge’s ethics.

The judge denies any impropriety, noting he always discloses his relationship with Bogenschutz and gives prosecutors an opportunity to ask him to recuse himself.

“It is strictly a professional relationship, and he happens to be my treasurer,” Gillespie said.

Bogenschutz said there’s “nothing illegal, immoral or in any way improper” about the judge’s actions.

“For Mr. Parker to have to begin to discuss specific isolated matters that he obviously knows not a lot about, and to cast rocks at a sitting circuit judge, seems like a pretty desperate move for someone who isn’t getting traction in his own campaign. That’s what politics has degenerated to in this county,” he said. ”

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more to come….

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