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Here’s The Scoop … One Candidate For Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Seat 3 Is Already Waffling … UPDATED …


Dear Readers … the first printed interview with candidates Brown and Malkoon is out today in the Sentinel (see below) …It goes beyond this writer’s last post in a most disturbing way that should again give voters pause when they fill in that bubble for Commission seat 3 on their absentee ballot or at their polling place on Jan. 31st… It appears the reporter pinned down candidate Malkoon on his qualifications thus making Malkoon reel back his election material claim that he majored in “International Finance and Marketing” at FAU conveniently or should I say purposefully in my opinion giving voters the idea that he has a degree in both and perhaps a career in both…In the Sentinel article he has been dialed back to “Education: Graduated from Ely High School, 1993; undergraduate course work at Broward College and Florida Atlantic University”…meaning he took courses and it means nothing except it was a way to embellish his resume and qualifications which are sorely lacking in reality…But that didn’t stop Malkoon who  moved the waffling of his background on to his career in the interview in the paper doing much the same by stating…” Malkoon has worked in credit card, mortgage and real estate fields and says that business background will be a plus when overseeing the management of the town’s finances.”… What Malkoon conveniently or purposefully left out in my opinion was the fact that he is not a licensed real estate agent …That Malkoon was working in insurance from home during the last election from this writer’s recollection of his almost daily conversations with me and the UOT campaign group of which he was an active member (thus that point quashes his printed claims of  “Malkoon said he promoted his favored candidates without criticizing the other side.”..GULP!)… Malkoon does not state the overwhelming concern when he was slated to run pre-Sasser in 2010 concerning his personal problems with his own mortgage on his home … I would not have divulged this one had Malkoon not included mortgage in this article in his list of work experience! … I want a commissioner on the dais who can handle the taxpayer’s monies and that must be based on how they handle their own…or lack thereof!…Malkoon once more gives his work experience as a “Realtor” …but again no mention of being a licensed agent…no mention that he works in a family Real Estate business …(see below)…Waffling on his local contribution to a town board is done by not giving the dates of service as most candidates customarily provide  …His appointment came after the last election in 2010 by those he campaigned hard for and that committee was disbanded by the full commission last year before a full 2-year appointment was realized due to there being no need for the committee to exist anymore as well as the total exasperation felt by many commissioners and taxpayers with what was coming out of those meetings..This writer believes much of that resulted from Malkoon’s actions and input…especially after he declared commissioners should not be allowed to speak at board meetings much less attend them!… I have repeatedly posted that Malkoon was in my opinion  skirting violations of sunshine laws with his emails to some fellow MPSC members and was way out of line when he chose to come to the podium at commission meeting seemingly to represent the committee (although no vote was taken at the meetings for him to do so) misrepresenting the collective opinions of the committee to the commission…Malkoon in his statement “We were forced to take sides, but now, like I said, I feel a certain segment of society is being left out because it didn’t win … I want to restore that voice to people that feel that way.” …is pandering to the CIC most likely due to the lack of support he is seeing from the UOT … It is again this writer’s opinion that if there are even any CIC members left to court votes from …those votes will not be for Malkoon but against his opponent who has held steadfast with his stances,resume and experience…Any CIC voters who are considering such a move should look hard at Malkoon’s stance for he was for making El Mar 2 lanes…for a parking garage…for public bathrooms…and anything else on the “I’ll take one of each”redevelopment menu some were proposing at the MPSC meetings …Of note: Mark Brown has stated he will bring back public bathrooms if elected…MIA was that it was Brown who stated from the get- go to try a temporary structure in the El Prado area to see how it fares…

This writer has been asked why am I so hard on Malkoon…because I do not think he is qualified to be a commissioner in LBTS…I do not think he is “owed” a seat on the dais…He has proven to me he is ineffective …Once again in the “anything can happen” climate of LBTS politics…I could just foresee a low voter turnout for this election and a handful of voters believing that while most voters understand and agree Malkoon is absolutely not right for the job they will throw him and his mom a “bone” by casting a sympathy vote as to not cause him embarrassment of a lack of votes (as we have seen in a lack of contributions) only to have him win as a result!…

This writer has also been informed that a few of Malkoon’s most vocal supporters are supporting him because I support his opponent!…That is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard as a voter! …Can you imagine if all voters supported a candidate using this criteria rather than the candidates qualifications…God help us!…Snicker…snicker!…

Tonight is the UOT-PAC  meeting …It will be the first time in quite a while these candidates will be side- by- side and put in a position of showing the differences between them … Both should be called on what they represent as qualifications and what they can offer voters once on the dais …

“Lauderdale-by-the-Sea candidates support commission agenda
By Larry Barszewski, Sun Sentinel
5:19 p.m. EST, January 8, 2012
The election: On Jan. 31, town voters will choose a new Seat 3 commissioner. Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey is not seeking re-election.
The candidates: Mark Brown and Edmund Malkoon
The background: Warring factions were prevalent in town elections as recently as two years ago, but the feud has essentially disappeared in this year’s Lauderdale-by-the-Sea elections. Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd has been re-elected without opposition and the two candidates for Clottey’s seat share views similar to those of the commission majority.

Town affairs have quieted down considerably since a new commission majority took over in 2010. The commission quickly disposed of former Town Manager Esther Colon and brought in former Fort Lauderdale City Manager Connie Hoffman to take the reins of the town’s administration. Commission meetings have gone from combative to congenial.

The issues: The commission has pushed an aggressive agenda, which both Brown and Malkoon support. They want to continue revitalization plans for Commercial Boulevard and State Road A1A. They agree the town needs to update its aging sewer system and fix drainage problems. And they say the projects need to be accomplished without raising the town’s tax rate.
Each candidate sees himself as the one better able to maintain the town’s progress and to keep the commission from backsliding into past disputes.
Malkoon has worked in credit card, mortgage and real estate fields and says that business background will be a plus when overseeing the management of the town’s finances.
Malkoon stresses his ties to the town, where he has lived most of his life, and his participation in local activities. He says he has tried to build bridges with all sides in town, including those on the losing end of the last elections.
Unlike Brown, who ran editorials critical of past commissioners in the local ByTheSeaFuture paper, Malkoon said he promoted his favored candidates without criticizing the other side.
Brown says that because of his past experiences as a congressional aide and reporter, he knows what it takes for government to get things done and to accomplish the town’s goals. He says his editorials at ByTheSeaFuture, which he started because of his opposition to much of what was being done in town, helped shape decisions in town.
For Brown, ethics and the conduct of town officials continue to be top priorities.
A side issue that Brown says he will pursue if elected is public restrooms for the beach.
The positions:
Brown: “I think the town is headed in the right direction and it wasn’t for a long time … I thought the newspaper provided an outlet for people in town who were unhappy with the way commissioners were conducting themselves and the way the town was spending money.”
Malkoon: “We were forced to take sides, but now, like I said, I feel a certain segment of society is being left out because it didn’t win … I want to restore that voice to people that feel that way.”
[email protected] or 954-356-4556
Mark Brown
Age: 60
Family: Single
Education: Bachelor’s degree, George Washington University, 1973
Occupation: Retired; former editor, ByTheSeaFuture; former reporter, Griffin-Larrabee Washington news bureau
Political career: Former chief of staff, U.S. Rep. William Hughes, D-N.J., 1989-94, and U.S. Rep. Tim Roemer, D-Ind., 1995-2002; congressional aide to Hughes, 1977-89
Civic activities: Former president, North Beach Civic Association; board of directors, Corniche Condominium
Edmund Malkoon
Age: 36
Family: Single
Education: Graduated from Ely High School, 1993; undergraduate course work at Broward College and Florida Atlantic University
Occupation: Realtor
Political career: None
Civic activities: Current vice president and former president, Bel-Air Civic Association; co-chairman, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Master Plan Steering Committee; member, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Chamber of Commerce”,0,3241350,full.story


An update per a Reader’s question about Malkoon’s stated profession…

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING A LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER AND A “SALES ASSOCIATE”…which is what Malkoon is listed as …What it amounts to is that the candidate did not pursue the classwork in order to be a broker..that says a lot when considering his qualifications to be a sitting commissioner…in my opinion…

“The difference between salespersons and brokers

Before the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) was introduced in 1967, when brokers (and their agents) only represented sellers, the term “real estate salesperson” may have been more apt than it is today, given the various ways that brokers and agents now help buyers through the process rather than merely “selling” them a property. Legally, however, the term “salesperson” is still used in many states to describe a real estate agent.

Real estate education: To become licensed, most states require that an applicant take a minimum number of classes before taking the state licensing exam. Such education is often provided by real estate brokerages as a means to finding new agents.

In many states, the real estate agent (acting as an agent of a broker) must disclose to prospective buyers and sellers who represents whom. See below for a broker/agent’s relationship to sellers and their relationship to buyers.

While some people may refer to any licensed real estate agent as a real estate broker, a licensed real estate agent is a professional who has obtained either a real estate salesperson’s license or a real estate broker’s license.

In the United States, there are commonly two levels of real estate professionals licensed by the individual states, but not by the federal government:
[edit] Real estate salesperson (or, in some states, Real estate broker):[2]

When a person first becomes licensed to become a real estate agent, they obtain a real estate salesperson’s license (some states use the term, “broker”) from the state in which they will practice. To obtain a real estate license, the candidate must take specific coursework (of between 40 and 90 hours) and pass a state exam on real estate law and practice. To work, salespersons must be associated with (and act under the authority of) a real estate broker.

Many states also have reciprocal agreements with other states, allowing a licensed individual from a qualified state to take the second state’s exam without completing the course requirements, or, in some cases, take only a state law exam.”

‘Licensee Details
Licensee Information
Name: MALKOON, EDMUND FRED (Primary Name)
(DBA Name)
Main Address: 2073 SE 17TH CT

License Mailing:


License Information
License Type: Real Estate Broker or Sales
Rank: Sales Associate
License Number: SL627358
Status: Current,Active
Licensure Date: 07/10/1995
Expires: 03/31/2013

Special Qualifications Qualification Effective

View Related License Information
View License Complaint’

more to come…

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