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Here’s The Scoop … Not Quite “Throughout The Day” Lately …


Lilly at 6 weeks….

Dear Readers…. sorry to say the “updated throughout the day” BCbythesea posts have been M.I.A. and will most likely continue to be as the  “Nana” gets situated with the needs of one very alert and incredibly engaged 6 week old granddaughter as her mommy has returned to school this week to continue her Phd. and her next research paper (prev. post)…

Behind the scenes and offline…though the “throughout the day” information continues …thanks to supportive Avid Readers…both friends…and/or  sources….It’s very much appreciated …

We hear the Property Appraiser’s Office released their estimates of property valuations yesterday and the Town’s valuations are projected to decrease 7.4%. …with Fort Lauderdale at 10.6% and others way over that we are looking to be able to accomplish much with this new Commission…Town Manager …and perhaps looking “outside the box” for the future of this Town…

We also hear the Sheriff’s office came in way below what we thought we would be hit with …approx. $400,000 …(that figure could change)…While we are still in the last year with a 5% increase per the contract … which can be enacted by the Int. Town Manager…perhaps this might be a good time to step up any negotiations …extend BSO and use the $400,000 as a point of keeping costs down a few more years from what we thought it would be ..double that amount if not more ……

What is up with the VFD…leaks are coming from many inside …All is not well…Comm. Clottey said out loud at the last Comm. meeting.. (prev. post) …what was being heard behind the scenes in April…The VFD did not make payroll!… Chief Perkins said they did and acted very coy at the podium when questioned by Clottey……From what we hear the next question is where payroll came from?… Say it ain’t so if it was the Booster Funds?… The VFD collects approx. $77,000 a month from the Town for 60 members according to the May 25th backup .. 36 In-Town/24 Assoc. “Out of Town” members… We also hear there is some “rough and tumble” plays going on with the old guys vs. the younger new ones… The Deputy Chief was on “Administrative leave” and the “Go To” guy Danny Chavez is making waves within the organization for having the “Go To” title outside the dept. with those long ignored by other VFD top tier members…There is talk of Chief Perkins being voted out before the Dec.-Jan. election … and lots of talk over the role being played by Fire Marshal-Fire Inspector-trainer Steve Paine …including adding Chief  before his name?… The view on their training runs the gamut from the politically correct  ….to major concerns now held by those who know what’s what…We have heard longtime supporters such as the former Town photog. and a former Comm. (the one still in town) …are not pleased with all of the above…money being spent…Perkins..or the training..Could the former VFD Fire Chief (Silverstone) be itching to return?…He did a decent job we are told by many who were around in the pre-McIntee VFD…. Perhaps he will stand up now for former VFD to return as well such as Patrick Pointu and the former Chief who as a lifetime member was recently denied coming back on duty?… This sort of news may bring the new Interim Town Manager into the fray with some intense VFD oversight and some questions about their 4% increase?…

Is there a disconnect in Town Hall with the new Administration and the Code Department?… So many are being slammed by Code Officers …that many are questioning if the department received the word that Colon-Olinzock are outta here…The tactics they directed Code to take while they were in charge …in this writer’s opinion…should have gone along with them… We cannot believe the New Int. Town Manager or the Int. Asst. TM are aware…If so say it ain’t so!… Those impacted by Code over the last weeks..let the Administration know!…

This writer is awaiting the PRR for the rest of the employee agreements to see who was given what…per the agreement that is… For what the payouts were…that will come from the Manager and the Commission…as they deal with the final termination details for Olinzock and O’Brien .. Olinzock should be decided by the Commission due to his departure as a Town Manager …The Commission hires and fires the Town Manager and the Town Atty….The Town Manager will decide (if she has not done so already) for HR/Risk Mgr. O’Brien as she is responsible for all other employees in hiring and firing … The outcome of both will be telling in more ways than one…It will give another view into the previous Administrations of Bob Baldwin and Esther Colon…on top of their own payouts.. (prev. posts)..We could see that come out in the Town Manager Report on June 8th …one day after the deadline for former TM Colon to reimburse the Town for her overpayments…

No traction yet for the CIC Chair Liliana Pomareda … with her weekly e-mails to Commissioners and Town… Her “Block Party” is tomorrow  …and we hear the Commission will stop by … not only because she is a constituent who offered them the invitation to do so (prev. post) ..but to do their due diligence when it comes to making new policy… as is needed …

No traction as well for those trying hard as they can to pin something on the owners of the Pier Restaurant… with charges of getting their outdoor dining up and running without going through the proper channels…Laughable at best…See the above paragraph about Code Enforcement in this Town…It seems highly unlikely that Code wouldn’t have been all over any questionable actions!…

So sorry to see another store is closing with the e-mail from Frame N’ Art …This writer will miss seeing Gary and Sharon…although it brought a smile to my face when shortly after their goodbye e-mail …I received this…

“Well — it’s officially the rainy season, and our last Raining Raining Cats & Dogs Illustration Cats & Dogs Event was such a hit, it’s back by popular demand.

To include your pet’s picture in our window please email a photo as soon as possible. If you send it right away we’ll have more time to Ooooohhh and Awhhhh.

The party will be held Sat., June 12th, 2-4. Bowls of water will be served to our fabulous four-legged friends, as well as yummy pet treats provided by Andre’s Bakery and ice cream by Subs & More. There will again be a crowning of a Reigning King & Queen.

FREE DRAWINGS will be held for pet grooming, merchandise and services. Winners of the free drawings will be announced at the open-house. Winner need not be present to win, but we hope you and your pet can join us for the fun.”


The BCbythesea dog (Claudius) was in the window a few years back…We lost him last November…so it brings a tinge along with a fond memory… We wish Gary and Sharon well on their journey …and are sure to read about the “Litter Museum” here and there in the news and on Google!…

Readers can support their shop and the rest of out Town businesses this summer and join in the “Scavenger Hunt” over the July 4th weekend…updates and info to come!…

There has been alot of talk about the Chamber …now that 2 out of 3 their nemesis’ are no longer (not hard to guess who’s left)… The Chamber should be addressed now that their supporters outnumber their adversaries on the dais and in the Town…With budget time… I found an interesting old article online from 2008…


In addition, Vice Chair Riehl reported that Lauderdale-By-The-Sea has a Chamber of
Commerce that has been active in the tourism industry for a number of years.
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea has directional signs from the Interstate to A1A by way of
Commercial Boulevard with an elaborate system of signs to direct drivers to A1A and to
the Chamber of Commerce Information Center, which is used as a visitor’s center.
Mr. Motwani stated Fort Lauderdale Beach loses business to Lauderdale-By-The-Sea
because the tourists are misled by the signs, and assuming they are in the City of Fort
Mr. Budwig inquired as to whether the Board thought it to be a good idea to direct
tourists to the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce in addition to the beach area.
Mr. Motwani clarified that Lauderdale-By-The-Sea has a visitor’s center at their
Economic Development Advisory Board Minutes, February 13, 2008
Chamber building, which happens to be located on the Beach. Presently, Fort
Lauderdale does not have a visitor’s center at the beach. Vice Chair Riehl pointed out
that at the Welcome Center, there is free parking for tourists coming to the beach
seeking information.
Chair Watson asked if the Board would be amenable to taking a field trip to the
Lauderdale-By-the-Sea Chamber of Commerce to get ideas of their set up and structure
which Fort Lauderdale could also implement to assist in their efforts to bringing tourism
dollars back to the City.
Vice Chair Riehl stated it is an economic burden to staff and maintain welcome centers.
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea has a successful Chamber of Commerce that acts like a
visitor’s center because the building is located on the beach.
Mr. Modarelli recommended bringing up the idea of a field trip at the next meeting when
a quorum is present. Mr. Budwig suggested one member visit the Lauderdale-By-The-
Sea Chamber of Commerce and report back to the Board. Mr. Riehl volunteered. Mr.
Motwani volunteered to travel the Interstate and note the signage for the next meeting.
Mr. Motwani stated the location of Fort Lauderdale signage on Interstate-95 would be
better placed north of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea’s signs so tourists would not mistake
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea for the Fort Lauderdale beaches”


BC- Hmmmm….”Vice Chair Riehl stated it is an economic burden to staff and maintain welcome centers.”…Time to make sure this year…ours is provided the budget they deserve …with no “groveling” required…only admiration for what they do!…

Coming up…a busy month …

Tues. 6/8/10- 5 pm Budget Workshop-Jarvis Hall …Fire Assessment Discussion/Millage Discussion/ BSO Budget/ Report On General Fund Contingencies and Reserves

Tues. 6/8/10 7 pm Reg. Commission Meeting-Jarvis Hall

Wed. 6/9/10 Round Table 7 pm-Jarvis Hall

Tues. 6/15/10 Master Plan Steering Committee 7 pm Jarvis Hall (according to Town Calendar 7pm…could be 6:30 pm)

Wed. 6/16/10 Planning & Zoning Board 6:30- Jarvis Hall..First meeting new board..5 items under new business …

Tues. 6/22/10 Reg. Commission Meeting 7 pm-Jarvis Hall

Wed. 6/23/10 Round Table 7pm- Jarvis Hall Projected Capital improvement Plan/Other Major Budget Issues

Agendas…backup….comments ..etc….this weekend…and of course posts after every meeting…

Again, many thanks to the “Avid Readers” …your numbers have increased ….even after the March election…WOW!…

Remember …keep your “bookmark” for this site along with in place and check back each day… you never know what can happen next…in Lauderdale-By-The- Sea!….

more to come….just not quite so often….

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