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Here’s The Scoop …. “New and experienced managers alike will find this book useful.” …. Richard Simmons, Retired City Manager, Kissimmee, Florida

Dear Readers…Perhaps we could have all skipped yesterday’s LBTS Town Manager Performance “Almost” Review and just bought the book….Mr Simmons could have saved himself a trip……

‘TALES FROM THE TRENCHES: Instructor’s Manual
“New and experienced managers alike will find this book useful. It paints a clear picture of the challenges we face and gives important reminders about how to deal with difficult situations.” – Richard Simmons, Retired City Manager, Kissimmee, Florida

Relations with Elected Officials

A partial listing of the Tales:

• The manager who overtrusts the elected body.
• The manager who survives an ominous Sunday morning performance evaluation.
• The manager who tries to import values from former cities.

By Len Wood & Joe Baker

The Authoritative Book on Local Government Management for Students, Beginning Managers and Seasoned Professionals. Tales from the Trenches deals with the key management issues for local government professionals. Chapter headings include:

1. Leadership and Management Style
2. Decision Making
3. Communications
4. Human Resources Management
5. Budgeting Skills
6. Citizen Advisory Boards
7. Community Relations
8. Relations with Elected Officials
9. Media Relations
10. Ethics
11. Career Issues


Tales from the Trenches: Instructor’s Manual offers in-class and take-home learning activities to complement Tales from the Trenches: Achievements, Blunders and Challenges in Local Government Management.

The layout of this 180-page manual corresponds to the chapters of the text. Each chapter in the Instructor’s Manual begins with four to eight questions for every tale appearing in the corresponding chapter of the book. These open-ended questions are designed to initiate and stimulate vigorous class discussion or can be used as take-home assignments. The questions are accompanied by various exercises that relate to incidents described in the text. Illustrative exercise topics cover micromanagement, causes of management failure, limits of decision authority, communication sins, team building, the use of power symbols, budgetary illusions, reasons for failure of customer service programs, handling citizen requests, and personal ethics.’

more to come….

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