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Dear Readers… the public restrooms in LBTS have been quashed for the next fiscal year while the vision process for the Town and the Maser Plan itself are revised to put everything in its proper place …literally… While the discussion of location (prev. posts) brought for the N.I.M.B.Y s (not in my backyard) both on and off the MPSC …My N.I.M.B.Y. happened  Tuesday night when the ugly side of certain “pockets” within our town yet again came to light  just a few doors away on Poinciana Street…This writer has long said (even when I was Vice-Chair of the CIC) LBTS does not consist solely of Commercial Blvd…A1A…and El Mar Drive … It includes north and south of Commercial on Poinciana and Bougainvilla from Seagrape Drive east to A1A ….which I find highly problematic to say the least… The previous post included the tidbits of what transpired the other night when AMR…VFD…and BSO arrived on scene en masse…Below is the police report received after the event…This one should rise to the top of the “plan” as we move forward….with our vision of LBTS….

Of note: while the VFD was asked to break- in per the BSO request that does constitute a “Told ya so” for the continuation for them go on every medical call in town ….


“From: Palmer, Thomas
Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 2010 11:28 PM
To: LLerena, Oscar; Cedeno, Angelo; McCuaig, Donald
Subject: Sick/Injured person Haz Mat call LBTS
Importance: High


1907 hours

4561 Poinciana Street #1

Units responded in reference to a medical call where a male was found unresponsive in a bathtub. Units arrived and observed Paulski nude in the bathtub convulsing. BSO attempted to enter the residence and found the door locked with the female (Dawkins) screaming from inside “I can’t, I can’t!” Due to the exigent circumstances Sgt. Palmer requested VFD to perform forced entry to the residence. Upon entry the female was observed on the couch possible hallucinating. She was removed to receive medical care. Further response in the residence Sgt. Palmer located a loaded .25 semi-auto handgun on the bed in plain view, and forced entry was made into the bathroom where Paulski was located. While inside, units were alerted by AMR that the female subject had possible carbon monoxide poisoning due to coloring around her mouth, and her foaming at the mouth. The residence (and surrounding units) were evacuated. VFD contacted HAZ Mat due to a possible unknown substance within the residence. Ft. Lauderdale Haz-Mat responded and discovered only cocaine exposure within the residence, and deemed the residence safe. In plain view marijuana pipes, marijuana, numerous cut straws, cocaine/heroine baggies, and numerous prescription narcotics were located and taken as evidence.

Both persons were transported to the hospital for medical care.

BSO SID was contacted due to narcotics exposure

Lt. Cedeno, Lt. McCuaig, Chief Llerena, Sgt. Palmer on scene.

Sergeant Thomas J. Palmer

Lauderdale by the Sea District

Charlie Shift Supervisor

office: (954) 491-3920

fax: (954) 776-6291

Please note that Florida has a broad public records law, and that all correspondence sent to me via email may be subject to disclosure.”


more to come………

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