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Here’s The Scoop … Meet The New CIC CHAIR… Liliana Pomareda … “Newbie” At The Helm …


Dear Readers… You remember this woman…the “Youtube mom”…. she was the CIC member who tried unsuccessfully to stir things up in town by decrying falsehoods during and after the election including  racism along with her neighbor and Mayoral loser Joe Couriel!.. Last time we posted about the “Newbie” was when she and her neighbor and Vice Chair Joe Couriel went to the Spanish press after their landslide loss and gave their incorrect assertions as fact… and the reporter printed a slanted …one sided unsubstantiated article… Wasn’t Joe’s house up for sale around that time?….

This is who the CIC is in 2010?…Pomareda is the new Chair/ Couriel stays on as Vice Chair…and  on the board …Marjorie Evans,the failed CIC candidate from the north and no-show for the Master Plan Steering Committee since she was appointed by fellow CIC member and her ardent supporter “Clueless” Comm. Clottey..Still on board as well Cristie Furth ..Bob Roberts…Tom Carr..Carol Dickman …Gail Albohn … Joan Rysavy…Helen Swinghammer….  YIKES!…

Talk about losing your way…to champion this race baiting duo (in this writer’s opinion) to lead this CIC PAC ?…Many old timers will once again shake their heads in disbelief after hearing the news…..

New Chair Pomareda has been busy in her new role sending e-mails to the Commission…she was angry about the termination of former Town Manager Colon and filled her e-mail with much of her fellow board member Crisite Furth’s diatribe at the podium during public comments on April 27th…But where was Chair Pomareda when the opportunity arose… Hmmm.. She wants a pass for paying for a block party…thinks the restaurants need to be charged more for using the streets for weekle events…and thinks at $21 a year residents pay too much for a parking permit!… Her online introduction also “lifts” a good portion of her predecessor Chair Bob Robert’s false assertions about the Old Guard…and correctly speaks of when the CIC was 200 strong..that would be when Stuart Dodd and this writer were at the helm…and “Race baiting” would never have been tolerated …by any member …under our watch!..

Some of the recent e-mails ( e-mails to elected officials are public record)…sent by Chair Liliana Pomareda…The local Newspaper in town and the local businesses should be especially interested ….
Sent: Wed 4/21/2010 7:18 PM
To: LILIANA POMAREDA; Roseann Minnet
Cc: Stuart Dodd; Birute Ann Clottey; Scot Sasser; Chris Vincent
Subject: Who is managing the Town?

Dear Mayor and Town Commission,

I would like to know the following:

* Why were no public comments allowed when you chose to fire the Town Manager Esther Colon without informing us the tax paying residents?
* Under what grounds was she fired on?

* Who is managing the Town at the moment?
* Who is paying for the new salary that has to be paid out to the new Town Manager if the exiting one still collects a pay check?

Liliana Pomareda
North Tradewinds Avenue
—–Original Message—–
Sent: Mon 5/3/2010 5:44 PM
To: Stuart Dodd
Cc: Roseann Minnet; Scot Sasser; Chris Vincent
Subject: Re: Who is managing the Town?

Thanks for the reply,

1) I would like you to know that I am forming my own opinions. I would also like to reiterate that when I speak at Public Comments I speak with my own mind and thoughts, not those strictly of the CIC. Yes I am a proud member of the CIC but do consider it unfair to be labelled as a member and therefore excluded for Public Comments. I say this because as you mention below “We have already had plenty of comments from the CIC as to why they feel the town manager was doing a good job”. Yes, I am sure of that however as an individual resident and taxpayer I have the right to Public Comments as any other resident member of the CIC or not.

2)Understood grounds are not necessary to fire the Town Manager however when the town’s finances are in order it strikes me that the current commission is willing to let her out of the so called “bad contract that was approved by the previous commission” at the taxpayers expense.

Understood, as you said “It was not the fault of this commission that her contract included one year’s severance for two years in the position” however I have the right to express my regret for the taxpayers to have to pick up this tab. Also, if as you say “This commission is dedicated to doing what they believe is best for this town” then why were the residents not allowed to Public Comment?

3) Who is the headhunter you have hired? Was the headhunter used for the interim Town Manager

4) On your comment about “The existing manager has been working towards getting “Fired” for a long time since she wanted out from this town” that strikes me as quite strong of a comment because after all the resistance from you and other residents the Town Manager Colon put up with I believe if she wanted to have quit she would have done so long ago. Again if the town is financially sound I do not see why what I seem to see as a “personality conflict” has to cost us the residents so much in our taxpaying money.
5) On your comment: “Please come to the meetings and form your own opinion”. Once again you see me at the Town Meetings and I have always formed my own opinion. It would be unfair of me to say your opinions come from the By The Sea Future or from some awful blog written in our town would it not?

6) I do also “appreciate our opinions are on opposite sides”, that is what makes this country great. I hope the current Town Commission helps LBTS grow into respecting opposite opinions and to learn from past election rudeness and racism.

Trust me I am giving this commission time to bring about positive changes, watching each step of the way as you know. I am involved in this Town because I care about it and want to see the positive changes. I have better things to do than to complain and speak for someone else so when you hear me speak or you read my emails they are my words because I care.


Liliana Pomareda
North Tradewinds

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Mon 5/3/2010 5:57 PM
To: Roseann Minnet; Stuart Dodd; Chris Vincent; Stuart Dodd; Birute Ann Clottey
Subject: Block Party $ 100??? Kindly waive the fee.

Hello Town Commission,

I have been informed by the LBTS Code Enforcement that it would cost me a whopping $100 to have block party on North Tradewinds when we only want to have it on 1/4 of our block so the kids can safely ride bikes and mingle with neighbors? We are doing this for the children as a Summer is Here party and it is unfortunate that it would cost us 1/2 of what a Restaurant would pay to block of their street for 3 months weekends at a time??? How can that be? I am asking to block 1/4 of our block for about maximum of 4 hours of “one” day and yet a Restaurant pays so much less?

This is too much of an inconsistency and what I consider to be totally unfair to a local resident and a taxpayer. I am asking you to waive the $100 fee and if needed I would gladly submit the application as we would like to host this in a few weeks.

It seems to me that if local restaurants want to use our streets for weekends at a time then use this as a way to increase Town revenue, after all it increases the Restaurant revenues. Local residents should not have to pay for a block party, Restaurants should be paying a lot more to use our streets, months and months at at time.

I have to pay to park at a local meter, I have to pay to have a block party, help out the residents please.


Liliana Pomareda
North Tradewinds Avenue
From: pomareda
Sent: Tue 5/4/2010 10:31 PM
To: Stuart Dodd
Subject: Re: Block Party $ 100??? Kindly waive the fee.

Thanks for reply, 1. Application and request for fee waiver faxed to Town, I know writing to commission is not right way to ask, that is why I faxed and notarized app, still I feel need to communicate to our elected commission un fair balance in permit fees for residents compared to restaurants 2. Fee to use our streets for parties weekends at a time are too low for restaurants, 3. Yes I have a parking permit, think we as residents pay too much for. Will call to discuss ,

Are the above comments made by their new Chair the opinions of the CIC as well?…OUCH! …

Watch out LBTS…the CIC is now guaranteed to loud and full of trouble… Looks like “Newbie” got her stripes…

This is gonna be fun!…

more to come….

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