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Here’s The Scoop … May 26, 2010 LBTS Round Table … Plenty Of Time To Discuss ..







a. Method for conducting search for full time Town Manager (Mayor Roseann

Minuet) -Deferred at the April 28, 2010 Roundtable for Town Attorney to

obtain RFP from the City of Pompano beach and for Town Attorney and

Mayor Minuet to work together.

BC- The Town Manager put together an RFQ (Request For Qualifications) “to issue a single contract to a  firm to provide consulting services to recruit and perform background evaluations on candidates for Town Manager”….It contains the following…

A”Project Overview”… “the intent of this project”…”The successful contractor will furnish assistance to the Town Commission “…”to identify and develop a list of desirable candidates based upon a consensus-developed profile. The contractor will be expected to design a statewide recruitment effort, which will also include conducting  full background,effectiveness, and performance assessments of recommended candidates, and negotiation of a contract with the selected candidate. The approach must include individual interviews with the Town Commissioners to obtain their input on the desired attributes of the Town Manager, and must include organizing at least one gathering in the Town for the top candidate(s0 with Town Commission, Town staff, and members of the community.”…


B. “Specific Requirements” … which spells out the termination of the former TM and that we have an Int. TM who, is a candidate for the position. …It also states the Com. wants the position selected “as soon as is practical”

C. “Background” …an overview of the Town …

Secs. 5.3 /5.4/5.5
Sec. 5.3. Town Manager–Appointment, qualifications and compensation.
The Town Commission shall appoint a Town Manager who shall be the administrative head of the municipal government under the direction and supervision of the Town Commission. The Town Manager shall hold office at the pleasure of the Town Commission. The Town Manager shall receive such compensation as determined by the Town Commission through the adoption of an appropriate resolution. The Town Manager shall be appointed by resolution approving an employment contract between the Town and the Town Manager. The Town Manager shall be appointed solely on the basis of education and experience in the accepted competencies and practices of local public management including, a graduate degree with a concentration in public administration, public affairs, public policy, or public finance and two (2) years’ experience as an appointed city manager or county manager, or four (4) years’ experience as an assistant or deputy city manager or assistant or deputy county manager.

Sec. 5.4. Town Manager–Absence or disability; removal.
During the absence or disability of the Town Manager, the Town Commission may by resolution designate some properly qualified person to temporarily execute the functions of the Town Manager. The person thus designated shall have the same powers and duties as the Town Manager, and shall be known while so serving as “Acting Town Manager.” The Town Manager or Acting Town Manager may be removed by the Town Commission at any time.

Sec. 5.5. Town Manager–Powers and duties.
The Town Manager shall be responsible to the Town Commission for the proper administration of all affairs of the Town coming under the Town Manager’s jurisdiction, and the Town Manager’s powers are and they shall be:
(1) To see that the laws and ordinances of the Town are enforced.
(2) To appoint or remove all subordinate officers and employees.
(3) To exercise, control and direct supervision over all departments and divisions of the municipal government under the classified service, except where otherwise provided.
(4) To see that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the Town or its inhabitants in any public utility franchise are faithfully kept and performed; and upon knowledge of any violation thereof, to call the same to the attention of the Town Attorney, whose duty it is hereby made to take such legal steps as may be necessary to enforce the same.
(5) To attend all meetings of the Town Commission, with right to take part in the discussions, but without having a vote.
(6) To recommend to the Town Commission for adoption such measures as the Town Manager may deem necessary or expedient in the interest of the Town.
(7) To keep the Town Commission fully advised as to the financial conditions and needs of the Town and at the proper time to submit to the Town Commission for its consideration an annual budget.
(8) To advise and consult with all officers and official heads of the several departments of the Town relative to the affairs of such department, and to make recommendations to the Town Commission respecting such departments as the Town Manager may see fit.
(9) To perform such other duties as may be prescribed under this Charter, or may be required of the Town Manager by motion, direction, ordinance or resolution of the Town Commission.
(10) To prepare and submit to the Town Commission an annual financial audit of its accounts and records, completed no later than six (6) months after the end of its fiscal year by an independent certified public accountant retained by the Town Commission and paid from its public funds.
(11) To sign all checks, warrants, bonds and agreements issued by the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea.
(12) To assist the Town Commission to develop long-term goals for the Town and strategies to implement these goals.
(13) To encourage and provide staff support for regional and intergovernmental cooperation.
(14) To promote partnerships among the Town Commission, staff, and citizens in developing public policy and building a sense of community.
Sec. 3.6
Sec. 3.6. Non-interference in Town Administration.
The Town Commission or its members shall not give orders to any Town officer or employees who are subject to the direction and supervision of the Town Manager, either publicly or privately. Nothing in the foregoing is to be construed to prohibit individual members of the Town Commission from examining by question and personal observation all aspects of Town government operations so as to obtain independent information to assist the members in the formulation of policies to be considered by the Commission and assure the implementation of such policies as have been adopted. It is the express intent of this provision, however, that such inquiry shall not interfere directly with the regular municipal operations of the Town and that recommendations for change or improvements in Town government operations be made to and through the Town Manager.

D. “Submission of Responses” ..What is required to be included in RFQ… to assure consistency, information and conform to the format…Cover letter/project team/statement of skills and experience of project team as related to similar projects for other communities with similar characteristics and demographics, and details regarding the Responder’s capacity to complete the project/ Resumes of key personnel (limit 1 pg per person)/info on costs-fees/project approach/proposed timeline/references for past TM search projects with preference for coastal communities in S.Fl.region…how it is to be bound and initialed

E. “Selection/Evaluation”…Project team experience and capacity/Project approach/Cost-fees ..”State the total cost to the Town for the project.Proposed costs shall be all-inclusive; additional charges to be assessed. State warranty provisions for repeating the process, should the selected candidate not complete at least two years of service with the Town./ Project Timeline

F. “Questions and Communication- Question go to Town Clerk

G. “Addenda”- Town can change or cancel the RFQ at anytime before or after the closing date.

H. “Acceptance Periods”- Qualification in response to RFQ will be considered offers -miust remain open no less than 120 days from closing date.

I. “RFQ Conditions And Provisions”- Responders required to dot i’s and cross t’s

J. “Selection/Evaluation Process-see above

k. “Insurance”- proof of insurance for Responders

L.”Standard Provision” Gov. law/Conflict of Interest/Drug free workplace/Public entity crimes etc…

BC- Very glad to see 5 weeks into her new position the Int. TM is a candidate for the permanent position…I still believe as I did from the get-go…we do not need to have a firm..put out the TM job application as was done in Miami Lakes placed on the proper websites/hard print and go from there..

b. Attorney General Opinion on Law Enforcement Trust Funds -Deferred at the

April 28, 2010 Roundtable for Interim Town Manager to get amount

spent on prison cell and interview room.

BC- This was previously posted …VM Dodd (this writer agrees) believes funds were not used appropriately in the new BSO quarters with the LETF funds and the Gen. Fund should repay a portion to rectify the situation…The Town Commission needs to be vigilant about how those funds are used going forth…Will  VM Dodd have any support with a new majority and a new Administration?…

c. Mitigation of Liens /Nuisance Ordinance /Discussion on Code Enforcement

Liens (Vice Mayor Dodd and Mayor Roseann Minuet) -Deferred at the April

16, 201 D Commission Roundtable to reference Nuisance Ordinance and

Mitigation of Liens

BC- Another VM Dodd (as Comm.) item originally in his first 2 years…it was shot down by the then-majority and the former Admin….At the time it was requested for the former Asst. TM to look at other municipalities..particularly Pompano Beach due to the fact that Dodd had based his item on discussions with the Town’s Special Magistrate who is also the Pomp. Bch Town Atty….True to form that was not done…just a form of what would be required and a “thumbs down” from staff…Fast forward …new TM/Asst. TM and a resident who provided what staff did not…the Pomp. Bch plan and their “Amnesty Program” that “allows a payment to solve code enforcement liens of 25% or $500 whichever is smaller.” The resident, Mr. Overton states “I think a 50% or $1000 whichever is smaller would be a welcome relief for residents of LBTS”… In the backup was the Amnesty Fact Sheet with the criteria found online … …. Also in the backup was item 12c from May 26,2009 when this was back on after the May 14,2009 meeting…In the included minutes ..was the “Draft policy on mitigation of coded compliance fines and recorded liens”…”Commissioner Dodd asked whether Town staff spoke with the Magistrate and whether these were the recommendations of the Magistrate. Assistant Town Manager Olinzock said it was a combination of his recommendation along with the recommendation of staff and the Town Manager. He added that staff did not recommend it; they believed it a workable way of approaching it.” Then VM McIntee made a motion to approve (he was most likely asleep at the wheel again) and Dodd 2nd it…”Assistant Town Manager Olinzock explained further that staff did not recommend this as rules were broken, the property owners were in violation and penalties were issued.” (Hmmm…Pot call the Kettle …JohnO?)…”Commissioner Dodd felt that since the Magistrate recommended it, it should be supported. McIntee (woke up) withdrew his motion.” …Another reason why they are no longer in charge!… New Commission…new Administration …new recommendation & support?…

d. Review of Boat Ordinances (Mayor Roseann Minuet)

BC- This stems from a letter from a resident who also came to speak at Public comments a few meetings back when he was no longer allowed to store his boat on their private beach…Attached was the ord. from 6-24-97 “Sec 5.51 Operation of boats restricted- It is unlawful for any person-4. Uses of the beaches, either public or private, for storage or parking of boats…also it was code in 1962/ord. in 1982prior to 1997…Doubt this is going anywhere…surprised he was untouched for code violation for so long…

e. Senior Center Fees (Commissioner Scot Sasser)

BC- This was another example of no clarification in direction by the prev. Comm. and Administration…The idea was not to exclude those not here annually…it was to charge non-residents for  use..renters were considered residents..there was no discussion differentiating between renters and the time they reside here…This writer 1st heard about this as the fiasco of sending those who did not meet the Broward County “list” to Town Hall to sign up…It was again a unilateral decision made by the former Administration to impose the annual criteria for use!… Same as above new majority-new Administration…there should be a new recommendation and support…

f. Recycling (Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd)

BC- VM Dodd wanted the value of return for recycling to discuss ways to increase it and have more participation from Town residents …$9,436.09 is the revenue …and it is listed unencumbered …Right before she was terminated former TM Colon suddenly sent a very strange memo to the Comm. stating she was going to do “research” on single stream recycling in other municipalities as there were residents and Comms. that did not want it!… That was never the case on or off the dais…and single stream is being implemented everywhere…a simple Google would have sufficed (prev. post)…

g. Red Light Cameras (Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd)

BC- Cannot agree with the VM on this one…Red Light Cameras may be at the forefront with lawsuits and trouble for municipalities …TM Hoffman included the following story…

h. Traffic Lights – SE 15t” Street and A1A / (Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey

and Mayor Roseann Minuet)

BC- Have not seen Mayor “Minuet” in a while on an agenda…oops!… Looks like Clottey and Minnet are responding to a letter from the Bel Air Board for a traffic light …But it seems like deja-vu for this neighborhood…another letter was sent to the Commission from a Bel air resident saying the board did not speak for the majority of the neighbors and a traffic light is not wanted!… Looks like either another door to door survey or another town letter needs to be sent for the true desires of the Bel Air majority…Also was the the call for the Assumption light to be on demand for pedestrians…

i. Lifeguard Feasibility Study (Mayor Roseann Minnet)

BC- Mayor Minnet had a phone conversation on April 27, 29010 with Dr. John  Fletemeyer and discussed a proposal for a lifeguard feasibility study he was submitting , just as he will be conducting with Dr. Stephen Leatherman at Virginia Key Beach this summer. He conclude a similar study in Panama Beach …The objective was to provide an overview about the efficacy of lifeguards and will include a preliminary plan to establish lifeguard service in will focus in cos and funding issues identified by the Mayor during their last 2 phone conversations…He states he “significantly discounted the cost of the study after the Mayor made him aware of limited funding available and “the importance of moving this forward before there are more drownings.”.. The amt $3.400 to be completed in 90 days  with a progress report in 45 days and a power point presentation… Also included was the cost for the Virginia Beach  study which was $60,00!…Huh?….Will the Sentinel be sniffing this one out and make inquiry as to LBTS going toward lifeguards once again?… (prev. posts)… New majority…new Administration…will there be a recommendation and support for this?

j. Discussion regarding the Commission E-mail system (Commissioner Vincent)

BC- Comm. Vincent under “special notes””I have attempted with great frustration to work with the system and it is not user-friendly and antiquated.” …Welcome to what then -Comm. Dodd frequently was attacked by the former majority and the former Administration for stating the same frustration, Comm. Vincent!… Same as above…new Administration..definitely new recommendation and support…(see TM progress report..prev. post 5/25/10 agenda)…


more to come….

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