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Here’s The Scoop … May 10, 2010 LBTS -Capital Improvement Project/ Stormwater Master Plan Agenda …




MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010






a: Capital Improvement Projects

BC- This forum was pushed from April 26th (Olinzock termination) to this date…New Int. Asst. TM Bentley will be in charge as Int. TM Hoffman is away on a planned vacation made prior to her appointment. She will return for the Reg Comm. meeting the following night…We are told in diving up responsibilities the TM is overseeing Finance, Administration and the 3 Public Safety contracts ..The TM is also improving the quality of information sent to the Comm. and beginning the budget analysis and budget preparation process …While Bud Bentley has been assigned oversight of the Municipal/Development Services Directors ,Parking ,CIP, the Town’s contract with Chen & Assoc., and technology issues.. (We hear the Round Table will have a mike that is hung from the ceiling and that new lights have been installed in Jarvis Hall.)…

In the backup online was an explanation of the change of date for the meeting … and an attached 2010-11 CIP pgs. 117-119 of the 2010 adopted budget …and the following from Int. Asst. TM “In addition, we are working with the Town Engineer to prepare a list of all capital projects and their status. The list will included those items on the Master Plan and those funded in the CIP. A draft of the project list will be available for the Monday Workshop.”

“Staff Recommendation Provide policy direction to staff.”

BC- the CIP projects for years 2010-2015 (pg. 119) included the street resurfacing /Bel Air Entry sign/Rebuild Beach Dunes/ Decorative Residential Street  Lighting South & North/ A1A Landscaping & Streetscaping -FDOT Project (2010-12) w/ Project description”RFP preparation, design and streetscape beautification improvements on A1A. This project will consist of landscaping, low level lighting with shade trees and tree grates from Pine Ave to Terra mar Drive.”/ Cost sharing Beach Re- nourishment / Fish Habitat Project (What’s the holdup w/ this one …last we heard we were getting permits… VM Dodd sent in inquiry on “shovel ready project w/ NOAA who had $167 mil. for such coral reef projects/ Repair Bridge Terra Mar / Townwide Bus Shelters/ El Mar Streetscape…(See below Stormwater Master Plan- it is this writer’s opinion any beautification now is “cart before the horse after reading study costs for drainage on El Mar)/ Sidewalk Replacement/ also shown was Marine Park Project which was turned down for funding …and as previously posted was voted on instead of pursuing the light problems on El Mar…/pg 118 listed the CIP Budget El Mar Streetscape-LBTS-Broward County(scope)/ Marine Park/ A1A Streetscape/ Pine Ave. to A1A Streetscape (scope)/ Fish Habitat Restoration/ Town Entryway-Bel Air Monument (w/ sketch)…pg 50 listed the $1,686.862 amt. decreased by $1, 393.176 from the 2009/10 amended budget


“LAKE COLON”  LBTS Commercial Bvd. Beach pavilion… April 2010 …#7 on the “Hit Parade” for projects…

b: Stormwater Master Plan

The Int. Asst. TM wrote an explanation that Chen &Assco. will be in attendance at the Mon. night meeting to describe in more detail the 18 projects (see below) …He added the intent of the meeting is to get input from the Commission of the priority of the various projects and possible phasing of the projects…He attached a list that included the costs from 2010-2015 (see below)…Mr. Bentley added the following..

“Since there is not a dedicated funding source in the city’s five year capital improvement plan for these projects, with the possible exception of some funds for El Mar drive, the issue of how we finance stormwater projects is a topic to be addressed as part of the discussion of project priorities. Chen & Associates scope of services did not include a funding plan; however, they did suggest, as a first step, the Town reinstate a stormwater utility fee.” …Mr. Bentley also included the “primary alternatives for funding stormwater projects are”…pay as you go/ Debt/Grant/Combo of all 3…He added “A pay as you go would clearly require the projects be spread out over a lengthy period of time, possibly a decade or more. Ideally, some of these projects should be done in tandem with planned beautification, sidewalk, entryway and parking projects called for in the Town’s Master Plan and CIP in order to minimize disruptions and costs”…This writer wholeheartedly agrees and hopes that under a new administration we have no more “piecemealing” that puts us in the situation we now find ourselves in… (see below)…

BC- This writer has taken a look at the CD provided to the Commission by the Town Engineer and Chen (last Comm. Meeting)… It is over 300 pages and much of it is data collected by other companies and prior to this “$120,000 study”… It is this writer’s opinion we paid for a lot of nothing, in my opinion!.. VM Dodd  asked repeatedly about what information we already possessed from Tele-Vac etc…and was told the company had some old info on tapes …with no acknowledgment of any other information … Readers may recall (prev. post) when the former TM/Asst. TM said we needed to purchase our own GIS because the County would not share theirs..It was to collect data throughout the town for the infrastructure…We bought it…and we did indeed use it….A look at the provided draft from Chen dated April 27, 2010 shows that…and more …

pg 2-2 -2.6 -“Drainage Atlas Chen and Associates created a drainage atlas for the Town of Lauderdale-By-The- Sea in August 2008 in GIS format based on available paper atlas drawings, drainage as-built drawings, and site inspections. This drainage atlas depicted the geographic locations of stormwater catch basins, surface inlets, manholes, outfalls, and pipe. The drainage atlas also included the drainage pipe sizes when this information was available. Further information on the stormwater management system, such as rim elevations, invert elevations, water quality measures(i.e. baffles, weirs, etc.) pipe diameter, and pipe material needed for development of existing conditions model. Chen and Associates transferred this additional information into the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) drainage atlas. The updated drainage atlas for the Town of Lauderdale-By-The Sea is shown within the section of the report on Exhibit 2.6-Existing Drainage Atlas.”

“Chen and Associates coordinated with Tele-Vac, South, Inc. , which has been retained by Town to assist with the verification of the drainage atlas. Tele-Vac has been using the original drainage atlas to assist with their cleaning and televising of existing drainage pipes within the Town. Tele-Vac has provided Chen and Associates with updates on existing stormwater management system as their work progresses. Coordination between Tele-Vac and Chen and Associates will be on going as work progresses to provide both projects with the most accurate information possible.”

2.7″ Past Projects “…Chen and Assoc. already had the info from the Seagrape projects south and north as well as Oriana and Minto …also the existing and obtained 2.8 “Property Research” plat mats -2.9 “Existing Permits from SFWMD & BCEPGM which consisted of Terra Mar Neighborhood Improvement Project/ Bridge over Spanish River at Terra Mar Drive/ State Road A1A/ Ocean Walk Condominiums…

BC- So it appears much of what was used was already in the Town’s possession or readily available… So  it is imperative we are provided with a breakdown of what the $120,000 was for….

A proposed improvement cost estimate summary was included …it includes the project names and the costs from 2010-2015…

BC- I chose to use 2011 projects and cost prices…

1. Grass swale program $2,283,514

-Re-grade swale Qty. 85365

2. Pipe Inspec. and Cleaning Program $322,396

-Clean/ Televise Drainage pipe Qty.60261

3. Outfall Inspection and Cleaning Program $34,240

-Clean/ Televise Drainage Pipe Qty. 4000

4. Pipe Repair Program $1, 762.317

-Remove and Repair Drainage Pipe Qty.3110/Install Lining on Existing Pipe Qty. 16777

5. Bougainvilla Drive $1,342545

-15″ R.C. P. Drainage Pipes Qty.270/ 24″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipes Qty. 1,800/ Catch basins Qty.15

6. Poinciana Street $1,109.752

-15″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipes Qty. 255/ 24″ Drainage pipes Qty. 1,645/ Catch basins Qty.16

7. PAVILION Area $629,501

-15″ R.C.P. Drainage pipes Qty. 25/ 24″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipes Qty. 25/ 24′ Drainage Pipe w/ Exfiltration Trench Qty. 585/ Catch Basins Qty.6/ Drainage well w/ control structure Qty.1/ Conflict structure Qty.1/ Connect to existing Drainage Qty.5/ Remove and Dispose of Existing Drainage Structure Qty.1/ Utility Offset Qty. 2/ Pavement Restoration Qty. 4,750

8. EL MAR DRIVE NORTH $1,540,569

-15″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe v 665/ 24″ R.C.P. Drainage pipe w/ Exfiltration Trench Qty. 1,745/ Catch Basins Qty. 19/ Conflict structures Qty. 1/ Connect to Existing Drainage Qty. 4/ Remove and Dispose Existing Drainage Structure Qty. 17/ Remove and Dispose of Existing Drainage Pipes Qty.575/ Utility Offset Qty. 2/ Pavement Restoration Qty. 8,640/ Paved Swale, Sidewalk and Driveway Restoration Qty. 3,095/

9. EL MAR DRIVE SOUTH $1,708,686

-15″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe Qty. 550/ 24″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe with Exfiltration Trench Qty. 2,035/ Catch Basins Qty. 18/ Conflict Structure Qty.1/ Connect to Existing Drainage Qty.2/ Remove and Dispose of Existing Drainage Structure Qty. 18/ Remove and Dispose of Existing Drainage Pipe Qty. 820/ Utility Offset Qty.2/ Pavement Restoration Qty.10,580/ Paved Swale, Sidewalk, and Driveway Restoration Qty. 2,860

BC- The El Mar Beautification Project should be put on hold until this drainage issue is finished … It is akin to the wallpaper being put up before the plumber tears up the floors!… The money is not going anywhere…and for all the beautification done prior to the drainage …it will certainly not hold up to this major project that runs the entire length of El Mar Drive…

10. Alleyways (option 1) $326,512

-option 1- 15″R.C.P Drainage Pipe Qty. 1,180/Catch Basins Qty. 7/ Connecting to Existing Drainage Qty. 5/ Utility Offset Qty. 3/Pavement Restoration Qty. 1,950

11. Alleyways (option 2) $481,982

-option 2-  Remove Existing Pavement, Replace with Pervious Pavers Qty. 1,950

12. West Tradewinds Avenue $250,754

-12″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe Qty. 137/ 15″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe Qty.115/ 24″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe Qty.455/ Catch basins Qty.4

13. Flamingo Avenue $$340,889

-15″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe Qty.45/ 24″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe Qty.350/ Catch Basins Qty.4

14. Hibiscus Avenue $182,906

-15″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe Qty.70/ 24″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe Qty.55/ 24″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe with Exfiltration Trench Qty.180/ Catch basins Qty.3

15.Datura Avenue $202,226

-15″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe Qty.75/ 24″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe Qty.125/ 24″ R.C.P. Drainage Pipe with Exfiltration Trench Qty.180/ Catch Basins 4

16. Basin Drive $252,896

-15″ R.C. P. Drainage Pipe Qty.120/ 24″ Drainage Pipe with Exfiltration Trench Qty.520/ Catch Basins 6

17. Harbor Drive $ 586,534

-15” R.C.P. Drainage Pipe Qty.310/ 24″R.C.P. Drainage Pipe with Exfiltration Trench Qty.960/ Catch Basin Qty.12

18. Terra mar Drive $26,983

-Core Existing Drainage structure, Regrade Area Qty. 1

TOTAL $13,385,201/ 2012 $14,322,165/ 2013 $15,324,717/ 2014 $16,387,447/ 2015 $ 17,545,269


Televised on Comcast Ch. 78/ Town Website

more to come….

Thanks to the Roving photogs for the Lake Colon “snorkelers”…

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