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Here’s The Scoop … March 4, 2010 LBTS Agenda ….Going Out With A Whimper Or A Bang? ….



Dear Readers… This is the last meeting for this current majority… (many hope)….The last time for outgoing Vice Mayor Jerry McIntee who is down to one car and a Pod in front of his house..and headed off to either begin all over again most likely somewhere in norther Florida as newcomer with stories of heroism and single handed feats of  glory as “David vs Goliath”…or not…Nahhhh…We’re bettin’ on old habits…old M.O.s being firmly cemented within his very core… like a Sea Turtle heading toward the light…that sometime in the not too distant future stories will begin to trickle back to LBTS of a Buffalo Cop …Bomb and Arson Investigator… making headlines…”If it walks like a duck…Quack, Quack”….

Will this last Commission meeting go out with a bang or a whimper?… That’s the only unknown… The rest is just more of what we have seen in the last 4 years of endless repeats of the same items on the agenda…and the last 2 years of this Silverstone-Clottey-McIntee- Furth- Colon Commission… slanted…self serving…substandard governing witnessed and impacting us all…

Will this be the last “Brooms”…with a new commission coming aboard to be sworn in on March 15th….For all of us who have paid attention…have paid the price …in so many ways…as a result of the vote in 2008….it sure looks that way….

MARCH 4, 2010 AGENDA…..




Reverend George Hunsaker… we will watch as he tries as he has so often over the past 2 years to ask the commission to listen to each other and their constituents…and make decisions for the greater good…

BC- Additions… and there should be some…especially when to comes to this election…. and the latest from the Colon-Olinzock “camp”…. details to come….


a. Proclamation – Proclaiming April as Florida’s Water Conservation Month

BC- Lots of “Whereas” for where our drinking water comes from…how much is consumed….alternatives being developed for billions of $….conservation and the South Florida Water Management/Governor/Florida Cabinet/Mayor of LBTS….

b. Proclamation – Proclaiming May 10 through May 16, 2010 as Water Reuse

BC- Ditto on the “Whereas”…water supplies that are finite….population increasing….water resources need increasing….promotion of water reuse as state objectives Chapters 373 and 403 Fl. Statutes….Town joins State of Florida /Fl. DEP/S.Fl. Water Management Dist. to encourage reuse and conservation…Town has implemented reuse and encourages efficient and effective use of reclaimed water…(We have?)…


BC- Will she or won’t she?… Many are curious if  CIC “Newbie” and “Instigator” Liliana Pomareda sign up first to perpetuate her “BTSTimes EDITED News Flash” over an incident that the Youtube video clearly shows was not as she described!… ….Today we hear that Mrs. Pomareda furthered her lack of having any credibility by sending yet another e-mail saying ths Youtube video was harmful for her children as it showed them and she went into it being used by someone behind closed doors…YIKES!… The video does show her child briefly in a sideways view AFTER she used the stroller carrying him to “attack” the supporters of her opponents (as described by witnesses and filed in a police report given the next day)…It also show Liliana Pomareda anything but intimidated as the Times News Flash tried to portray saying loud and clear as her child’s side profile was briefly shown”Smile for the cameras everybody!”…Not quite a fear of the child being harmed…Furthermore Mrs. Pomareda has chose each day to have her children out on the busy street corners of A1A and Commercial, we are told… We have seen Mrs. Pomareda CIC-“Newbie” quite a lot front and center this campaign season..It was at the previous 2 Commission meetings that she threw a piece a paper at a fellow resident after he spoke and she along with the town Manager accused him of a racial slur (again, a look at the video on Feb 9, 2010 of that meeting shows there was no slur…and she perpetuated that falsehood at the Feb 23, 2010 meeting yet again at her public comments)…Liliana Pomareda is certainly earning her CIC “stripes” in the Municipal election of 2010 … She could be their CIC “Citizen of the Year” next July 4th if Silverstone/Evans/ Couriel win the election…OOPS!…




a. Commission & Staff Past & Present Accomplishments

BC- as previously posted this one is way out of line for the Town Manager…Politics 101…and should be deferred until March 15th…

Speaking of March 15th the “Special Meeting”…Swearing In the new Commissioners…The Administration set it up for 5 pm …see below under “19. Future Agenda Items”…”March 15, 2010 Special -Election Results”…What gives?… Change it to 7 pm and allow all who work for a living to be in attendance…


a. February 17, 2010 Special Meeting Minutes

BC- Sad to see how poor the minutes are…how much is missing…although it does show that it was a hastily put together meeting…without the proper backup provided!…

Funny today in the Sentinel could have been a “sign” of what we might have had with a Furth-led McIntee Memorial El Mar Drive “Median Walkway” …”Shovel Ready” according to the Clottey-Silverstone-Evans and Couriel…if it was left as they wanted….,0,2608787.story ….

b. January 26, 2010 Regular Meeting Minutes

Deferred at the February 23, 2010 Commission meeting by Commissioner


BC- minutes were incorrect…last meeting…


1. Ordinances 1st Reading

2. Ordinances 2nd Reading


BC- will the might y wind blow hot or cold…Will “Politics” be done against the commission’s own rules…or willwe all be in amazement that 3 minutes were used for once as they should have been over the last 4 years…Taking bets?….


a. Commission approval of Special Event Application for Easter Sunrise Service

2010, Sunday, April 4, 2010, 5:00 AM till 8:30 AM, a Town sponsored event

(Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

b. Commission approval of Special Event Application for Athena By The Sea

Wine and Food Festival 2010, Saturday March 13, 2010, Sunday March 14,

2010, Wednesday March 17, 2010 1:00 PM till 11:00 PM, waiving the 60 day

submission requirement of the Town Code (Assistant Town Manager


c. Commission approval of Special Event Application for Angel’s Pediatric Heart

House Fundraiser 2010, Sunday March 21, 2010, 12:00 PM till 9:00 PM,

refund of the $100.00 application fee, waiving the 60 day submission

requirement of the Town Code (Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

d. Commission approval of a Special Exception for the placement of rooftop

antennas within the RM-25 zoning district per Town Ordinance 30-325 (d) (6)

(Assistant Town Manager Olinzock)

13. RESOLUTION – “Public Comments”



a. Commission approval of contract agreement with PBS&J, Fort Lauderdale, in

the amount of $58,300.00 for the design of the Florida Department of

Transportation (FDOT) Local Agency Program (LAP) SR-A1A Enhancement

Project FM-418022-1, Pine Avenue to Terra Mar Drive (Assistant Town

Manager Olinzock)

Deferred at the February 23, 2010 COMMISSION meeting by Commissioner


BC- This one was deferred because Candidate Scot Sasser at public comments brought to the Commission’s attention some press concerning PBS&J and some problems they may have…The Manager was none too pleased and had not heard of anything…She said she would check it out… An e-mail was sent to “Harry” from Asst. TM Olinzock that night (Tuesday, February 23, 2010 11:38pm)) …Harry?…Hmmm. a relationship there?… “Harry, A commission candidate spoke this evening during public comment about recent improprieties within your company that made recent news. Could you explain further to me or could you direct me to someone in your organization who could. I need to report back to the Commission ASAP. …Harry Belton sent back an e-mail (wed. 24-Feb-10 4:39pm) to “John”…Hmmmm…. saying the articles were in the Miami Herald and written by a “nonprofit blog,” and reprinted “as-is”…”without their editorial guidance”…Harry said they have since addressed it with the Herald Editor… No indication of a retraction was stated by “Harry”…He did say there were concerns over improper campaign contributions that occurred 15 years ago…and it was investigated by the FEC ..He went on to describe the incident…an employee was involved …and that employee along with 3 others were charged with embezzlement…He said PBS&J filed a”victims statement”…and recommended significant prison sentences for the three convicted employees…The woman filed her complaint before her sentencing…it was reviewed over two years and “significant documents”…and on Oct.20, 2009 the case was closed without any action impact on PBS&J financial statements…although 2 former employees did plead guilty to campaign finance violations…The other matter  currently being discussed in the press concerning the “wholly owned subsidiary, PBS&J International Inc.”…is under an internal investigation with the Audit Committee of Board of Directors to determine whether any law including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” may have been violated in connection with certain projects undertaken by International.”… “The investigation does not suggest that any violation extends beyond International Operations or that members of the Company’s executive management were involved in illegal conduct.”…He stated the company “voluntarily” disclosed the possible violations”…He ended up by saying he hoped the “explanation puts all the Town’s concerns at ease”…

On the backup was another e-mail exchange between Harry and John…for the “design agreement with the deadline” Feb. 12, 2010.sent to Harry from John…..and a “attached scope of the prepared agreement to John from Harry that includes” I have not sent anything to anyone else in the Town. All things will go to you. If you agree with what is in the scope, we can add to the contract approved by your Town attorney or use a standard contract. If you have any questions, please call me.”… The scope description was Exhibit “A”…Total fee $58,300…

The Town attorney’s opinion…was also in the backup… it describes the Local Agency Program agreement between the Town and the FDOT and the “Standard Professionals Services Agreement”…that was included …and was left blank…..





March 15, 2010 Special -Election Results

BC- Again…needs to be at 7 pm…

March 23, 2010 Special -Organizational procedures

BC- also at 5 pm before the 7 pm Regular commission meeting with the new commission… open to the public- no public comments…

March 23, 2010 -Board & Committee Member Selection

BC- at the organizational meeting the new commission needs to put this aside and give time for concerned and interested residents to put in resumes for consideration…2010-11 will provide many important tasks and projects for Town Boards …it should not be done as in the past with cronies…and no due diligence…No fast tracking… this g0 round!…

more to come….

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