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Here’s The Scoop … LBTS- VFD Hit The Jackpot! ….

2009-2010 LBTS-VFD BUDGET WITH 4% INCREASE …$877,783.00/$73,148.57 PER MONTH ….



THE 3RD LBTS-VFD INCOME AND EXPENSE STATEMENT (previous reports in the VFD category)

vfd 3rd i & e pg 1

vfd 3rd i & e pg 2

vfd 3rd i&e pg3

BC- What stands out for this taxpayer…(Some comparisons this report/2nd report 1-1-09 to 1-31-09/ 1st report 10-1-08 to 12-31-08)….

Page 1..

Income from Other Contract Rev. 10,976.21/2nd report 0.00/ 1st report 3,953.46

Income from Fire Inspection 17,468.70/2nd report 4,600/ 1st report-no listing

Income from Fire Watch 4,091.00 /2nd report 375.00/ 1st report-no listing

Expenses….Fire Call Incentive 31,462.50/ 2nd report 34,860.00/1st report 27,615.00

Expenses….Medical Call Incentive 18,605.00/ 2nd report 7,250.00/ 1st report 10.00

Expenses… Awards 492.00 /2nd report 400.00/ 1st report-no listing

Expenses Fire Inspections 5,620.00/2nd report 1,533.25/ 1st report-no listing

Expenses Fire Suppression Personnel -Other 4,773.75/2nd report 315.00/ 1st report (270)

Expenses Beach Patrol  Incentive 2,270.00/2nd report 1,675.00/ 1st report 445.00

Expenses Salary 11,343.76/11,487.76/ 1st report-no listing

Expenses Total Fire Suppression Personnel 90,091.18/ 2nd report 84,434.53/ 1st report 67,399.99

Page 2….

Expenses Beach Rescue Service  Fire Boat 9,548.48/ Equipment 1,025.65/ Other 4,658.63/ Sea Doo 2,570.36 /Total Beach Rescue Service 18,727.72/2nd report equipment 4,859.43/Sea Doo 8,820.76 /Total Beach Rescue Service 14,785.74/ 1st report Total Beach Rescue Service 2,157.44

Expenses Promo Items Expenses 2,000/2nd report 1,679.00/1st report 1,650.00

Expenses consulting services 760/2nd report 250/ 1st report 452

Expenses Fire Service phone 1,427.13/cable 515.42/internet service 826.52/ Station Operation Expense 541.25/ Apparatus Misc. 1,717.95/ 2nd report phone 1,588.01/TV 993.86/internet service 22.95/Apparatus Misc 10.74/ 1st report phone 958.17/TV 269.47/ internet services 22.95/ Apparatus Misc. 170.95

Expenses Equipment Fire Apparatus 5,503.86/ 2nd report 14,382.89/ 1st report.1,482.00

Expenses computer 1,841.63/2nd report 3,331.20/ 1st report 691.00

Expenses Radio communications 3,391.55/2nd report 12,426.95/ 1st report  4,010.42

Expenses Hurricane Trailer 2,146.37

Expenses Total Supplies  8,7788.76/2nd report 8,445.17/ 1st report 1,940.00

Expenses Uniform Bunker Gear 6,852.22/ 2nd report 3,492.51/ 1st report 16,443.73

Expenses Station Uniform 6,788.74/ 2nd report 2,189.57/ 1st report 18,030.89

3rd page….

Expenses Misc 26,205.99/ 2nd report 14,760.36/ 1st report 511.90

Expenses Inspector Comp. 12,500.98/ 2nd report 12,499.01/ 1st report-no listing

Expenses Town Split 6,380.35/ 2nd report-no listing/ 1st report-no listing

Future Purchase Fund 37,040.93/ 2nd report 8,155.56/ 1st report (26,530.59)

OF NOTE… no expense shown for the ads purchased in the Mc-Furth Times in any of the reports…/ No Booster Fund Expenses shown in any of the 3 reports- 1st report does show “Due To Booster Acct (50,000) (Advance start up cost)”……

With the Expenses increasing with each of the 3 Income/Expense Statements…and the constant purchases we are witnessing, culminating in a $150,000 purchase of the 102 ft ladder truck with nary a thought of its appearance of “over the top consumption” for this little  2 1/2 mile town, especially in these hard economic times the current VFD looks like they hit the jackpot!….With the 4% increase coming there way in October and their split of yearly town wide fire inspections the good times are guaranteed to continue under the current VFD leadership of the Vice Mayor-Deputy Chief!…

more to come….

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