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Here’s The Scoop … LBTS Town Clerk White Blows Another Scheduled Meeting! …


Dear Readers …. June White the Town Clerk with more than 10 years under her belt….but still no Town Clerk certification…handpicked for her job by Town Manager Esther Colon…has struck again with botching up a commission meeting!…Readers may recall it was Town Clerk White that screwed up the final budget meeting in September by having it on Yom Kippur and then with an assist from the Town Manager and Commissioner Silverstone …she tried to wiggle out of her ineptness… only to be caught …and to lamely have to backtrack…This time, Town Clerk White was informed that the March 9th Regular Commission meeting falls on the Municipal Election…Town Clerk White put it on the new agenda under new business…and in the backup…Town Clerk White included a calendar from March 2010 that shows the Municipal election on the 9th and a mock agenda both with the date for the commission meeting on March 8, 2010!… Town Clerk White wants the commission to conduct a meeting the night before the election!…What is wrong with this Town Clerk?…. If this is still on the agenda tomorrow night and there is an actual vote and the vote is the usual 3-2 for a meeting in the waning hours of this very important commission race…Shame on the outgoing majority who will once again prove why there time is up after only 4 years!… As for Town Clerk White, no more scheduling commission meetings!…Hand it over to your Deputy Town Clerk, the one the Town Manager so happily supplied you with to make your job less complicated….OUCH!…

JAN. 12, 2010 -NEW BUSINESS …

“16c. Discussion and/or action regarding rescheduling the Commission Meeting

scheduled for March 9, 2010 and required election and protocol meetings

(Clerk White)”

more to come….

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