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Here’s The Scoop … LBTS Oct. 13, 2009 Agenda …. VM McIntee Throws Comm. Clottey An Assist … On Senior Center Invitation To Bid …


Oct. 13, 2009 Regular commission Meeting


e. Discussion and/or action regarding Request for Bid (Invitation to Bid) (Vice Mayor McIntee)

Dear Readers … previous posts addressed the unfortunate situation LBTS finds itself in with the Invitation To Bid on the Senior Center…which is now to be combined with the Recreation program….if the Town Manager has her way… It was done without Comm. Clottey putting it on a regular Commission meeting for discussion and/or action… The Director of the Senior Center was just told that the Commission wanted to go out for bid…and after 9 years he had no clue if he still had a job……The “Gang” is trying to justify their actions now with the McIntee inclusion of Comm. Clottey’s “verbatim” workshop statement at the July 8, 2009 Special Meeting…during Resolution 2009-19…in the backup for his agenda item…(So who found it for him staff?…or the BTSTimes Truth Deflector?)….

JULY 28, 2009 5 pm Special Meeting (Fire/Millage)….

Comm. Clottey – After making her $20,000 Chamber of Commerce statement…when she said if the Chamber received $20,000 from the County (for the Welcome Center) it should come off their budget… said the following..

At 01:12:10 on the video (link below) “…I also believe that, as Commissioner Dodd has said many times, that things should go out to bid and I’m very concerned about the amount of money that we’re paying for the Senior Citizen Center. I think that should be put out to bid. We don’t have to deal with Good Will. We have a contract with a gentleman that people who attend happen to like him, but when I worked it out on an hourly basis, he gets paid an awful lot of money. Those are the important things I have to say. Thank You.”…

This was a hearing…and again, this should have been put on the next agenda and discussed… Comm. Clottey  should have gone to the Senior Center before taking any further action…Town Manager Colon should not have done another BSO style misrepresentation in stating “the Commission” wanted this bid…while deviously asking for and using Armilio’s own job description in the bid package to replace him… Vice Mayor McIntee should NOT have gone into the Senior Center  this week and told Armilio that he [ Armilio] would NOT be going anywhere and he  [ Armilio] could tell people he  [ McIntee] said so and should NOT that the Town had to do this bid when they did NOT have to!…..

Nothing like an “assist” from the Vice Mayor…to make Commissioner Clottey look even more clueless……with friends like him…….

more to come…

link to video ….

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