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Here’s The Scoop … The Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Town Manager “Merry-Go-Round” … This “Ride” Is Over …


Dear Readers… on Wednesday August 25th at 5 pm (3b. Town Manager Applications Applications- previously distributed- Town
Manager applicant ranking sheet (Town Clerk June White) ….the Commission will meet to go over the 60+ resumes received by the Town by Aug. 16th for the Town Manager position … While many are certainly qualified, including some very interesting characters among the large number of applicants…it is this writer’s opinion there are two applicants that make the rest fade into the background as this merry-go-round of applicants comes to a full and final stop …….Of course I am speaking of our Interim Town Manager Connie Hoffmann and our Interim Assistant Town Manager Bud Bentley…These two have become such a prized team it would be crazy not to keep the status quo ….We were so lucky to have them in place in the aftermath of the past administration….

At this meeting the Commission agreed to come with their picks of the top 5-7 applicants for a list to then be sent on to a search firm ( 7 pm Reg. Comm. mtg. OLD BUSINESS item 14.a. Request for Qualifications for search firm for Town Manager -Town Attorney Susan Trevarthen)… Not necessary to do anymore in my opinion… especially if the Commission comes up with a consensus of their top 2 picks being #1 Hoffmann and #2 Bentley … (Let’s hope against hope Clueless Clottey does not revisit Int. TM Hoffmann’s educational qualifications yet again…only to be countered by TAtty. Susan Trevarthern yet again about the compatibility making it reasonable to consider Hoffmann’s degree fitting the Town’s Charter )…. The Town can then move on to negotiating a salary for Ms. Hoffmann that is transparent from the start…commensurate with her experience and other municipalities along with the assurance no accrued leave and questionable payouts to catch taxpayers off guard yet again as was the case for the prior two Town Managers (prev. posts)..

A look at the letter attached to his resume provides that Int. Asst. TM Bentley amusingly states “This is a unique experience for me to apply for a position and hope that I come in second to the Interim Town Manager. I am totally supportive of Ms. Hoffman for the Town Manager position; however, if she is not available, I want to offer the Commission an in-house candidate.”… Nice!…

These “in-house” candidates have shown over the last 4 months not only how well and effective they are working as a team…but how they actually take direction and institute that direction from the Commission (see the accompanying budget in the workshop backup for the latest example of this )… They have earned respect from both quieted down factions in town …and are definitely a big reason for the much needed and welcomed quiet along with the newly elected and re-elected Commissioners… We are happy to report Staff and vendors are included among the growing supporters of these two fine administrators as well  …

As we face the future revisions required in town for the Master Plan and revitalizing our failing infrastructure …and business / hospitality districts and how to come up with the big picture…implement it…and follow through in the short and long term that meets the vision and comfort level of the majority of its citizenry .. I believe Ms. Hoffmann and Mr. Bentley would be not only a integral component to the process due tho their past experience in Fort Lauderale …but a valuable asset we cannot afford to pass up!…

Below are this writer’s choice for the top 2 with their introduction letters included in their applications……From the 37 applications I have received thus far per PRRs….I just can’t see looking beyond these two fine applicants at this juncture … and I look forward to seeing who the five commissioners chose …who they chose beyond Hoffmann and Bentley or if they chose a new candidate to replace them…

1. LBTS Interim Town Manager Constance W. Hoffmann

“August 13, 2010

Mayor Roseann Minnet

Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd

Commissioner Birute Ann Clottey

Commissioner Scot Sasser

Commissioner Chris Vincent

Dear Mayor, Vice Mayor and Commissioners,

I would like to submit my name for consideration to be your permanent Town Manager. I don’t see much purpose touting my experience because you have first-hand knowledge of my work and my management style. When I applied for the interim position here, I wrote in my application letter that “the role of an Interim Manager” ….is to address the immediate challenges, to restore confidence in Town administration and management,to make the transition between managers calm and professional, to address problems that cannot wait for the permanent manager’s appointment, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and share that insight with the permanent Town Manager so they can hit the ground running. Clearly a priority in this particular assignment will be preparation of a budget that reflects the city commission’s policy directives and priorities.” You are in the best position to decide whether I accomplished the tasks I described.

When I was asked in my interview whether I would want the job on a permanent basis, I hedged and responded that I viewed an interim assignment as a great opportunity for both parties to determine if they are a good fit in terms of style and vision. From my standpoint, who I work for is as important as the work I do. I have enjoyed working with this Commission and am in sync with your commitment to looking at the big picture before acting on major capital projects, your ethical approach to governing and your belief in the value of public participation and transparency. And I appreciate that you are five, very different individuals who are able to work together effectively.

I like solving complex problems and, to my surprise, I have found during my three months as your Interim Manager that Lauderdale-by-the-Sea has plenty of challenges and problems to solve. But I know those problems will be solved over the course of the next year, or actions put in motion that will address them over a longer period of time. What I am most energized by is the opportunity to participate in the visioning process for the Town’s future and have a hand in the strategic plan to make that vision a reality. The Town already has a sense of place that other cities spend billions trying to create. We have such a great foundation to build on.

I also look forward to the chance to continuing working with the Town employees whom I am just really getting to know as individuals, the VFD members who volunteer untold hours to protect us, and the BSO staff who so completely understand the policing needs of out Town. I have only briefly met with a few of the AMR staff assigned to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, but hope to spend more time with them. The Town’s extended staff will play a critically important role in implementing the Town’s strategic plan and I would be honored to be part of that staff.

And, finally, it is impressive how involved the citizens of this Town are in their government and their community. I very much want to work with them in partnership to make their Town all it can be.

I appreciate your consideration of my application.

Very Truly Yours,

Connie Hoffmann”


2. LBTS Interim Assistant Town Manager Ralph “Bud” Bentley

“August 11, 2010

Honorable Mayor and Commissioners

Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

4501 North Ocean Drive

Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Fl. 33308

Dear Mayor and Commissioners:

In response to the Town’s recruitment for Town Manager, please find enclosed my resume, references, and salary history. I have a proven track record as a local government manager having worked in small and large organizations. My qualifications exceed the requirements of the Town’s Charter as I have both four years of experience as a city manager and over 15 years experience as an assistant city manager. I am passionate about local government and its ability to enhance the livability of communities.

It is widely recognized that a person’s past performance is the best indicator of future success. While I have been successful my entire professional career, it is the last three months working for the Town that gives you first hand insight into my abilities, work ethic and management style.

This is a unique experience for me to apply for a position and hope that I come in second to the Interim Town Manager. I am totally supportive of Ms. Hoffman for the Town Manager position; however, if she is not available, I want to offer the Commission an in-house candidate.

I may be reached via e-mail at xxxxx or by telephone at xxxxxxx


Ralph “Bud” Bentley”


The meeting will be open to the public as a workshop…no public input …Wed. Aug 25th, 2010 at 5 pm in Jarvis Hall …on Comcast Ch, 78/ Town website live-streaming…and then archived…

more to come….

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