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Here’s The Scoop …Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Master Plan Steering Committee Oct. 19, 2010 Agenda … Revising The Master Plan Or Still The Cart Before The Horse? … It Could Have Been ….


Thanks To Town Manager Hoffmann and her Staff …..

Dear Readers…this writer originally thought it was likely the October MPSC would be canceled due to the Commission not yet having a roundtable discussion with the newly hired Town Manager to discuss a game plan on how the revision of the 2004 Master Plan fits into the bigger picture of the vision of LBTS …We saw what happened at the the last few MPSC meetings when a few newcomers thought they were coming to the table with new ideas of progress only to show they had no idea of the past history of this town and showed many watching including this writer that they really did not care to know…or listen to those who could provide them that insight… This alone left many including some in the administration and on the dais questioning the committee as a whole … We also saw what happens when all input and concise direction is not in place at the P & Z Board meeting in Sept. (prev. post) …leading ultimately to what I knew would happen as well as those who have watched this scenario play out before …far too many times for comfort… time and money wasted by the Commission/Board/Attorneys/Administration /Staff and the taxpayers…for those ordinances will be coming back to the P & Z next month to deal with the entire ordinance and not the purported “clean-up” that was touted which clearly not so…

As we begin a new fiscal year…it’s definitely time to get these long suffering boards and committees up to snuff and productive…under an agreed upon specified criteria that comes from the top down… From what I can see this agenda and the backup provided online, that appears to be the reason that Town Manager Connie Hoffmann did not cancel the monthly meeting and why she will be in attendance for this discussion and has stated she will be at several MPSC meetings in order to aid in the process moving forward…(see her agenda item memo/update to the Master Plan…use link below) …The agenda also shows there will be no more of Administration presentations made for a second time to the committee as was the case at prior such meetings …(prev. posts)…and was set to happen again at this one…The Panitsas plan is now publicly distributed in the backup ….(see below) …It was brought out at the last MPSC member Panitsas went ahead and sent his plan to at least one fellow member by email beforehand…which was disconcerting at the least as well as a possible ethics violation on its face.. A look at his plan shows much of what was contained in the 2004 Master Plan…such as no cars in the Town’s main square ……He provides maps that  show traffic making a u-turn at the El Mar parking lot ….with traffic going in and out of the Aruba alley used currently for Aruba to return valeted cars and turning around in Aruba’s privately owned parking lot ….The same goes for the alleyway set to be re-open by Oriana for the Pier parking to exit only …Mr. Panitsas said to be an engineer obviously has not looked at the width of the alleyways as well as the ownership of the lots …which can not accommodate 2-way traffic as well as pedestrian walkways to the beach and public bathrooms….He is still sticking to one-lane El Mar and just calling the 2nd lane a multi-purpose lane. …something it appears this MPSC thought would fly in 2010-11 at their last meeting…He states there is no need to park near your motel room door in 2010…Hmmm……He wants the promenade that was just dropped by the Admin./Comm. due to the history of knowing LBTS beachfront condos and hotels have repeatedly stated they will not support it…Mr. Panitsas again wants public restrooms not only on Commercial (by MPSC Chair Paul Novak’s hotel and Aruba in the alley) …. and El Prado but at the the Washingtonia portal….Forget the turning lane on A1A he wants landscaped islands and u-turns at certain locations…(Does he ever drive A1A in season?)….He also wants multiple parking garages …at A1A and El Prado as well as bringing back an old idea of one at either end of El Mar at Pine and Palm….He wants a new Town Hall…

Town Manager Hoffmann provides a summary of the January 2004 Master Plan with the updates for what has been accomplished from the 2004 Master Plan…what is a no-go per the Commission /voters or the MPSC…….as well as actions that run contrary to the 2004 plan such as architectural style of projects built …repealing overlay districts… entryways…and code revisions …heights etc….making sure everyone will be on the same page and that this “horse” remains where it should be …no longer behind the cart… (especially after reading the above Panitsas plan)….

Note to MPSC…change up the agenda and go through the TM provided memo and summary before going over Mr. Panitsas plan…It will save a lot of time…and anguish both for the committee members and those of us watching….

Note to Readers… This is one meeting you do not want to miss…..

Note to TM Hoffmann…Kudos…Nice job!….

Note to Steve D’Oliveira…please put the MP summary included above in the next Town Topics as was done with the sewers in the Oct/Nov. TT…




TUESDAY, OCT. 19, 2010


I. Call to order

II. Roll call

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

IV. Public/Member Comments

V. Discussion with Town Manager regarding Town Master Plan

Master Plan Review

BC- John Panitsas plan….

Map 1

BC- John Panitsas maps….

Map 2

Town Manager Memo

VI. Old Business

a) Update to the Master Plan

BC- TM summary ….

I. New Business

II. Adjournment

The meeting will be on Comcast ch. 78/ live-streamed on the Town website video archived online afterward…. link below…

more to come….

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