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Here’s The Scoop … Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Candidates For Seat 3 Emails Really Shows Voters The Difference Between Them ….


Dear Readers …this writer obtained the emails sent today by both Candidates for seat 3 in the LBTS January 31st election concerning the LOWV Meet The Candidate Forum which was up in the air for well over a day after Candidate Edmund Malkoon contacted the Town to ask it be changed due to having a fever… (prev. posts) … The first email is from his opponent Mark Brown who was not contacted by the Town or the LOWV and under the impression that plans to accommodate Malkoon were proceeding without regard to him…He made the decision to send an email to the LOWV moderator Carol Smith with a copy going to the Town and the Commissioners in order to make it clear where he stood on this unnerving situation …Candidate Brown was unaware of the email Malkoon had already sent to the Town and Commissioners in the morning …(see below)… What should further make undecided LBTS voters stand up and take notice of is the alarming difference in the content of these two emails … Candidate Brown’s email is professional, structured as well as being coherent …Candidate Malkoons email is not only punctually deficient, it is in a style that should be reserved for “friends” on Facebook and Twitter!… Now we know why Malkoon’s campaign web page is on Facebook and what that bird is in the background of his green election materials!…The Twitter bird!…….

The emails…( personal email addresses of the candidates were x’d by this writer)…

‘From: Mark xxxx
To: [email protected]
CC: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Sent: 1/10/2012 12:04:43 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: candidate’s night in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

Hi Carol. This is Mark Brown. I am a candidate for town commissioner in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. I am scheduled to participate in the candidate’s forum which you and the League of Women voters will be moderating tomorrow night. However, I am hearing rumors now that the forum might be canceled because my opponent is ill. This has put me in an awkward position and I’d like to share my thoughts with you on this.

As I understand it, my opponent got sick over the weekend, following a fundraiser that he held on Saturday night. He is not in the hospital and wasn’t in a car crash or anything like that. He was home but running a fever of 102 as of Monday. I’m told that he started calling town commissioners on Monday morning to advise them that he would still be too ill to participate in the forum two nights later on Wednesday, and that he would like them to cancel or postpone it. I was further informed that the town commission might take this issue up this evening at its regularly scheduled meeting.

I feel bad that my opponent is not feeling well, but I do not believe that constitutes grounds for canceling tomorrow night’s forum. This event has been planned and promoted for two months. Residents have sent in their questions to you, they are ready to attend or view the event on local access TV, and I’ve been prepping and am ready to go as well. I don’t see why everyone in town should be inconvenienced because my opponent decided two days in advance that he will be too ill to take part in the forum.

In addition, I believe this is not a debate but a candidate’s forum, where people get to ask questions of the candidates. That’s how it was announced in the town’s newsletter and how it has been promoted. Since I am a candidate and I will be there, I feel the event should go on and I should be allowed to speak and answer questions, even if he doesn’t show up.

There is another option available to deal with this situation. I would be perfectly happy to adjust my schedule and take part in a second forum if the LWV and/or town commission choose to schedule one. At least that way we could have one opportunity to share the stage together. I think that would be fair to him while still being fair to me and to all the residents of the town.

I have to add one personal note because I am a little perturbed about this. I took one sick day in my 30 years of working. I had back surgery on a Friday morning and was back at my desk the following Monday. There were many times in my career that I didn’t feel well but I went to work anyway because I knew that if I didn’t, I might not have a job the next day. That’s the way it goes in the real world, and I’m sure most people went through their careers the same way. If the shoe was on the other foot, and I was the one feeling ill, I can assure you that I would drag myself into the forum tomorrow night and do the best I could, regardless of how I felt. It would show people that I am serious about serving in office, even if my physical condition put me at a disadvantage in the forum. I’m sure most other people would do the same.

Finally, I am a little concerned because I have not been contacted directly by anyone on this, even though I have a big stake in the matter. I called the town manager last night to discuss this, but she advised me that it’s out of her hands because it is a political matter and it’s up to the town commission. Accordingly, I intend to call each town commissioner today to try to find out what’s going on and to make sure that I have the opportunity give my input on the subject. I think it is only fair that my views be taken into consideration too.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter. I look forward to either hearing back from you or seeing you at the candidate’s forum on Wednesday night.

Mark Brown’
From: EM [mailto:emalkoonxxxxxx]
Sent: Tue 1/10/2012 9:41 AM
To: Connie Hoffmann; Chris Vincent; Scot Sasser; Roseann Minnet; Birute Ann Clottey; Stuart Dodd
Subject: Forum

Yesterday, I contacted several of you regarding Forum this Weds. I was running 103 fever and wanted to alert you as its a consideration of the Commission, and your meeting is tonight. Good news is my fever broke overnight. Its still high but much better. I am just going to rest and hope ill be ok for weds night.

Appreciate the well wishes,

Edmund Malkoon

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