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Here’s The Scoop … June 9, 2010 LBTS Commission Round Table … Residents ….Get TUIT …









a. Adding agenda items on the evening of a Commission meeting without backup from staff or attorney review (Mayor Roseann Minnet)

BC- The Mayor wants to review items put on the Reg. Comm. Meetings …4. ADDITIONS, DELETIONS, DEFERRALS OF AGENDA ITEMS …to prevent anymore time on items such as the “Block Party” …and any other item that takes the Comms. time and extends the meetings inappropriately…

b. Review draft ethics ordinance (Town Attorney Susan Trevarthen)

BC- The new majority ran on ethics and the TAtty. complied with a Fl. 2009 Statute and Ord. 2010___ for the Comms. consideration …It includes in Sec. 1. the legislative intent / Sec. 2. Amendment Section 2-26 of the Town code …. including the most important addition…in #1…

“1. Requirement to abstain from voting. Neither the Mayor nor any Commissioner shall vote on any matter affecting a Town vendor with whom the Mayor  or Commissioner has any connection, whether in a voluntary or paid capacity. Where a Commissioner or Mayor  abstains from voting under this section of Code, within 15 days after the vote occurs he or she shall file a written disclosure of the nature of his or her interest with the Town Clerk, who shall incorporate the written disclosure into the minutes.”

BC- This puts a big check mark on the campaign promises list…Comm. Sasser’s addition of a “Code of Conduct” has also been received for first look and should be addressed at the next Round Table if not added on this one …

c. Trial valet parking (Mayor Roseann Minnet)

BC- Back again …in 2010…it was a no-go in 2009 (prev. posts)…Not included in the backup was a study done by Chen per their own website (prev. post)…The Int. Asst. TM did some research into other cities who might have such services in the Right of Ways and any code to assist us … Included was the proposal for the trial …same location as desired last year… in front of Country Ham and Eggs…all vehicles would be parked on private property…May 17th staff had a meeting in Jarvis Hall to discuss it with applicant and other interested parties…Int. TM and Devel. Dir. Bowman were in attendance as well…alternative locations were discussed ..

“1. El Mar  south of Commercial- We evaluated the southbound and northbound ROW

2. El Mar north of Comm.-in the section with four lanes just north of alley. Valet operation the lane next to the median.

3. The Pier Parking Lot- with access to the alley being open.

4. The Town Parking lot on El Mar just north of the Ham and Eggs restaurant.

5. Commercial just west of Aruba and next to the Village Grille.”

After the meeting staff went on-site to evaluate all and found alternative locations to be inferior to proposed location, or in the case of alternative 3, not on public property. Staff will explain further if Comm. desires…

“Staff recommendation:

We believe a valet-operation can be successfully and safely operated in the ROW and would offer downtown patrons an additional parking option. If the Commission is inclined to allow valet in the ROW, we recommend the Commission schedule the item for its meeting  of June 12, 2010 at which time it can take the following action:

1. Approve a 90-day trial period (without applicant’s parking free parking for residential permits) and

2. Direct staff to :

a. Establish rules of operations. (such as no blocking of the alley  next to Ham and Egg or the egresses to the Town parking lot, location of stacking lane, and “Town Valet” not to be used on signage or in marketing.)

b. Prepare an evaluation report at the end of 60-days that includes comments and observations from businesses in area and users of the service. Schedule the report for Commission discussion/

c. Evaluate the 2009 draft amendment to the Code authorizing valet in the ROW and provide recommendations.”

Proposal included …

Hrs. of operation Sun-Thur 5-10 pm/ Fri-Sat 5pm-12 am

Cost $8 for 3 hrs – free parking to any resident with permit parking …(trial period will not include this/ unless Comm. adds it in)

Signage  removable sign “Town Valet parking” $8…(trial period will not include this/unless Comm. adds it)

Location as stated above in trial ..

Monitoring  and Appraisal monitored daily and chg.made as appropriate.

BC- Just great!…Let’s try and see ..Comm. should allow the Residential free for permit parking and allow some sort of signage w/ cost  in trial…

d. Florida League of Cities Voting Delegate (Town Clerk June White)

BC-Annual Conference in Hollywood this year (no hotel coverage req. from taxpayers) Aug. 19-21 ..”Creating Community in Tough Times” is the name of this Westin Resort gathering …each municipality vote’s are determined by population (a Clottey constant reminder from the past)…One official is the designee’ to be the voting delegate…while more can attend the conference…

e. Amendment to Chapter 30 Section 313 (31) and addition of Sub Section (31-5) regarding accessory building and structures (Interim Assistant Town Manager Bud Bentley)

BC-Hmmm…cart before the horse?… Tues. night was staff approval for shed for 101 ( ..tonight is amending the code and addition of subsection to deal with accessory bldgs….residential lots-reducing setback but not abutting the ROW/street to 5 ft….1.-not to exceed 1 story… 2.-not to exceed half the height of any principal bldg. or lowest bldg. on the plot…3.-1 story access. bldgs. shall be at least 10 ft. from any other acess. bldg.and 10 ft. from any principal bldg. on same plot/parcel…4.-aggregate fl. space shall not contain more than 50% of floor space of principal bldg…Acess. bldgs. Commercial zoning Dists. are permitted and may be approved by TM or designee rather than Town Comm….All required permits shall be obtained prior to installation of any access. bldg. or structure.

“(31.5) small sheds or storage containers stored on lots.

a. small sheds or storage containers that are not required to be permitted by Florida Building Code shall be in conformance with the following

1. Shall not be placed within the front yard and must be placed behind the front facade of the primary building.

2. Must be easily dismantled or removeable.

3. Upon the issuance of a “Hurricane Warning” or “hurricane Watch’ by Broward County Office of Emergency Management, the property owner or person in control of the property, shall forewith remove and place them indoors.

4. Side and rear setbacks may be reduced to five (5) feet unless the side or rear yard abuts the right-of-way or a zoning permit is obtained.

5. Small sheds shall be defined as those that are not anchored or permanently affixed to the ground or a slab, that can be easily dismantled and removed in the event of a “Hurricane Warning” and do not require the Department of Community Affairs insignia noting compliance with the Florida Building Code.”

BC- The businesses must be over the moon with the new administration …especially 101 Ocean who asked (prev. post) to use a Home Depot off the shelf shed…Code Enforcement needs to learn to get on board and assist businesses rather than impede or impact them ….

f. BCCMA request to financially support the Haitian Relief Initiative (Interim
Town Manager Connie Hoffmann)

BC- a letter came from Pres. of Broward City Count Managers Assoc. with sample resolution…Donation being looked for $2,500… VFD has aided Haiti as well as numerous residents and other organizations connected to the Town…any additional funds are not required in this writer’s opinion…


Round Table open to public comment…Comcast Ch. 78/ Town website

more to come…

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