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Here’s The Scoop … June 23, 2010 LBTS Commission Round Table … Bringing Ideas To The Table …


BC-What Happened ?…. Town Website Jarvis Calendar …Budget Meeting Schedule…Not on the backup…. Town Clerk White Strikes (out) again?….

“June 23, 2007…
1. Projected CIP Plan
2. Other Major Budget Issues”

UPDATE: the PIO replied to an e-mail the lack of the TM backup…it is now on the Town’s website and posted excerpts are on BCbythesea agenda including why no CIP /budget this evening…This time it was not another June White snafu..

Backup for 6/22/10 meeting TM Report- CIP Budget
“We had planned to have a draft of the proposed CIP on the budget discussion at the Roundtable
tomorrow night but were unable to get it done on time due to other pressing operational issues and the
fact that we are still trying to determine how whether the funds that appear on the balance sheet in the
Capital Improvements Fund truly are undesignated and can be appropriated to fund capital projects for
the next several years This issue will be discussed at the Roundtable meeting in more depth In
addition Chen Associates has not completed and in fact has just begun their work on prioritizing
the storm water projects and combining them with other planned Town projects to save money and
We will not be able to present the proposed CIP budget until July 13th and it is likely that the figures will
be only rough estimates at that time.”







a. Pass to MPSC & P&Z to study and make recommendations for code changes to encourage businesses and restaurants to come into town and relax the parking requirements to allow it to happen (Vice Mayor Stuart Dodd)

Ease restrictions in parking requirements that are currently economically prohibitive for any new restaurant or
service franchise to open new premises in our town
Section 30- 273 of the land use states Restaurants and bars in the B 1 district shall have one parking space for every 50
square feet Retail properties require one parking space for every 200 square feet Offices require one space for every 300
square feet”

BC- This should be looked at by the Town staff to provide the Commission with research from other municipalities where there is no such requirements… This arose last year when Chair Paul Novak spoke of the ridiculous requirements that impede business from coming to town…He and many others have looked to other towns without the parking requirements… The timing is right to do away with this as we look at valet parking …opening up alleyways..and sidewalk cafe’s being more plentiful …

b. Charter Review Board (Mayor Roseann Minnet)

SPECIAL NOTES Requested at the June 8, 2010 Regular Commission meeting by Mayor Minnet”

BC- Time has come for a Charter Review Board …just as the Master Plan needs to be front and center for the MPSC…A Budget Review Board…And an Oversight Board for Public Safety Providers…

c. Public Parking on Private Property – SunTrust Building (Mayor Roseann Minnet)

Backup- “ACTION OR OUTCOME EXPECTED: Discussion of amending the Code to allow private property SunTrust Building
to provide public parking in those parking spaces that exceed their required parking during business hours and for all
parking spaces after business hours.
SPECIAL NOTES: Requested at the June 9 2010 Roundtable meeting by Mayor Minnet”

BC- Mayor Minnet brought this up at the last Roundtable …and the new owners made a trip prior to the podium to bring this to their attention as well (prev. posts)… This should be tied into the valet trial…with some revenue to the Town…and parking requirements for businesses being repealed…

d. Name change from the Senior Center to the Community Center (Commissioner Scot Sasser)

Backup-“ACTION OR OUTCOME EXPECTED: Agreement to instruct staff to initiate the name change
SPECIAL NOTES: I have asked the Town Attorney to review the agreement with Broward County for the grant and
confirm the flame change will not affect the grant I would also like to request that staff to contact Broward Cotulty and renal
sure they are OK with the name change and that they do not interpret this as a disqualification for the grant currently in place
Please have the Town Attorney provide copies of the pertinent sections of the agreement.”

BC- included were e-mails between the Town Clerk and Town Attys…

“Commissioner Sasser indicated staff should confirm
with the County that the change would be acceptable Yvette would be a good place to start in that
As noted on the telephone do not see anything in the agreement that would preclude a name
change If the mix of who is being served at the center became affected due to the name change or
far any reason then there would be a concern Exhibit A of the agreement mentions the Project
name Senior Center Activities and Operation.”

BC- Comm. Sasser put the kabosh on the mean-spirited and unnecessary actions perpetrated (in this writer’s opinion) against the Senior Center’s Director and those who partake in the Senior Center by Comm. Clottey and the former Town Manager (prev. posts) … He read the contract and was prepared to ask the pertinent questions that sunk any assertions that had been made by these two about the Center and the Director …only to find that the Town Attys. had never been instructed to look at it and had not done so…This is the next step in rectifying that situation and moving beyond this “black eye” …The Commission can further make thing right at budget time by supplying the Center with its wish list…

e. Ordinance 2010-03: Revisions to Chapter 2 of the Code of Ordinances (Administration/Departments)

Backup (Int. TM)-“ACTION OR OUTCOME EXPECTED: The Commission deferred action on this proposed code
amendment in order to give tithe for me to review it. It is my recommendation that we greatly simplify
this ordinance to simply indicate there will be a Town Clerk whose primary duties are to conduct
elections serve as official keeper of the Town’s records and direct staff on records retention
requirements and attend and prepare minutes of all Town Commission meetings.
Rather than list other departments and Director titles it is recommended that the code be amended to
indicate that the organizational structure of the Town aside from the Town Manager Town Attorney
and Town Cleric positions shall be as reflected in the operating budget adopted by the Town
Commission each year I’ve always felt it was cumbersome and unnecessary to include a municipality
organizational structure in the Codes of Ordinances as it becomes out of date with each reorganization
title change etc and it is costly to keep amending the Code to stay current I have conferred with the
Town Attorney on this and size has no objection to this approach
If the Commission is in agreement we will bring back a simplified ordinance amendment reflecting
this approach.”

BC- A quick affirmative high 5 from the Commission…and move on…Kudos to Ms. Hoffmann yet again!…

f. Encroachment permits for Non-Commercial Flags (Development Services Director Jeff Bowman)

Backup-“EXPLANATION: Earlier this year Code Enforcement was asked by the operator of a dive shop what permits
were required to install a dive flag on the outside wall of his business The Town Code permits a dive flag in the
business zoning districts for a dive shop in Section 30-508. (c) of the Sign Code and a sign permit is required
Since the front of the dive store is on the property line the flag would encroach into the right-of-way (ROW )and
Section 17-9 of the Code (Exhibit 1) requires an encroachment permit which can be administratively approved
by the Town Manager The Town does not charge a fee to process an application for an encroachment permit
Among other requirements Section 17-9(2) requires the holder of the encroachment permit to have $1,000,000
in general liability insurance with the Town named as an additional insured and Section 17-9.(3)requires a signed
statement from the permit holder to indemnify defend and hold harmless the Town
The dive shop owner inquired if the properties with existing flags that encroached into the ROW have the
required encroachment permit Since we enforce the code equally we conducted a survey and found seven
properties with flags in the ROW all of which need encroachment permits We have approached these owners
and requested that they obtain an encroachment permit to continue displaying flags or any other items in the
Of the seven properties five had noncommercial flags American flags As you may be aware commercial
flags are defined not to be signs in the Sign Code Section 30-507 definition of Signs As such they do not
require sign permits The Code does define by zoning district the total number of such flags that can be installed
on a property

Since properties often fly noncommercial flags around holidays staff asks for the Commission concurrence to
administratively allow the display of noncommercial flags without obtaining an encroachment permit for periods
not to exceed sixty 60 days during a calendar year.”

BC- Let em’ fly the flags…just like the “holiday lights” the previous Administration wanted to monitor and cite if they exceeded a certain number of days…..this one should “fly away!”….

g. E-blast messages (Mayor Roseann Minnet)

Discussion on sending e-blasts to residents on events and other pertinent
Information such as hurricane preparations”

BC- It should be more than that…e-alerts for any changes of public interest… calendar or backup online etc… and visiting elected officials… as is done in other towns…

h. Budget: Holiday Parking Policy (Interim Town Manger Connie Hoffmann)

Backup-(Int. TM)-“EXHIBIT: It has been the Town’s policy not to charge for parking at Town meters on holidays and I would
appreciate direction from the Commission as to whether they wish to continue that practice in FY 2010/2011f or all
holidays. Given that Town residents that obtain a parking permit can park for free at Town meters and that
parking is tight on holidays that fall during good beach weather it is clear that the Town could realize additional
revenues if we were to discontinue the policy of free parking on Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor
Day and other less universally-celebrated holidays. We could continue to offer free parking on Thanksgiving,
Christmas and New Years Day I would appreciate Commission discussion on this subject so that we can complete
our revenue projections from parking meters for the upcoming budget
ACTION OR OUTCOME EXPECTED: Policy direction from the Town Commission on free parking on holidays
neat fiscal year”

BC- Another affirmative high 5 …moving forward…



i. Budget: Contingencies, Reserves and Fund Balances (Interim Town Manger Connie Hoffmann)

BC- You don’t want to miss this one… General Fund Balances ….

“Fund Balances in the General Fund
The Government Finance Officers Association GFOA recommends at a minimum that general
purpose governments maintain an unreserved fund balance in their general fund of five to
fifteen percent of regular general fund operating revenues or no less than one to two months
of regular general fund operating expenditures However the GFOA also recognizes that a
government particular situation may require levels of unreserved fund balance in the general
fund significantly in excess of these recommended minimum levels
In practice fund balance expressed as a percentage of revenue is typically less for larger
governments than for smaller governments
In Florida most cities also reserve a significant amount to be used in the aftermath of a serious
hurricane in addition to a normal fund balance These are normally called storm reserves or
emergency reserves
The Town has $2,329,648 in the General Fund designated for emergencies. Finance
Director advises these funds are to be utilized for hurricane cleanup and other catastrophic
events This amount is equal to approximately 19% of the current general fund budget amount
and exceeds the Town’s  stated policy of maintaining a 15% reserve for this purpose It is
probably larger than the stated policy because the reserve was not reduced as General Fund
revenues have declined in recent years However it is not an unreasonable amount given that
we are a small coastal town that could experience severe damage in a serious hurricane
The General Fund ended last fiscal year with an undesignated fund balance of $2,189,349
These are available funds which have not been designated for any specific use The budget book
says that it is the Town’s policy to maintain a reserve of15million or 10of the General Fund
budget in addition to the aforementioned 15reserve for emergencies The undesignated fund
balance exceeds the Town’s policy of maintaining a15million or10 of the General Fund by a
significant amount($600,000 or $900,000, depending on which target you use.)
It is prudent financial policy not to use the excess funds in the undesignated fund balance for
ongoing operating costs The Town should limit appropriations from the fund balance to one
time expenditures such as capital projects studies or unusually large expenditures that will not
be repeated each year According to the Finance Director the Town has not made any
appropriations from the undesignated fund balance so far this fiscal year so the funds are

There is also a designated vehicle and equipment replacement reserve of $182,792 in the
General Fund that is available to replace vehicles and equipment that were originally purchased
using General Fund monies have been told that the Town has no vehicle or replacement plan
or schedule

The General Fund also has $63,273 designated as fire assessment which the Finance Director
indicates is intended to be used to replace fire apparatus

I have had several questions about the $1,650,742 listed on the Balance Sheet in the General
Fund for capital assets It has been explained to me that amount reflects the value of capital
assets that the Town acquired in the General Fund in FY 2008/2009. It is not cash that is
available for expenditure

Capital Improvement Fund- The balance sheet as of September 30, 2009 indicates there was $1,161,336 in the Capital
Improvement Fund designated for capital assets The staff believes the 1.16 million figure
reflects projects that were completed last fiscal year being converted to assets on the balance
sheet and am awaiting a call from the Town’s auditors to confirm that The more interesting
figure on the balance sheet is the $1,804,897 listed as an undesignated balance Town staff has
been working to produce an analysis or work papers that will explain the source of the $1.8
million and hope to have an explanation of the18figure by the Roundtable meeting on
Wednesday evening That information should reveal how much of that money can be rolled
forward to help fund capital projects over the next several fiscal years”


BC- The items on the calendar …(see above) …perhaps?


Full Backup on the Town’s website …

Open to the public comment…on Comcast Ch. 78/ live streamed and archived Town website …

more to come…

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