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Here’s The Scoop … It’s Fall Back Time … Pay Back Deja Vu … Fake Back & Busted … While The Moon Brings High Tides And Cool Temps …


Dear Readers …tonight’s the night…set your clocks back one hour…. and change your smoke alarm batteries…



We just obtained a memo that went to the Commissioners on Oct. 29, 2010 from Town Manager Connie Hoffmann…It was certainly deja vu for this writer…(I will explain after the memo…below)…

“Subject: Town Topics

As we have moved to a new method of delivering Town Topics to our residents, we expect there will be some concerns voiced. One Commissioner reported receiving inquiries/complaionts that Town Topics was delivered with the ByTheSeaFutures, and that it was delivered in the rain, was wet, and that it was thrown on the street.

Should you receive such inquiries/complaints, we have been advised by the vendor that Town Topics was delivered on a different day than ByTheSeaFutures. With regard to them being wet, it was delivered on Saturday, October23rd, a date on which there was no rainfall recorded. If a resident did not pick up their ByTheSeaFutures on Friday, they may have mistakenly assumed that it was delivered with Town Topics on Saturday. Likewise, if a resident did not pick it up on Saturday, it may have gotten wet in the rain on Sunday, if the plastic bag wasn’t tied.

Please see the attached note from the delivery company that addresses the October delivery of Town Topics.

Steve D’Oliveira has placed a notice on the website asking people to call us if they did not receive a copy of it or if it was wt, so we can track the problems and resolve them.

I hope this information is helpful in responding to any questions or complaints you may receive. CH”


The attached letter from the vendor…

“Oct. 26, 2010

Hi Steve:

All ByTheSeaFuture papers were delivered on Friday (Oct.22), and we didn’t finish until 7:30 that evening.

We spent many hours from 8:30AM Saturday (Oct.23) bagging Town Topics and didn’t deliver them til around 3 PM.

There was no rain to speak of and no wet papers; people looked at us as if to say, ‘Didn’t we see you just yesterday delivering papers?’ We even told some of them it was Town Topics and not to get confused because it was us again.

By the time we finished tossing Town Topics, it was almost dark, and we were both dragging our tails so we didn’t deliver the ones to the condos until Sunday afternoon after church.

Over all I though it went well. If you have any questions, call me

Ed Norris”



I think I may have posted this in the past…but here goes… When this writer was friendly with Moe McIntee (wife of former Comm-VM/VFD Dep. Chief Jerry McIntee) one of the 1st incidents that caused me to see a big red flag was a phone call I received from her …She was stoked as she told me what she had done…She said she saw the same van delivering the ByTheSeaFuture that delivered the Pompano Pelican and she got in her car and followed them…That in itself was mind-boggling… but it got worse…She told me the driver of the van came up to her after realizing she was following him and asked if she wanted to take a picture…and she did!… I was shocked and asked her why she did this…She wanted to cause him trouble with his job with the Pelican…What a waste!…I knew the ByTheSeaTimes owned by the first owners, the MacMillans had many problems at that time with getting their paper delivered throughout town …and I wondered why they didn’t use the same delivery man …After all, rather than following someone trying to make a living delivering the local papers …why not see if he wanted to deliver all the papers?… That is why those complaining that the same delivery service being used now for the ByTheSeaFuture and Town Topics raises the same big red flag!… Pretty strange that those concerned with “these hard economic times” when it comes to a $20-$30 increase for a residential parking permit ..(prev. post)…are not in the least bit concerned with stopping someone from making a living by delivering more than one news source to the Town’s residents!… Town website link for Town Topics problems/complaints and TT itself …



This week on Thursday we are told BSO was called to the Blue Moon Fish Co. Restaurant …Apparently there was a patron who refused to pay his tab and tried to say a well known resident was picking up his tab…That was not so…The BSO arrived and the man in question provided them some false names …Finally it is said he told the officers they had no idea who he was and they needed to Google him…Turns out he is a major scam artist according to a Google…His name Clinton Tod Harwell …..Here’s 3 Googles on the guy…


“Clinton Tod Harwell: Fake Oil Millionaire Convicted Of Felony Theft In California Court…
Clinton Tod Harwell might have run his last scam for a while. The long-time Houstonian — well-known as a defendant in the civil and criminal courthouses here — moved to California a while back, and that’s where he came to grief.

And a search through the records reveals that Harwell is not just a convicted thief — he is also a lying cad and according to records in he Harris County Civil Courthouse, an alleged woman-beater.

According to Ventura County assistant District Attorney Dominic Kardum, Harwell entered a guilty plea on April 23 to a charge of felony grand theft enhanced by a special allegation that he took more than $65,000. He remains in a California jail on $100,000 bond, awaiting what could be a four-year sentence.

Harwell had recently been officing in Westlake Village, near Malibu, and was doing business under the names Ranch Exploration Co. LLC and Lobo 2006 Resources LLC. Kardum recently told the Ventura County Star that Harwell tried to get people to invest in invalid oil and gas leases and said that there was one victim in Ventura County and another in Los Angeles County. Harwell is said to have met his victims through “personal introductions at social circles.”

That was also how a local woman, one who doesn’t want her name used, also met him about ten years ago. She says that a friend hooked the two of them up when the woman needed a ride from Denver to Aspen around Christmastime in 2000. The tipster was told that Harwell was going to be renting a Hummer at Denver Airport and riding out to Aspen with a few women he knew, and that she was welcome to join in.

The woman had just gotten a divorce and was going to Aspen to see her sister, and she was apprehensive about riding from Denver with Harwell, so she arranged to meet him here in town before the trip. It was at a Christmas Party at the company Harwell owned at the time: OPMI, which officially stood for Offshore Project Management, Inc, but that Harwell allegedly called Other People’s Money, Inc.

“He was just real flamboyant and goofy and I thought, well maybe this will be okay,” the woman remembers. “There will be other girls and all that.”

Turns out she was the only woman traveling with him. And then when they got to Denver, he claimed to have left his wallet on the plane.

“I said ‘You better go find it ’cause I’m not taking care of you. I’m not your girlfriend. You better go back on the plane and get it ’cause I don’t have enough money to take care of you. You’re on your own. This is just hitching a ride.'”

Harwell left and “found” his wallet. The woman says he next told them to split up — she could go get the bags while he went to get the Hummer. “So then he comes running back and says that they won’t take his debit card,” the woman recalls. “He says that I’m gonna have to put it on my credit card. I was like ‘I thought this was supposed to be your deal.’ And he’s like ‘I’ll pay you back, I swear,’ and I started to get this horrible feeling, but then I was thinking but maybe he really is a good guy. I don’t want to make him feel bad.”

So they go get the car, and its, like, a Hyundai or something. “So I say, ‘Tod, where’s the Hummer?’ not that I care, and he goes ‘Oh, we’ve gotta go by my buddy John Elway’s place. I knew John Elway had some car dealerships up there, so maybe that was true. And then we get outside of Denver and I ask about going to get the Hummer from John Elway, and he’s all ‘Oh, I couldn’t get ahold of him.’ You know, just bull.”
Things got weird in Aspen. The woman says there were reports of a stolen car and shenanigans with porn star Alisha Klass, a/k/a a specialist in anal sex scenes. The woman says that things between Harwell and Klass apparently ended on a very sour note, because Harwell desperately wanted to leave town ten hours earlier than they needed to, she said.

Some time later, the woman says she asked Harwell to return the money she fronted for the rental car. Harwell arranged to meet her at PF Chang’s, and the woman says she took her son, then about seven years old, with her. “I asked him where my money was and he started kicking me,” she says.

The woman says she returned to Aspen about a year later. On the way home, she got talking to a thirtysomething woman on the shuttle from Aspen to Denver. “She said she had to get out of Aspen. I asked her why, and she said ‘Oh my god, this guy I met on, he said he’d fly me out here to meet him, and he didn’t fly me out here, I paid my own way and he didn’t pay me back. So I go to the hotel and he told me he had all this money and he didn’t have any. He didn’t have his credit card and I had to put the hotel in my name. So now I’m sneaking out and I’m afraid he’s gonna beat me up.'”

“And I said, ‘Is this guy’s name Tod Harwell?'” And sure enough it was.

Harwell has the impressive honor of being entered on not once but twice . (It’s funny he’s throwing up the Horns there; he claims on his LinkedIn page to have studied petroleum engineering at UT from 1978 to 1983, but UT’s official degree verifier has no record of him ever having set foot on the 40 Acres. (That thing is all-too-accurate; it still faithfully records our own academically abysmal year there 21 years ago.)

It won’t surprise many of you to learn that a guy who will lie about his degree and apparently his wealth — he is also said to frequent as well as the millionaires dating site — will fudge his age too. And here he is on Facebook, claiming to be 40 while looking 30.

The fact is, he doesn’t look 30 and is really 51 years old. Or at least that’s what his arrest reports say, and trust us, there are more.

There’s one more less-than-factual statement on Clinton Tod Harwell’s Facebook page, and that is his claim that he “just moved to Malibu and play[s] golf everyday.”

There is no golf course at the Ventura County jail.”


“Release Date: May 24, 2010

Contact: Dominic Kardum, Deputy District Attorney

(805) 662-1739

District Attorney Gregory D. Totten announced today that Clinton Tod Harwell (DOB 10/1/58), of Westlake Village, was sentenced to serve 365 days in the Ventura County jail, placed on formal probation for 48 months, and ordered to pay $167,895 in restitution to the victim. Additionally, Harwell was ordered to stay away from the victim and the victim’s family.

On April 23, 2010, Harwell pleaded guilty to one count of felony grand theft and admitted a special allegation that he stole more than $65,000.

Harwell committed grand theft by falsely representing to the victim that he owned oil and gas leases in Texas . Harwell then “assigned” a lease to the victim for which the victim paid approximately $140,000. Harwell, however, never had a lease and never told the victim this fact.

The prosecution and conviction of Harwell is the result of the combined effort of the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office Real Estate Fraud Unit and Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, East County Investigation Unit.”


“November 5, 2010 at 5:55 am
Anonymous says:

He was just arrested in Broward County Florida and is in jail awaiting extradition to california”


A big thanks to the LBTS-BSO …who made the scam artist scram from Town limits!….

more to come…..

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